The Time I Got Stuck on a Ride at Disney

There is still one more very important part of New Fantasyland that I have left out of my Disney blogs: Under the Sea: Journey of The Little Mermaid.

When we got in line to enter this ride I was in awe. Prince Eric’s castle looked amazing as we entered, and as the line moved we were taken through the docks, and under the sea.

Because we were there for the Pass-holder Preview there was basically no line. However, we walked very slowly through the entire queue because it was so picturesque and entertaining.  Disney made this line interactive to keep us all entertained as we wait for the ride. Throughout the line were windows displaying “under the sea” type scenes. In each scene was an object that didn’t belong, a plate or cup for example. When we spotted something that was out of place we would point to it, and a cartoon crab would appear and take the object away! Crazy!

When we finally did get to the ride, I was a little disappointed. It was beautiful, sure, but also very very similar to the Finding Nemo ride at EPCOT. You take an under the sea adventure in a clamshell through a dark-ride surrounded by the famous characters and scenes from the movie. Nothing was wrong per say…I just expected more originality with a new Disney ride.

When we got off we decided to ride it a second time to a) give it another chance, and b) to video the ride for you! I just had my little Canon PowerShot, but figured I could capture the gist of the ride.

Boy, did we get a different experience the second time around….

I guess there are a few quirks that still need to be worked out before opening day!

We were very satisfied with a second ride. After all, in all our Disney trips we have NEVER had to be escorted off a ride.

So, check out Ariel next time you find yourself at Disney, you never know what may happen!


Hanging Out With the Real Belle

My favorite Disney princess has always been Belle. She is smart, witty, caring, longs for adventure, and could care less what others think of her. My favorite part of the movie is when Gaston tries to marry her and she refuses because he’s an ignorant jerk constantly followed around by 3 bimbos. I used to pretend I was Belle, reading all day, daydreaming of far away lands, and playing around my cottage full of crazy inventions. My love for Belle and her small town in France made my experience in New Fantasyland a little nerve-racking. If little details were off, characters poorly portrayed, or story elements missing I’d be thoroughly disappointed.

As I entered Belle and Maurice’s home at the entrance to “Enchanted Tales with Belle”, I felt like I was being transported right into the movie. The house was decorated with old books, dressers, water pitchers, churners, and all of their possessions.

The back room was Maurice’s, and full of his many inventions, and attempts at inventions. At the front of the room was a large roped-off mirror acting as a focal point. The young man leading the tour asked us lots of questions (all geared towards children), when a little boy finally shouted, “So is that big mirror going to do something!?”

Turned out the big mirror was magical. After we all said a couple magic words, the mirror came to life! Scenes from the movie played before our eyes, and before we knew it the mirror had stretched to seven feet tall, and transformed into a door! As the door opened we could see straight into the beast’s castle!

We walked through and entered into a dressing room with Wardrobe, the talking dresser. Wardrobe was phenomenal! She was so realistic that I began to believe she was an actual talking dresser. She informed us that we were going to put on a little play for Belle: her and the Beast’s love story. She gave several of us different parts to act out. I got the part of Mrs. Potts.

We were then taken into the library. Here we sat and received instructions from Lumiere, the candelabra. We were to surprise Belle as she entered and act out her story. Moments later Belle graced us with her presence and we all put on a show together.

My favorite part was her interaction with the little boy playing the Beast. He roared ferociously as he came up from behind to scare her, but when she begged for him to let her Father free, he just nodded his head, wide-eyed, and in awe of the Princess…even though he was supposed to be tough and tell her “no”.

It was so fun and magical. Every child in the room was so thrilled to be in the castle and playing with Belle. It was really special for all the families. I (obviously) was dreaming of the day we get to take our own kids to meet Belle. I can’t help myself! Disney is cute kid central (also bratty kid central, but I ignore those children); it’s impossible not to think about a Disney vacation with my future children.

Our kids will either be thankful for having awesome parents who know everything about the parks, or resent Disney and us for forcing them to go every year. Either way, we’re going!


It’s Here: My Day of Hurricane Relief Video

Husband and I put together a video of our experience with Occupy Sandy yesterday. It was difficult to get a lot of shots because there was A LOT of work to do, but it’s a good compilation of our experiences yesterday. Keep in mind, this is footage from only Coney Island, and a little at the hub in Brooklyn. The devastation is so much more than what you’ll see here.

Thanks for watching.


Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day 2009

Customarily, I am a VERY festive person. I have been know to wear heart stamped leggings on Valentines, detailed costumes every Halloween, Bunny ears on Easter, wear red and green and tinsel the entire month of December, and eat Mexican food the whole week of Cinco De Mayo. So, it should come as no surprise that I love St. Patrick’s Day!

This year has been a little more challenging for me to be my festive self. I no longer work in an elementary school, so it’s not as easy or acceptable to come to work dressed like a leprechaun. Boo.

I figured out a few ways around this obstacle by painting my nails green, wearing green jewelry, and a Mickey Mouse tee where he’s dressed like a leprechaun. I was feeling better, but not complete…. Until Zoey and I devised a plan.

You see, we have been planning to start our own YouTube channel for a while, but have not had the right idea, time, or motivation to start. Until now. Thanks to the enthusiasm surrounding March 17th we felt invigorated. We finally had an idea for a great video.

After work Saturday, we met for a lunch/planning date at a little restaurant between our two apartments. We were supposed to spend the whole lunch brainstorming, but spent half the time playing with my Instagram and drinking Bellini’s (for extra courage and confidence.)

As we ate, the streets literally filled with people dressed head to toe in green and shamrocks. There are several Irish Pubs in the neighborhood and by lunchtime, people were lined up in the streets waiting to get inside. We decided it was now or never.

We started by walking up and down the street waiting for the perfect group of people to walk by, and for the self-confidence to walk up and start interviewing complete strangers. Once, we started it all flowed perfectly.

I am simply amazed at the number of people who were willing to talk to us, dance for us, kiss people for us, and all on video no less. I love these people!

Today, we locked ourselves inside and put the compilation of crazy videos together.

Killer was just trying to help

Done! Our YouTube Channel is TheNYG’s, our show is Hey! Look at us. We are super excited to make more videos.

Watch our first show here.