No Longer Hate Mondays

I don’t do Mondays…any longer.

Starting immediately, my weekends now consist of Sunday and Monday. Meaning, my new work schedule is Tuesday through Saturday. Even though I have been really excited about my 5-day work schedule (last year I worked Monday through Saturday, and often Sundays too), I have been a little apprehensive about having non-traditional weekends.

Today is my first Monday off. It’s only 9am and I already love it! For the first time in weeks I managed to roll out of bed at 6:30am on a non-workday. I was tempted to fall into my normal routine of curling up on the couch with Belle and going back to sleep, but recently a friend reminded me how “mornings are cozy”, and I decided to stay up and enjoy the alone cozy time.

It’s always nice to be off of work, but I’ve got to tell you, there is something even nicer about being off of work when EVERYONE else is at work! Teachers know what I’m talking about…summer mornings, snow days, and spring breaks are SO much better as an adult. You can really appreciate the fact that you get some time to relax or be productive at home, and secretly revel in the idea that most of your friends are still getting up early to commute to work. It makes you feel special.

This morning, I took my time sipping my hot coffee, made a yummy vegetarian egg and bacon breakfast burrito, and actually watched ALL of Good Morning America. I may not have gone back to sleep, but I am currently wrapped in my Snuggie as Belle sleeps next to me.

Love my Mary Poppins mug


The sun raises right outside our large living room window and slowly illuminates the living room perfectly every morning, so I don’t even need to turn the lights on as I putter around our quiet apartment. Writing and working in the natural light while wearing my pj’s and finishing my now room-temperature coffee is going to be my new favorite way to spend Monday mornings.

It’s currently only 61 degrees and very fall-like outside, the sky is as blue as ever, and I’ve already checked 3 things off my to-do list! I think this is the beginning of beautiful new relationship with my former foe, Monday.

This view never gets old.


Hope everyone else, whether you are work or at home, has a great Monday!


Hi-ho, Hi-ho, It’s back to work I go

NYC kids began their new school year today, which means I began my new work year. Obviously, I was thrilled. I got a new backpack to put my work supplies in, ate a healthy dinner, went to bed early, and woke up with the sun… excited for a new year with new friends!

Yeah right.

I ate an entire bag of popcorn at midnight, didn’t got to sleep until 4am (but that’s typical anytime I go back to work after a long break), and slept through my first 2 alarms.  I really do like my job, but I like my days off better.

This morning, I decided to put on my Positive Polly attitude and get pumped up about going to work, and to do my very best to keep that outlook all day.

Here’s my list of why it’s so totally wonderful to go back to work.

-Being productive and busy makes me more productive and busy. One of my favorite quotes is “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” ~(Lucille Ball) I definitely get much more done when I am working, even though I have SO much more time when I’m off.

-Get to see my work friends.

-I’m starting a brand new dance program that I get to create from scratch, and I KNOW it’s going to be awesome!

-Getting a raise, woo!

-Getting health insurance, double woo!!

-The smell of coffee first thing in the morning.

-Good Morning America

-An excuse to buy new clothes

-AND seeing the smiling faces of all the sweet cuties I’ve missed this summer.

I guess I do have a little to be excited about. I think it’s going to be a great year. Good luck to all the teachers and kiddos who start school this week!


Robin Roberts in the Morning

I have never in my life been a morning person. Even as a child, I missed all the Saturday morning cartoons, was habitually late for school (Mom was also a late sleeper), and even slept in on Christmas morning. I was born a night owl. I was always the last one to fall asleep at slumber parties (sorry if I ever froze your panties). At ten years old I managed to stay up so late on Friday night that I was able to catch the Saturday morning cartoons (FINALLY). As an adult, my habits have not really improved. I really really really WANT to be a morning person, until morning actually comes and all I want is 5 extra minutes, again and again and again.

I need motivation to “rise and shine”. Motivation comes in two forms for me: coffee and accountability.

I mentioned in an older post about my mishaps in the kitchen each and every morning. I swear the time from getting out of bed to drinking my coffee is a complete blur to me. The only things I remember are my horrible chirping alarm, Robin Roberts, and the coffee.

Years ago, I used to get up at 4:30am each morning, be at the gym by 5am, and in the shower by 6:30am. I did more before work then some do all day! Now, I did not enjoy getting up at this horrible hour, not one bit. My secret to getting things done each and every day was “the buddy system”. I had a great friend who would call me every morning and tell me I had to get up and meet her at the gym. Each time I would yell “NOOOO!!!!!”, to which she would just respond, “See you there,” and hang-up. I never let her down. Although, the drive to the gym was another blur, and I wouldn’t speak to her the first ten minutes we were there.

However, I ended up moving away, and was never able to find an equivalent workout partner. Recently, I was complaining at work about how much I’d love to get up early and workout before work, but that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do this without a friend. I need someone to hold me accountable, and perhaps make my coffee each morning. My boss overheard me whining, such a snoop, and offered to text me every morning as encouragement. He actually does get up and go to a gym every single morning, all own his own! So, far the last 3 weeks I’ve received text messages like this shortly after my alarm goes off.

Goin’ to the gym.

Go to they gym.

Gym gym gym

Get up and go

Did you get up?

Get up!

It’s awesome. It’s like a mini Shaun T living in my phone and silently screaming at me. I’ve gone to the gym almost every morning. Having someone ask me every single day if I went to the gym is what I need. I feel so guilty if I don’t go, and so proud when I do. I keep asking to get a gold star on my own classroom rewards chart for each day I workout, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Now, since I’ve been getting up extra early I’ve been extra delirious. This morning, like every morning, I allegedly went into the kitchen and started the coffee maker. Then, I sat on the couch and turned on Good Morning America because the first voice I want to hear in the morning is Robin Roberts. I believe that Robin and I are destined to be great friends. She has such a friendly demeanor. No matter who she is interviewing, she makes it appear as if they’re life-long friends.

This particular morning, the first thing I heard from the TV was “Robin Roberts is on vacation”*. I blacked everything else out, and immediately fell back to sleep.  I should have taken her absence as some sort of bad omen.

At some point the smell of coffee woke me and I thought yay! Someone made coffee!

As I entered the kitchen I saw the coffee pot by the sink, not under the coffee maker… hmmm. Weird, I thought, did I already drink coffee? Did I even make coffee? Did someone else drink my coffee? Is this a nightmare?? Is Robin really on a vacation???

I walked to the coffee maker to see if it was empty or not, and stepped in a giant puddle of coffee. Shit.

Someone forgot to put the pot under the filter before starting the coffee.

Cleaning up a giant puddle of fresh coffee off the floor and counter is not what you want to do first thing in the morning, especially without having had any coffee yet. Which is why I made another pot of coffee before cleaning it.

The morning madness continued as I stepped in Belle’s vomit, ripped a whole in my work shirt, and burnt my finger while trying to make an egg. Still, I managed to pull myself together, fix my hair, and put the whole morning behind me before walking out the door for work.

At work, where I do not wear shoes, a toddler pointed out that my socks didn’t match. This is not that rare of an occurrence normally, but this morning I distinctly remember putting on matching socks. I know because I took the extra two minutes it took to dig through my sock drawer to find matching socks, leaving me no time to eat that second cookie I had my eye on.

So, how did this happen?

At least I coordinated the coffee cups with the French Toast…that’s a close match.

What did I learn from this big mess of a morning?

My vacations should coincide with Robin Roberts.


*Robin is not actually on vacation, as they keep saying, but is actually undergoing pre-treatment for myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). You can read her story here. Just more proof of how amazing this beautiful lady is.
P.S. Zoey is desperately trying to raise money for disadvantaged Nicaraguan children. If she can raise just $600 she can go volunteer with this great organization for a week. All the money goes to the kids and the organization (you won’t be paying for her flight or her salon visits or anything). You can donate here or here. Thanks, she’ll be oh so grateful! As will I…she is already driving me nuts and it’s only been a day.

Caffeine Free

I gave up coffee…. for four and a half days.

Do I get the bronze medal for that?

I have been EXTRA anxious lately…due to the upcoming nuptials. I am not nervous about getting married, or scared of anything, or really even worried that something won’t go as planned. (I have been so super organized that anything I really care about has a fail-proof plan). My body just freaks out whenever it realizes a life-changing event or a big trip is in the near future.

And, lucky for this panicked girl, both lay ahead.

Ever since I was just a wee little girl, my body decides to shut down when saaayyyy…going on a family vacation, visiting a theme park, taking a long car trip in a storm…although oddly enough, I was never nervous at the doctor until I was an adult. I used to get so sick before trips the I actually missed a school trip to a Six Flags because of a “stomach bug”.

In college, I decided to take a job at Disney World, which meant leaving home for the first time. I was REALLY excited about this move, and had been planning it since I was 14. About a month before I moved I was so ill that I lost 15 pounds (I’m already pretty tiny, and I was looking scarily thin), and ended up getting a colonoscopy and and endoscopic done to see what was making me so sick.

When I woke up from the surgery, the doctor said little more than “stress”.

Relief and frustration consumed me. Whew! I’m not dying! and Ugh. This sucks. That’s when the reality of my anxiety problem started to sink in.

Now, I am aware enough to know that I will be sick before a big life event. Doesn’t keep it from happening, but it does help me not panic as much when it’s happening. I am at least able to remind myself that I’m not terribly ill…just a little nuts.

About a week ago, I was starting to feel it. Tacos were becoming less appetizing, and sleep was interrupted by weird dreams of me ballroom dancing…both signs of an upcoming panic attack.

I decided to take precautionary measures and quit drinking coffee. It’s really the only thing I KNOW causes more anxiety, and I could maybe possibly live without. I told Fiance in an effort to get some emotional support. (And some sympathy for those moment of caffeine withdrawal rage…)

Over the next few days, I was super headachy, and uber-tired so I started to vent to more people…Zoey, and a couple people at work. Those couple people at work were so shocked by my decision to quit caffeine cold turkey that they told EVERYONE, even my boss.

I didn’t really care that everyone knew, until I decided that giving up coffee was a terrible decision, and that I needed to run to Starbucks immediatily and order a double espresso.

The second I got the coffee gleam in my eye, or started drooling while looking out the VERY LARGE window that faces Starbucks, someone would jerk me out of my daydreams and remind me that I am not allowed to have coffee.

I really appreciated their efforts to keep me sane.

Which is why I drank it secretly (shamefully) before work this morning, hidden from anyone who knew I was trying to kick the habit.

When I was almost finished, I began to feel guilty (also really happy and relieved, but still… guilty), and sent this text to Fiance.


Even thought I felt better for about ten minutes, I felt crappy the rest of the day for caving so soon. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. No promises.


The Never Ending Lists

I am a list maker. I love making lists for everything. To do list. Shopping list. Wish list. Grocery list. Fiance’s to do list. Packing list. Wedding list. Honeymoon list. Favorite song list. Reminders list. Work list. What not to do list. I make list on post-its, scrap paper, my laptop, my iPhone, my agenda, my arm, back of receipts, etc. etc.

My list making materials drives Fiance nuts. “Why do you make lists on a zillion pieces of paper and leave them all over the house? Just use your iPhone, or your laptop, you are wasting so much technology!”

I’ve tried explaining to him that I need to see the lists floating in my purse, stuck to the fridge, and on the closet floor. That is the ONLY way I will remember anything! If it’s on my phone I have to actually click on a little “notepad” ap and make the effort to remember to look at all of my lists. WAY too much trouble.

We have had this argument enough times (to the point that he once consolidated all my lists and added them to my phone in an effort to help). In my own effort to try to meet him halfway, I now keep a list on my phone. I still keep all my paper lists too, so now I just have double the amount of lists.


(And, I really, really, really do not want to admit this…but with all the wedding planning and what not….the phone-lists have been a little helpful…)

So, in a recent effort to get everything I need to get done before the wedding and the trip to Costa Rica, I have made an ultimate list of lists.

“wo” is for “workout”, I am determined to be in tip top shape for the wedding!

My goal with this list has been to do one thing from each seperate list every day. I kind of stole this idea from Pinterest. There have been a million ideas on Pinterest that involve keeping your house clean with just 5-10 minutes of cleaning everyday. I decided to adapt this idea to my life.

With my new goal, my days now consists of work, dusting on my lunch break, exercising after work, filling out escort cards while watching Modern Family, online grocery shopping, making lesson plans, and writing a blog entry while attempting to hold my head up. (or some version of that)

It’s not exactly glamorous, but I must say it feels damn good to scratch off each of those items from my to-do list, and I go to bed feeling slightly more accomplished, and slightly less stressed.

Now, only 17 days left until I say, “I do”, and only 14 days until I am in Florida! Sooo 13 days to complete all the lists! Woohoo!


Spring Fever

This week has been AMAZINGLY warm here in the city. It is sunny and beautiful, and thanks to “spring break” I actually get to go outside and enjoy some of these lovely days. My place of employment doesn’t technically have a “spring break”, but the majority of the students who attend classes there do have spring break (for two weeks!).

Half of all the classes are canceled this week and next, which means my paycheck is also cut in half. I try to forget that by enjoying my extremely long breaks as best as I can. Everyone at work seems to be on the same page. If anyone walks past my building at any time this week they are very likely to find coaches laying in the sun rays coming through the giant windows, drinking coffee outside on the sunny steps, or sleeping under a table in the break room. My boss is in such a good mood I didn’t even get reprimanded for wearing shorts today.

Belle and I have had some very long walks around the city and through Central Park. The flowers are starting to bloom, the spring lines are advertised in every store window, and for the first time in MONTHS I can go for a walk without a coat, scarf, gloves, and hat on. Yay me!

I even had time to head downtown with Zoey and check out a new store called “The Hoodie Shop”. This is a weird little shop that sales nothing but hoodies, or things with hoods. They have new hoodies, vintage hoodies, designer hoodies, ugly hoodies,  pretty hoodies, you name the hoodie they got it! It’s also supposed to be a “hangout”. They have large comfy couches, the kind everyone wants to sleep in, all over the store, and a pinball machine, but nothing else to promote hanging out.

The ladies working in the store said they hope to start selling beverages one day, but until that day comes it seems like a really boring hangout. I mean, there’s not even snacks! Minus, the weird hangout atmostphere, it’s a cool hippy-type shopping place, if you’re in the market for something with a hood that is.

Today, I spent an hour of my break relaxing in front of Starbucks with a friend from work. There were 20 other people lounging in the Starbucks outdoor seating area with us soaking up the rays. We sat and sipped our iced coffees for so long that I actually turned a little pink! In March! I am seriously loving this weather, I even wore shorts and a tank today. Nothing makes me happier than summer clothes and a very very large iced coffee.

If you ever drink Starbucks, you should really invest in a Starbucks card/Starbucks app. For every 15 drinks you buy you get a free coffe (any style, any size), AND free add-ins. FREE! So, everytime my “free drink coupon” comes in the mail, which is basically weekly, I make sure to get the largest most expensive coffee I can get. This is usually the best day of the week for me.

I guess today is the flipside of “no mascara” day. “Shorts and Iced Coffee” day? Whatever you call it, I’m loving it and am even considering being productive for the second half of my “spring break”. Well, at least half of the second half…