The Scabib Winner


Happy Sunday! Tennessee was chilly and rainy today, but we did spend the two hours that were free of rain to go to a new-ish park and walk, walk, walk. Everyone we know seems to have a FitBit now, so we are desperate to meet our goals and kick each other’s butts. It’s becoming a real problem, but I guess it’s a healthy problem, right? Anyways, I’m finally in bed and ready to draw a random winner of the oh-so cute Scabib!

Exploring an old barn on our walk


This winner holds a special place in my heart. I worked with this beautiful woman when we were just pimply teenagers at a local grocery store in our small town. We’ve since reconnected through Facebook and had our babies around the same time. Her baby is a miracle. I know all babies are miracles, but this particular baby had a very difficult entrance to the world and it is nothing short of a miracle that she is here today. You can read all about their brave story here.

So, Congratulations Kevi!

Love, love, love this! I saw a picture of a baby wearing one on Pinterest and actually asked Brooke  if she knew how to make them. So excited to see the website, Ms. Kasyn needs one! Or 12 but a free one would start us off great!

Exploring an old barn on our walk
Exploring an old barn on our walk

As always, thank so much to everyone for entering and BIG thanks to Scabib for being so generous! Don’t forget to check out her site for lots more adorable bibs!

Kevi, email me at  your mailing info. and I’ll get that Scabib out to you ASAP!


Headband Winner and a Really Good Day

Well today was a helluva lot better than the past few. No one had a fever. Luna and I went for a run. We shopped at Costco and Target. Luna was in bed by 7:30. OH, and I got to take a shower, shave my legs and wash my hair while Luna napped…does it get any better??? Well, yes actually it does… tonight, I get to announce the winner of the My Mika Handmade headband. (Did I mention I also got Starbucks and some TV time with Husband? Is today even real?)


Alright, here’s to hopefully making someone else’s night as good as mine, the winner of the leopard print handmade headband is….

Katie Dupuis

Well I was one of the lucky ones to lose handfuls of hair after pregnancy. So 1+ year later, with little wispy regrowth everywhere, I cut it chin-length. That helps with messy hair days and I usually just flat iron a few pieces in the front if I’m in a hurry (I can’t see the back. So let’s assume it looks ok? Not!)

It IS yours! Congrats Katie!
It IS yours! Congrats Katie!

Congrats Katie, and also I like the way you think. Let’s all just agree to only look at the front of each others’ hair. Deal? Don’t forget to email me ( with your mailing info.


Thanks so much to everyone for entering. Remember, first, check out My Mika’s shop when it re-opens this February with many new goodies. Second, enter for the Scabib giveaway which ends on Sunday!


Harry Potter Onesie Winner and Apologies

uhhhh….woops? So, I was supposed to announce the winner of this giveaway a few days ago, but I just could not. Why is it that every time life gets crazy busy, it just gets crazier? We have been going non-stop for the last few weeks (yes, even more than usual) and, of course the second I get the teeniest bit of respite I come down with mastitis for the third time! I am so thankful to finally feel human today and to get some time to write as Luna and Husband both nap this morning.

Now, before some small announcements, let’s get to the fun stuff! The winner of the adorable “accio boobies” Harry Potter onesie giveaway is…..

Anne Stewart!!!!

Congrats Anne! Please shoot me an email (, send me your mailing address and I will get that onesie out to you ASAP. Thanks to everyone who entered and don’t forget to check out Kennie Blossoms for more cute and hilarious apparel.


Now for a few announcements, I have a TON of reviews and giveaways coming up. Stay tuned for those. I am SO behind on everything, but I will be doing my best to get those out there. Look forward to headbands, shoes, purses, baby apparel, Book of Mormon review, stuff to do with little ones and more!


I’ve missed you all over the last week and can’t wait to get back to work.


Half-Crunchy Mom Giveaway Winners!


Wow. So, when I say I’m going to announce the winner to one of my giveaways on a certain day someone should really hold me to it. We drove through Tuesday night to get to Texas early Wednesday morning and I’ve been having so much fun getting to see family, friends and my little nephew that I’ve yet to even update my Facebook status. So, sorry about the late post! Also, my parents don’t have Internet so it’s very easy to “unplug” here.

Ready to find out the lucky winners of Goddess Garden’s Kid’s sunscreen? Me too!

Angie (winner of the 6oz bottle)

My son is 9 and we have an extremely difficult time finding something for his face that doesn’t sting. I would love to try this!!

BriAnn (winner of the 3.4oz bottle)

Claire is 9 months. She loves being outside. Finding good sunscreen that actually works is not so easy. Would love to try this brand.

Congrats ladies!!! To claim your prizes just email me ( your mailing address and I’ll get those prizes out ASAP. And, by ASAP I mean in a week or so because I’m still on vacation in Texas.

Luna sporting her new sunscreen while enjoying the sunny deck.
Luna sporting her new sunscreen while enjoying the sunny deck.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to everyone soon. So many southern adventures to share!


P.S. BIG thank you to Goddess Garden for being such an awesome and generous company!

LoveMilk Dress Winner!

Alright, so I was supposed to announce the winner of this fabulous dress yesterday, but you know…life. Things like mastitis, teething babies, visiting friends leaving for Africa, getting the house ready for four guests who came to stay with us yesterday, grocery shopping and uh…rear-ending my Mom-in-law’s car into my friend’s parked car. So By the time I got a chance to pick a winner last night it was almost midnight and I thought getting in bed was just a much better idea.


Today is a new day and it’s also the day I get tell you who wins the beautiful nursing dress from Love Milk. As always, the winner was randomly selected, and I’ve got to say it is so nerve-racking for me every time I do this because I want everyone to win so badly. Unfortunately, I am not Ellen, and I can only have one winner…and the winner of today’s giveaway is

Such a lovely dress! I’m following your blog via email as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’d don this dress with a comfortable pair of ballet flats, such as Tieks. I’d also add an accessory, such as a gold cuff. 🙂

Congrats HilLesha (from Welcome to the Motherhood)! Be sure to email me at and I’ll send your mailing info over the nice nice people at Love Milk.


For everyone else you have just a few days left (through June 30th) to use the discount code POSITIVELYPANICKED15 to get 15% off their spring and summer style!

Thanks so much for participating!


Mom Upcycles Giveaway Winner

How could anyone forget my friend Stacey and her lovely post she shared with us last Friday? She’s the stay-at-home Mom who manages her blog (Mom Upcycles) and runs a fantastic Etsy store. Stacey was not only nice enough to share a bit of inspiration with us, but she also hosted a giveaway here at Positively Panicked!

photo 2

First, I should apologize because I was supposed to select the winner yesterday! I am so off…I have thought all day that today is Monday. Oh well, better late than never! The winner of Stacey’s hand-embroidered hoop is…

Meghan Alonso
April 24, 2014 at 9:00 pm Edit
I tried commenting a minute ago so please ignore if this was already posted…
I’d love this! It would be so perfect on the gallery wall I am trying to create in my house!
I love what Stacey had to say. I follow her on Instagram and have always loved her hoops! I actually have a similar post on my blog ( We can’t do it all, and we can’t be so hard on ourselves. We are only human! Stacey’s couch looks like my laundry room. I think as I type this, there are 3 loads waiting to be folded…
Thank you!
Congrats Meghan! Just email ( me your shipping info and I’ll send your info to Stacey. And BTW, you should all check out Meghan’s super cute blog about her little peanut…it’s quite adorable!
And, Stacey, thank you again for being awesome and sharing your life with us! Everyone please visit her at her Facebook, her Etsy story, her Instagram or her blog and see what’s up. I’ll bet your learn something to make your life a little better.

Cloth Diaper Winner!


Yay! I get to giveaway another cool thing to one of you, woohoo! Now, before announcing the winner of the amazing Thirsties new one size pocket diaper I want to remind you all that the winner is chosen randomly by a name generator I find online. I very often want to pick the winner because of the cute comment, or the fact that I know them or because they’ve entered all my giveaway and have yet to win, but alas I never choose myself. It just wouldn’t be fair. Instead I let something cute and ridiculous like the fruit machine select a name a random.

Tonight, the fruit machine name generator selected one of you to win a diaper that Thirsties was nice enough to let me review, and the winner is….

Wanting to win for a friend who is due in July and wanting to go cloth.

Congrats Alicia! I hope your friend loves her gift and cloth diapering as well. Just email me your mailing info ( and I will pass along your info to Thirsties!


Stay tuned because I have LOTS of exciting reviews, giveaways, stories and whatnot coming up. Thank you to everyone who entered and huge thanks to Thirsties!