Father’s Day Adventures


Yeah, it’s been a while. I know. I’ll explain that later, but today it’s Father’s Day. Dad’s, thank you. Thank you for setting a good example, being brave and strong, killing bugs, teaching how to dream, encouraging, supporting, loving, raising, disciplining, playing and being a little crazy with us. I hope you all got some extra love today.

We celebrated Dad’s day today with a little adventure, because that’s really the only way to do it for Luna’s Dad. First stop. The Treetop Adventure ropes course at Nashville Shores! While everyone else did ziplines, Tarzan swings, cargo nets and obstacles, Luna and I headed to the water park for some Mommy Toddler time. They climbed, sweated, swung and crawled while we splashed, sunbathes, snacked and swam. Not bad. (Although, I should add that spending the day with a baby by yourself at a waterpark can be a little challenging.)

treetop IMG_20150621_110034718

The swings were by far her favorite thing in the whole water park.
The swings were by far her favorite thing in the whole water park.

After wearing ourselves out in the the very hot sun, we had a late lunch with friends at Panera and THEN a movie date with more friends and dads to see Inside Out!

woohoo! movie time!
woohoo! movie time!

So good, so emotional, so sweet and funny and so Pixar. I’m always in my head anyways, now I feel like I know my head slightly better, or at least have characters to refer to now. Peter and I both cried…which maybe had a little to do with the fact that we have a little girl of our own. That, and we are both saps.

The night ended with sugary bowls of cereal in bed, topped with video games and trash TV. Honestly, it was such a good day, it may as well have been Mother’s Day. The only thing that would have been better was getting to spend it with my own Dad. Thankfully, we at least got to video chat. Love you and miss you Daddy!

Me and my Daddy... a few years ago.
Me and my Daddy… a few years ago.

Happy Father’s Day!


Holiday World!

When I previously lived in Tennessee, Husband and I (then boyfriend) used to take weekend road trips at least a few times a month. We went rock climbing, repelling, caving, hiking, kayaking, rafting, to Disneyworld (yes, on weekend road trips) and to Holiday World.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is a theme park/water park appropriately located in Santa Claus, Indiana. This park is a perfect combination of cheesiness and thrill rides. The Holiday World side is split into four lands: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Fourth of July. There are 80’s concerts, story time with Santa, a ride that allows you to “shoot” turkeys and a ridable miniature train. However, there are also three unbelievably scary wooden roller coasters: The Raven, The Legend and The Voyage. All of which are award-winning roller coasters, because roller coasters apparently win awards.

The water park, “Splashin’ Safari”, is no Schlitterbahn, but it’s a nice substitute for this Texas gal. They seem to add new rides every year, and since I haven’t been in about three years there there were a few new rides for us to try out. Holiday World actually has the world’s two largest water coasters too. Oh, and did I mention they have free sunscreen and free sodas available to everyone all day long!?!?!

BTW, this isn’t a sponsored review, I just really love this place. If you aren’t convinced of it’s charm and scary rides yet, then just look at how much fun we had…

IMG_6641 IMG_6648 IMG_6647 IMG_6640 IMG_6627

The Voyage
The Voyage


If only I took more photos…

The best way to end a trip to Holiday World is to stop at Mrs. Klaus’s Kitchen for a caramel apple and hot cocoa. Then, make sure someone else drives home so you can pass out in the back seat and sleep through the three hour drive back to Nashville.

I love summer.