Oh a Hiking We Will Go…

During our wedding, one of Husband’s best friends gave a really nice speech. In this speech he stated how I am a perfect match for Husband because of my adventurous spirit, and Husband needs a partner who is willing to cliff dive, jump out of planes, and eat out of street carts in China with him.

I am MORE than happy to do all of these things with Husband. I love traveling, being spontaneous, and even a little dangerous. As active and adventurous as I am, I do not hold a candle to Husband. That boy NEVER stops. His ADHD and energy level competes with that of a first grader.

By our 5th day in Costa Rica we’d already been hiking, zip lining, swimming, and more. It was late afternoon and I was ready to relax in one of the hotel’s natural hot springs with a book, but Husband was still running circles around me, and looking for something more exciting to do.

The five of us agreed to take the “waterfall hike” advertised at our resort. The walk started off gorgeous. It was a downhill hike through the rainforest, shady, cool, and scenic. About ten minutes in we came across a few signs…

Hike at own risk!


For advanced hikers only!

Do not pass!

Being us, we ignored the signs and kept walking. We are those annoying people who believe that nothing applies to us and that we are invincible. So we continued on our journey.

Surprisingly enough, the trail became ridiculously dangerous. It was muddy, slick, very steep, covered in vines and broken limbs, and eventually became no trail at all. Mom-in-law, Zoey, and myself, turned back. We were nowhere near a waterfall, and climbing back up was definitely looking like the smarter option.

Husband and Dad-in-law kept trucking a long. I was happy they found something to keep themselves busy, and even happier to finally have some time to relax and maybe read some of my book.

My view from one of the hot springs.

However, it wasn’t long until Zoey and I started feeling left out. We were worried they’d get to the waterfall and it would be amazing, but we were more worried that the two boys were lost, and were most likely walking back in the wrong direction.

Lucky for the boys, we took the rental car, drove through the woods, got a little lost, eventually parked, hiked a ways, and found them. They’d barely made the hike (which they said was the most treacherous hike of their lives), found the waterfall, and were scared away by a howling monkey.

Lucky for us there are A LOT of waterfalls in Costa Rica, and most of them are much easier to get access!

This one was on another slippery trail at our last resort, but just slippery enough for me to make it.
Mom-in-law being the bravest (or maybe the hottest..) of all near Mt. Arenal.
Can you see me???

The La Fortuna waterfall, was easier, but still over 700 steep steps down and back up. (Yeah…we counted!) This waterfall was by far the prettiest, and the coldest. We swam and relaxed for a while, but I spent the majority of the time laying on a big hot rock trying to get warm.

Costa Rica also has volcanoes…the two we visited were Mt. Poas and Mt. Arenal. My new Dad-in-law was a little camera happy when it came to the volcanoes, so it only seems right that I post a few pictures of them…in his honor.

Oh, how nice it was… I guess I’ll have to find a new adventure to keep Husband busy here in NYC.


Hotel in Heaven

The first half of our honeymoon was spent with my family and several friends. We loved our time at Disney, but we were ready for a romantic getaway. So, the second half of our Honeymoon was spent in beautiful Costa Rica… with Husband’s family.

Anytime I mention that we spent our honeymoon with family, people look at me like I’m insane, followed with the response “Why?!?”.

Well, we chose to travel with them because, lucky for us, we really get along with both sets of in-laws, enjoy spending time with them, and we were also trying to stick with tradition.

For the last four years we have gone on several international trips with Husband’s family…including China, Japan, Italy, Paris, all of Scandinavia, and Iceland. Our goal has been to go to at least one new country each year. Husband and I didn’t want to ruin that goal by going to Costa Rica without them.

It just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have someone handling the maps, someone getting lost, someone getting sick, someone reading, someone getting in trouble, and a car full of people screaming at each other whether or not Doug Funny is a considered a celebrity.

The first stop in Costa Rica was Poas Lodge…located near Poas Volcano. This lodge looked like a tiny dinky restaurant, just big enough for 5 tables, when we pulled up, not at all like a place to stay the night.

As we entered we were greeted by a friendly dog named Girl, a cat named Cat, and two super nice guys named Oliver and Mark, who ran the place.


Poor Cat had a huge scar from an injury on her mouth


But, even better than the friendly ensemble, was the giant wall made entirely of windows with the most incredible view.


Husband enjoying the view with Girl


And, it just kept getting better. All the rooms, 6 in total, were built under the first floor and into the side of the mountain. Every room had it’s own giant wall of windows with the spectacular view. The bed was made of clouds, and the animals were allowed anywhere they please, including our rooms. It was heaven.


The owners made all the meals, and were thrilled to whip up dinner as soon as we arrived. We ate a fantastic meal of rice, beans, chips, salsa, plantains, quesadillas, soup, fish and salad (all homemade) as the sun was setting. Then, they started the wood burning fire place by our table, and we all got to curl up on the couch with blankets. It was surprisingly cold.



I slept like a baby, woke as the sun was coming up, and had a breakfast equivalent to the previous dinner. We hated to leave Mark, Oliver, Girl, and Cat, but we’d yet to venture into very far into Costa Rica, and a long itinerary was awaiting us.



Stay tuned for stories of volcanoes, waterfalls, monkeys, sloths, scary scary birds, and a surprise ending!