Back to Life…Back to Reality


OMG, why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things? We have traveled around for 2 weeks, have had a myriad of friends and family staying with us for 2 months, celebrated so many holidays, had lots of parties and get-togethers and basically just been on a super busy long vacation the last few weeks…It was awesome, but I am done. I am so ready to get back to a normal routine and productive schedule, yet can’t quite seem to figure it out.

I feel sluggish after not getting any exercise over the last week. I am EXTRA heavy after eating 857 Christmas dinners. My sleep pattern is so out of whack…I am going to bed at 2am, waking up every hour to pee, getting up early, but then falling back asleep until I’m ashamed of myself. And being productive seems so far out of reach it’s just ridiculous… how do we fall out of habits so easily? Or how do we start new habits so quickly? I need help!

Besides all of the busy-ness of the holidays and traveling we have had a little snow/ice storm in Nashville, which basically shut the city down for 3 days. Flights were canceled, schools were out and all errands were put on hold. There are just too many things keeping life from getting back to normal.

With Luna’s due date just 38 days away (38 days!) I have many “to-do’s” looming over my head…like finishing the nursery. SO, this is it. Tomorrow, I will turn life around. I will get back to a schedule and my long lists will at least get partially finished.

My plan?

I will wake up early.

I will have coffee…oh yes I will.

I will make a list.

will pressure wash the house, or whatever it takes to get it clean.

will eat only vegetables and water for the next month…or you know at least cut out all the holiday crap I’ve been consuming.

And shit will get done.

Then perhaps a second cup of coffee, just because I’m feeling a little daring.

Wish me luck! On second thought, just hold me accountable!


Snow Day

Last week was an intensely cold week. NYC stayed below freezing ALL week. I wanted to stay inside wrapped in blankets all day every day, but sadly I am a dedicated employee and forced myself out of the covers to walk to work each day. Husband was working out of town for a few days, so I made plans to spend at least my half-day off Saturday doing nothing.

Anytime Husband goes out of town I plan to take advantage of my alone time by cleaning the entire apartment, working out every day, and reading lots of books. By the time Saturday (my last alone-day) rolled around I had not cleaned a single thing, worked out zero times, and had not even bothered to look for my Nook.

No problem I thought, after work I will clean hardcore, do a yoga DVD, and spend the rest of the evening reading while cuddled on the couch with Belle. No big deal.

Then, it snowed.

I really wanted to play in the snow. I really really wanted to let Belle play in the snow.

I have so much anxiety when I do not complete a task or to-do list that I almost had a panic attack trying to decide between playing in the snow and cleaning the apartment. Luckily, Husband called mid-crisis and told me it’s cruel to not take Belle to the park on a snow day.

So….we went.

IMG_4196 IMG_4194 IMG_4207

Turns out that Central Park was hosting its annual Winter Jam on Saturday! Winter Jam is a free festival that offers concerts, quidditch matches, food trucks, winter markets, skiing lessons, and a whole lot more! We had so much fun walking through the festivities.

There were pro snow boarders showing off their skills.
There were pro snow boarders showing off their skills.


The "ice lounge"
The “ice lounge”


We even found a puppy food truck that served organic, holistic, and lactose free dog treats. Lucky Belle had her own bacon peanut butter flavored ice cream!


She LOVED it.
She LOVED it.

I had to carry my spoiled frosted pooch home because the salt on the sidewalk (used to melt the ice) burns her feet. Anyone know of good dog shoes for small dogs??


I made it home in time to clean the apartment before Husband got home, I considered my walk through the park a workout, and I read several online menus before ordering dinner. I considered my goals accomplished and have no regrets spending a snow day in the park!


The Never Ending Lists

I am a list maker. I love making lists for everything. To do list. Shopping list. Wish list. Grocery list. Fiance’s to do list. Packing list. Wedding list. Honeymoon list. Favorite song list. Reminders list. Work list. What not to do list. I make list on post-its, scrap paper, my laptop, my iPhone, my agenda, my arm, back of receipts, etc. etc.

My list making materials drives Fiance nuts. “Why do you make lists on a zillion pieces of paper and leave them all over the house? Just use your iPhone, or your laptop, you are wasting so much technology!”

I’ve tried explaining to him that I need to see the lists floating in my purse, stuck to the fridge, and on the closet floor. That is the ONLY way I will remember anything! If it’s on my phone I have to actually click on a little “notepad” ap and make the effort to remember to look at all of my lists. WAY too much trouble.

We have had this argument enough times (to the point that he once consolidated all my lists and added them to my phone in an effort to help). In my own effort to try to meet him halfway, I now keep a list on my phone. I still keep all my paper lists too, so now I just have double the amount of lists.


(And, I really, really, really do not want to admit this…but with all the wedding planning and what not….the phone-lists have been a little helpful…)

So, in a recent effort to get everything I need to get done before the wedding and the trip to Costa Rica, I have made an ultimate list of lists.

“wo” is for “workout”, I am determined to be in tip top shape for the wedding!

My goal with this list has been to do one thing from each seperate list every day. I kind of stole this idea from Pinterest. There have been a million ideas on Pinterest that involve keeping your house clean with just 5-10 minutes of cleaning everyday. I decided to adapt this idea to my life.

With my new goal, my days now consists of work, dusting on my lunch break, exercising after work, filling out escort cards while watching Modern Family, online grocery shopping, making lesson plans, and writing a blog entry while attempting to hold my head up. (or some version of that)

It’s not exactly glamorous, but I must say it feels damn good to scratch off each of those items from my to-do list, and I go to bed feeling slightly more accomplished, and slightly less stressed.

Now, only 17 days left until I say, “I do”, and only 14 days until I am in Florida! Sooo 13 days to complete all the lists! Woohoo!