SO Pregnant


OMG, I am SO pregnant! I know I have repeatedly told you that pregnancy has been awesome….I have felt great, been super healthy and even had my anxiety under complete control. Well, ladies and gentlemen at 36 weeks and a few days pregnant I can now say I do NOT feel awesome. In fact, often I just feel like crap. *Now, excuse my while I clean the spilled and reheated coffee off my keyboard.

My lower back is killing me, I have crazy sharp pains downtown, sleep is near impossible, leg cramps are now a part of my daily life, I’m incredibly irritable (hard to tell, right?), heartburn is awful and I can rarely eat a full meal without getting sick. Everything just feels different. She has definitely dropped, so lots of trips to the bathroom are also inevitable. I know, truly I know, it is all worth it, but I think I’m ready for our baby girl’s arrival now.

This morning, I met with a pediatrician to determine if I like her and the practice. I waited for the doctor in a bright purple exam room decorated with trains and stared at myself in the mirror across from me. All I kept thinking was, “What is wrong with my eyes? Open your eyes, Hilaire!” I had remembered to put on mascara, so that wasn’t the problem. Then, I realized they were just big and puffy and surrounded by dark circles. I barely recognized myself.

Exercising and eating healthy still helps, but after working on my feet all day today I feel completely immobile, which just sucks. A hot bath seems to be the best remedy for my aches and pains. In fact, every night lately has consisted of a nice warm bath, a good TV show and a giant cup of red raspberry leaf tea. Did you know that this tea is like a magic drink for the female system? I drank it while trying to get pregnant and now I drink it because it’s supposed to boost my immune system, help circulation, strengthen my uterine muscles, tone my pelvic floor, make contractions work better and even increase breastmilk supply. It’s worth a try, right?

Woop, woop! Still working out! It's not easy, but it's worth it!
Woop, woop! Still working out! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!
So, so good with a little honey and even better if you're wrapped up in a blanket next to the fire...
So, so good with a little honey and even better if you’re wrapped up in a blanket next to the fire…

As far as emotions go, I’m still doing really well with my anxiety. Shockingly well. I am feeling nervous about delivery, but it’s a normal-person type of nervousness. I’m sure most moms-to-be get some anxiety about going into labor. I can’t help but worry about what it will be like, what will happen, how will it feel, how will my body respond and a myriad of other things. However, it’s not an obsessive worry and I’ve yet to have a panic attack. Thank God! Of course, I am having a little anxiety about what will happen after the baby comes. I’m afraid I may slip into my old high-anxiety ways again. For now, I’m just going with the flow and taking it one day at a time…which is not like me at all! It’s a miracle people.

Also, remember the whole nursery debacle? Well now, not only have the ladder, railings and closet been torn out, but drywall has been repaired, the walls have had to be re-painted, and this week the carpet is getting torn out. Our entire nursery is now stacked in the living room. Soooo, the fact that I have yet to kill my Husband is also a miracle.

Now, I know that babies come when they’re ready and there’s really no way to predict their arrival, but I am trying very hard to persuade this baby to come at 38 weeks. I think if I say it enough, she’ll be convinced. There are SO many things happening in our lives over the next 6 weeks, and it just works out best for everyone if she can manage to arrive around that time… you hear that Luna?

Husband thinks I’ve jinxed us and she’ll come late now, I guess only time will tell. And, I know, as long as she is fully cooked and a healthy baby that’s all that matters. What do you think? Any guesses on Luna’s arrival?


Tea For Two

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m a bit coffee fan…like a huge coffee fanatic. I choose coffee over basically any beverage, but I’ve tried to be a little less dependent lately and have ventured out of my coffee comfort zone to tea. I have been drinking a cup of hot decaf tea every night before bed, and I LOVE it. It’s so warm and comforting. It’s also becoming part of a “bedtime routine”: reading a little, drinking tea and watching Friends. Having a routine has really helped me sleep better.

The last day Husband was visiting me here in NY it rained all day and was freezing (so unfair this time of year). All I wanted was a hot cup of tea and a place to relax. Husband decided to treat me to tea time at Harney and Sons.



Harney and Sons is a tea shop in Soho with a tasting room. They offer hundreds of teas, all flavors, and allow you to select two to taste. They also have a tea cafe where they serve so many delicious drinks and snacks. We had Bangkok tea,   a combination of green tea, lemongrass, vanilla, coconut and ginger, and scones. Their scones were mmm mmm good.

teaandnails scones


After warming up, we shopped through their variety of teas and tasted the Chinese flower tea, tropical green tea and Paris black tea.

tea wall chineseflowertea tropical green tea paris


We decided that “Paris” was the best of the lot and bought a few ounces to take home…although, I can’t help but think the name (my favorite city) had a bit to do with that decision.

Can’t wait to sip on my Parisian tea as I read on the deck of our new house in a couple of weeks!


I Cooked

When Husband first left for Nashville a couple of weeks ago I promised myself to learn to cook at least one meal while he was gone.  I had been craving Spanish rice and beans for days and began searching recipes on Pinterest*. I came across one that used a crockpot, was very simple and sounded delicious. Perfect.

The only thing it needs is rice, dried kidney beans, celery, onion, bell pepper, scallions, seasoning, and garlic. The directions basically said to add these all to the crockpot, cook for four hours, and poof! Rice and beans at your service.

riceandbeans ingredients greenonions

I did exactly what the recipe said with one exception; I used canned beans instead of dried because I already had them. Four hours later, I opened the crockpot to give it a taste and discovered that the rice had yet to cook and it all tasted very bland. I add more salt and seasonings and continued to let it cook, checking on it every half hour.

Six hours later, it was all cooked, but tasted absolutely disgusting. I tried to bear it. I added hot sauce and more seasoning, but then it just tasted like a spicy bite of disgustingness. I kept it around for another day, wishing that it would improve with time like wine or soup, but it did not. It all ended with me pouring it all in the garbage and ordering a large order of rice and beans from a nearby Mexican restaurant.

Actually, I accidentally ordered two large orders of rice and beans and was able to eat of them for 3 days. I also ordered vegetable fajitas and I managed to use all of this to create my own nachos every night. I just tossed in the chopped veggies, the rice and the beans into a skillet with a little olive oil. After, it sautéed for a about 5-10 minutes I poured it over a plate of tortilla chips, added fresh tomato and avocado and had my version of “homemade” nachos.


Even though my original plan failed miserably, I attempted one more simple recipe. I decided to make fruit infused iced tea. This was SO easy, and actually came out great!

First I made pomegranate tea.

herbteas tea

Once it cooled, I added chopped strawberries, oranges and blackberries. To finish it off I stirred in a little honey and fresh lemon juice.


That’s it, and the tea was delicious, fruity and not too sweet.


I’m not going to give up yet, I am determined to learn to cook, and hopefully enjoy it.


*I searched for the recipe again on Pinterest so I could share the link, and give the original author credit, but I couldn’t find it. Also, she may not want to be connected to the outcome in this post, but I’m sure her’s came out much better than mine.