Strawberry Pickin’


Every once in a while I complain about my decision to move from the city to the county (giant bugs, no food deliveries, no Central Park or shopping on 5th), but the truth is, there’s a lot more I love about living in Tennessee than not. We are always finding something new and adventurous to do in the most beautiful places. Recently, we went strawberry picking with some friends and family. It wasn’t exactly adventurous, but it was fun and delicious.

field parker


The farmer told us to eat as many as we wanted while we picked. They apparently have so many strawberries that many go to waste. We ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate…and picked a little too. At one point, our small friend Parker was telling us how fun it was to pick berries. When we asked how many were in his bucket, he looked down with his berry stained-face and proudly said, “one”.

picking blue eyes

We picked enough strawberries for everyone to take home tons. We froze a bunch, ate a bunch and then I used the rest to make homemade strawberry jam. That’s right, you read that sentence correctly. I, the person who only cooked frozen pizzas a year ago made my very own homemade jam, and it is possibly the most delicious thing ever. I will most likely make myself sick on it before the week is up.

me berries

Wonder what will do next?