Baby’s First Waterfall

Ready for our first hike to Cummins Falls!
Ready for our first hike to Cummins Falls!

After Luna had her first swim last weekend we figured we might as well take the next step and take her on her first hike/visit to a waterfall. Last summer we discovered Cummins Falls, one of the US’s top ten swimming holes, when my friend Sara came to visit. Ever since that day we have been itching to go back.

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I was a little concerned about the slippery, winding, wet and rocky hike with a baby, but I carried her in the Ergo carrier for most of the hike and when she got tired of it Husband carried her. It turned out to be very doable and while I couldn’t be quite as adventurous this time around, I was happy to be sitting with friends, holding my baby and watching the beautiful waterfall. Even Belle had a good time running through the water, chasing sticks and barking at every stranger we passed.

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I still got a chance to swim and walk behind the waterfall while Luna napped with her Grand-dude, but Husband really got to explore and climb around the big rocks surrounding the falls. Most of the afternoon, I relaxed with my friend Donna on a large rock set in the side of the hill. We brought tons of snacks and had plenty to talk about as “the boys” did every dangerous thing they could think of. The swimming hole was unbelievably crowded! Apparently word has spread about the beautiful falls and excellent swimming hole. The dozens of people sitting on rocks, eating packed lunches and taking dips in the water made it seem more like a day at the beach.

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Miss Luna didn’t get to play in the waterfall, but I did let her sit in the cool water for a bit.


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I absolutely love all of the beautiful scenic places to visit in Tennessee, and I cannot wait for the many more adventures that summer holds!