Love you sis!

Yay Me!

I’m going to be an Aunt!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!! I can finally announce to the world that my sister and my brother-in-law are having their first baby and I could not be more excited!

So excited in fact, that I have already purchased four unisex outfits and a stuffed Mickey Mouse for this tiny no-named bean!

I have a problem.

Onesies are just too cute!

I am going to be the greatest Aunt ever! I plan to teach this kid everything fun about life. I will make sure they get to watch every Disney movie, and get to dress up like a princess or a pirate anytime they’re with me. I will take him or her to the best children’s museums, the best parks, and the best toy stores. I just have to convince sister to send the baby on a flight to visit me every few months.

Then, when the kid gets a little older, I’ll take him or her to concerts, to get something pierced, and let them tell me all their secrets that I will promise to never tell. We will go shopping together, see movies together, and probably even dance together. I cannot wait to be the cool fun Aunt.

The only problem is my name.

“Aunt Hilarie” is just too difficult for a baby or even a 3 year old to learn. I need a cute easy name. I could be Tia (Spanish for Aunt), the baby will be half Mexican after all. Then there’s Auntie, nanny, or Tauntie (it’s Cajun). Maybe the kid will come up with something cute all on their own. I just don’t want to be “Aunt Hiwawee” for the first five years.

In all seriousness (not that I was not serious about the first few paragraphs), I hope I am an amazing Aunt who my new niece or nephew will always look up to, call in a crisis, and want to spend lots and lots of time with.  Husband and I are going to have so much fun being and Aunt and Uncle!

Sister, I wish you and bro-in-law the very best. I know you will be amazing parents, and that this child will be so loved! Congratulations, I could not be happier for you!

The excited parents-to-be. This is going to be one cute baby.

Mom and Dad, I’ve always considered myself lucky to have you as parents, but I know you’ll be even greater Grandparents (considering it will be all fun and no discipline).

Can you believe these two will be Grandparents???

Now, you can all look forward to many more posts about baby clothes, baby showers, and decorating baby rooms. I should probably start pinning ideas on Pinterest, I’ve got my work cut out for me! Just kidding,…I’ve been pinning ideas for weeks.


Auntie Nanny Tia