These Boots are Made for Watching

Kinky Boots is in Nashville!!!! EEEEEeeeee! I LOVE this show. I saw it on Broadway in New York when it opened and actually sat right behind Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein (the creators of the musical).It was a magical night of drag queens, glitter, shoes, high kicks and British accents. Can  you ask for more? Yes. You can ask to see the show again, the traveling show. Lucky me. I got to see it for a second time last night at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.


My friend, Bella, and I went together and because we love dressing up, we decided to dress the part, which can best be described as….well, kinky. That’s really just a nice way to say we looked like hookers, cute hookers. TPAC was decked out for the show. They had the usual huge crowd, themed snacks and souvenirs, but they also had a shoe cam. It’s like the one you see on the E! network.

workin' it!
workin’ it!

The BEST part was seeing Tony (one of TPAC’s best employees) dressed in the iconic red high-heeled boots! From across the room a spotted a photo backdrop and a line of people waiting to take their photo with who I assumed was a cast member. I then see Tony’s head peaking through the crowd and thought he must be doing crowd management. Then, the crowds parts just enough that I spot the boots… the red boots on Tony’s feet! It was amazing, and yeah we definitely took advantage of that Kodak moment.



Before the show began we took the theme one step further and ordered ourselves a double of the “Kinky Boots” drink, delicious BTW. One minute before showtime we finally got to our seats, settled in, took a sip of our pink drink and got read for a show unlike any other.

red boots


Kinky Boots is a musical based off of a movie based on a true story. The story is of two boys with two dreams. One dreams of dancing in high heels. One dreams of doing anything, but running the family business, a shoe making factory. As adults. the first boy is a very talented drag queen in London, the latter is forced to run the shoe factory when his father unexpectedly passes away. The factory is failing quickly and the son has no clue how to save it in everyone he loves’ jobs. The two very different young men cross paths unexpectedly and together they not only learn how to save the business, but also discover the importance of accepting others and being true to yourself.

Throughout the heartwarming and hilarious story are some seriously impressive musical numbers. The music and lyrics reminds me of classic Broadway hits, but the dancing is like none other. It’s not often you see grown men doing high-kicks, splits, back handsprings and a myriad of other moves in 6-inch heels. Well… I guess it’s possible you do see this often, depending on what clubs you frequent, but I guarantee you that you have yet to see this level of talent.

The show rocked. We left feeling excited, happy and desperate to go shoe shopping.


Kinky Boots will be playing at TPAC until February 8th! GO SEE IT! You may even spot a celebrity… Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson were there last night. Check out show details and future shows here. If you don’t live around Nashville (shame on you), check out the tour dates here.


My Practically Perfect Shoes (Giveaway!)

Before going to NYC Comic Con I had to decide if I wanted to participate in the oh-so popular cosplay (dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime), obviously, I did. BUT, did I want to go all out like this girl…


Or, have a more subtle approach like this girl…


Again, this should be obvious. I went for the second approach. First step in achieving this look was scouring the Internet for comic con worthy accessories. Of course, I needed a theme… Day 1 was Mary Poppins Day! I had Mary Poppins earrings, a Mary Poppins bracelet, a real carpet bag (review coming soon!) and the cutest hand-painted Mary Poppins shoes!!!

Luna's shirt said "practically perfect".
Luna’s shirt said “practically perfect”.

comic con

I found the shoes on Etsy (of course) from JALI’s Place. Iliana, the shop owner, creates very unique shoes, hair bands and clips and a few other items, but her shoes are definitely the most impressive and unique items. They are all hand-painted on non-latex shoes. She’s got quite a few Disney-themed shoes, which just makes me love her more. Just look at these beautiful Mary Poppins shoes.

jalie'splace marypoppins supercali

Since, we’ve been home from Comic Con I have continued to wear them over and over again. The colors go with just about everything, they’re comfortable, fun and a little sparkly. They’ve also born worn in some rainy weather lately and still look good as new!

AND because my favorite Etsy shops never let my readers down Jali’s Place is offering a really cool giveaway and a few discount codes!

First, let’s discuss this giveaway… She hand-painted shoes in the Dr. Who theme and they look fantastic! They are size 10 and they are absolutely free to one of you!

handmade dr. who the back

To enter for this giveaway please do the following!

1. Follow my blog. (Yup, just click that little “follow” button on the right and enter your email.)

2. Follow me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Or, all 3 because really…you don’t want to miss a thang.)

3. Comment below! Tell me what you love about Dr. Who!

I’ll select the winner in a week (Monday, November 24th). AND don’t forget that Jali’s Place is also offering some sweet deals. First, With all our shoes they will be giving a headpiece matching the shoes. Second, use the discount code Xmas10 for 10% off your entire purchase. And, third, all the headbands have free shipping until December 20th! Whew, that’s a lot. Be sure to stop by her shop and look for some Christmas gifts for your nerdy/Disney-freak/super-cool friends.

Good luck and Cheers!

Shopping at BG’s

I mentioned in a previous post that one of the “must do again before I leave NY” activities is to try on more shoes at Bergdorf Goodman’s. I decided the perfect time to shoe shop was during the days of rain while Husband was visiting. We shopped all down 5th Avenue, but the cherry on top of our shopping trip was the pinnacle of all stores…Bergdorf’s.


I am a teacher, so I cannot actually afford to buy things at Bergdorf’s, but it doesn’t hurt to look, or try on a few beautiful pieces!


My favorite floor in BG’s is level 2, the designer shoe salon. My Mom thinks I’m crazy, but if I could afford it, I would snatch up a pair of either LouBoutin’s, Prada flats, Chanel boots, Jimmy Choo heels, or Charlotte Olympia crazy shoes in a minute. I know they are all ridiculously overpriced, by my God, they are beautiful. They are tiny little works of art that you can wear on your feet. I want my own masterpiece!

tinsel prada nails gagashoe birdheel

Shopping at BG’s is a comforting exceptional  experience. They have comfy designer chairs every ten feet or so, the sales clerks will wait on you hand and foot, everyone is friendly and happy and all dogs are allowed! It’s the sort of classic department store where you imagine every glamorous classic movie star shopped (probably because they all did). We even ran into Sofia Vargara on the elevator!

It’s a great place for people watching too. Spend half an hour in the shoe department and you are sure to see tourists, Moms and daughters, old ladies with too much plastic surgery, rich men, fancy little dogs, large mutts, teenage heiresses and everyone in between. It’s perfect.


Once, while window shopping, I tried on the most remarkable heels ever (the purple wedges from the 111th anniversary, remember?) While trying them on I noticed an older woman watching me. She was being waited on, and had a stack of about ten different designer shoes next to her. I looked back at her, and she said “Those look fabulous on you”. Without a thought I replied “I can’t agree with you more”. She then looked to the young lady helping her and asked for a pair in a size 8 to try on for herself. The young lady brought the beautiful purple shoes to the older woman who said “Forget it, I’m tired of trying on shoes. I’ll just buy them, and all the others I’ve tried on”.

I sat there, jaw on the floor, for a good ten minutes. She must have spent over 10 grand. I was secretly waiting for her to come back and offer to buy the pair I tried on. After all “they look fabulous” on me, right?

My favorite shoes during my most recent visit weren’t too shabby either.

lionshoes chanel oohlala

Bergorf’s also has a restaurant on the 7th floor. It’s lovely, has great views of Central Park and the Plaza, fancy delicious dishes and is exactly where I wanted to take my Mom for lunch. We had a roasted beet salad, seafood pasts, tea and coffee and it was all wonderful. We ate next to the window and talked and talked like Mothers and daughters do.

momlunch BG bghallway

It was the best last shopping trip I could have had at Bergdorf Goodman’s…at least until I come back and visit!


Me, Audrey, and a Rooftop Bar

I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany’sthe book and the movie. I also adore Audrey Hepburn. I think this obsession began about 7 years ago while eating dinner with Husband’s Grandpa. I ate a large pork chop, mashed potatoes, broccoli, a salad, three rolls, and was picking off of Husband’s place when his Grandpa looked at me and said, “How do you eat like that and still look like Audrey Hepburn?!”

At the time, I only knew Audrey as the girl in the black dress, black flats, and pearls. Like any good student, I began researching the actress I was compared to, and instantly fell in love. Now I can’t pass an Audrey biography or movie without picking it up. I know I don’t actually look like her, but it’s awfully nice to hear. Thanks Grandpa Shelly.

Yesterday, I saw an ad for a FREE movie night at the Roosevelt Hotel (the Mad46 Rooftop Lounge to be exact). I was definitely interested in a free movie night, but when I saw their selected feature was Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it was a done deal.

I was SOOO excited to go out, that I got all dolled up in Audrey’s honor. It’s great that I get to wear workout clothes to work everyday, but I do love an opportunity to put on my heels and fix my hair. Most of our “dates” involve me in sweatpants, Husband in flip-flops, frozen pizza, and a Dexter marathon. Tonight was different; tonight I wanted to feel pretty.

Check out the ad as I entered the Subway! I think that was a sign that it was going to be fabulous night for this TX girl.
I tried to convince Husband that I was too fancy to take the train…. As you can see, I was not very convincing.

The Roosevelt is beautiful, the lounge was swanky, and the staff was frazzled and awkward, but besides them, it was a great night to be on a roof wrapped in my poncho and enjoying the Manhattan view.

They had two projectors; one under a roof and one completely outside.
Movie themed cocktails!

After ordering my “Moon River Mojito” we settled onto a cozy couch right before the movie started playing. I loved every minute! Even Husband enjoyed it! (He has never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s before!)

Sooo excited! (This was the BEST mojito I have ever had BTW.)

We didn’t make it home until midnight; mostly because Husband wanted to play “paparazzi”….and alittle because I needed a late night snack.

I had to take the poncho off for at least 5 minutes so my outfit could get some fresh air and much needed attention.
Perfect accessories for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s night.
Love this view with the Chrysler in the background.

This is as serious as I get.

finally getting back on the train

Even after sleeping through my alarm this morning and only having time to drink half a cup of coffee, I do not regret our middle of the week date night with Audrey.


Art Appreciation

After what seemed to be the LOOOONNGGEESSTTTT week of work ever (even though it was just a four-day work week), I decided I deserved a weekend full of fun, adventure, and little bit of relaxation. First experience to check off the weekend to-do list was Art. I am always saying that Husband and I do not take advantage of the museums, exhibits, and shows surrounding us. Our plan for Saturday afternoon was to hit up Museum Mile, which is only a quick 10-minute walk from our apartment.

First museum was the Whitney. I have been itching to check out the Whitney and its Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a nice long line of people leading from the doors, all the way down the block. Waiting in lines was not part of our itinerary so we decided to save the Whitney for a better day and head over to the Guggenheim, which I have not been to in years!

The Guggenheim stood out among the bright blue skies, beckoning us, and promising hours of art appreciation.


The Guggenheim turned out to be a terrible tease. Just as I was pulling out my debit card to pay, the cashier mentioned that over half the museum was closed for the installations of new exhibits (including the spiral rotundas!). Needless to say, we said farewell and walked to the Met.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently opened the new “Regarding Warhol” exhibit. I really enjoyed all of Andy’s works that were put on display, but there were tons of artists inspired by Warhol who also had some very interesting pieces throughout the exhibit. The best part was the room full of large helium silver balloons, “silver clouds”.

Andy Warhol
A combination of a Marie Antoinette setting and Paris Hilton
Cindy Sherman as Marilyn Monroe


Eventually, I tired of getting lost in the Met and decided it was time for a change of Art. I had a more interactive exhibit in mind.

Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin designs some gorgeous shoes, works of art if you will, and I always choose to try on the most interesting pair.


Besides not being able to purchase these $1400 shoes, I would have few opportunities to wear these extravagant 6-inch heels. But, what’s the fun in trying on plain sensible shoes??? These are the type of shoes you plan outfits and occasions around.

We felt completely cultured and sophisticated after our Museum outings. Check! Now, we can spend the rest of the weekend eating and relaxing without an ounce of guilt.


Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a super popular children’s book about a creative little girl who loves all things fancy. She dresses up like a Ballerina Princess on a daily basis and loves to use big “fancy” words like “ecstatic”, “fiasco”, and “parasol”, or sometimes she prefers to speak French. Nancy doesn’t understand why her parents choose to wear plain clothes and act so ordinary. She knows that being posh is much more fun. I see Fancy Nancy as a young Hilarie Panicked….a child who sees the beauty in life’s little joys and knows how important it is to wear heels….and fairy wings.

I may not be able to afford to shop like Kim Kardashian or Kate Middleton but I still appreciate the expensive fashionable articles they’re always wearing. I appreciate them so much that I too often find myself shopping at the most expensive designer shops in Manhattan. By “shopping” I mean browsing, and this “browsing” often turns into hours of time spent in the dressing room, which leads to hours of self-loathing and pouting because I do not own Christian Louboutin shoes and a Prada purse.

Life’s so unfair.

The fact that I never leave Bottega Venata or Alexander McQueen with a bag in my arms has never kept me from drooling over their merchandise. I just treat these stores like museums…museums where I am allowed to touch things and try them on, but then carefully put them back on the shelves where they belong. It’s my chance to be my own Fancy Nancy.

Yesterday, I was so productive and awesome all morning that I decided to reward myself by going “shopping” at Bergdorf Goodman. My new book has got me all hyped up about Bergdorf’s, and I have been itching to go back and explore. Husband and I began our afternoon of admiration in the shoe parlor on the second floor.

Every lady needs a great pair of red heels.
Brilliant embellishments.

Now, brace yourself. This next pair of shoes is remarkable. So fun, creative, and cute… me! They just scream out my name! Can’t you hear them????

Love at first sight! These shoes were designed for Bergdorf’s 111th Birthday celebration and the design on the sides is copied from the design on the original shopping bags.

The next 4 floors were decked out in designer duds. I was so busy gawking and ooohhing and awwwing that I didn’t think to take any pictures in these areas. Please try your best to imagine me in a lovely long, black, and lace Valentino coat. I looked stunning, I promise you.

The 7th floor was more unique. This floor had fine china, home décor, gifts, stationary, books, and children and baby clothes!

Man, would the future Positively Panicked Jr. look adorable in a pair of these baby Gucci shoes, or Little Marc Jacobs flats.

There is also a lavish restaurant on this floor with large windows and a view of Central Park and The Plaza.

I was enjoying my fantasy of living a life a luxury so much that I decided we had to go to the Plaza and have a drink after our long day of shopping because that’s what rich fancy people do. I sipped my espresso from my green, velvet, oversized chair that sat next to the window so I could watch all the little people walk by on what I assume was their way home from work.

Not my picture, but this is the champagne bar we sat at forever and ever to talk and relax.

The whole outing cost me 7 bucks, although I was very close to selling my soul for those purple shoes.

Au revoir shoes…until we meet again.


How to Pack Like a Pro: Tips for Fitting all of Your Shoes, Makeup, and Accessories into a Carry-On

Shoes I packed for my bachelorette party weekend….obviously broke a few of my rules for this trip.

When we travel, we travel fast. We hit as many touristy spots as possible, stay in hostels, take a million trains, eat from street carts, shop the local markets, and are always in such a hurry that we are basically running from one stop to the next. I really enjoy our traveling habits because we always get to see and experience four times as much as the average traveler.

The only downside is when we are running, we are often carrying our luggage. After carrying my suitcase and backpack through a tiny village in China, on a sketchy bus in Shanghai, and up 4,000 steps in Hong Kong I learned to pack much lighter.

In my pre-world-traveling years I pack my life into very large suitcases….an outfit for every day, jewelry to match, 10 different pairs of shoes, an extra swimsuit, a blow-dryer, straightener, and curling iron, 10 books, a computer, a travel game, first aid kit, snacks, a coat, rain boots, pillow, the kitchen sink, etc, etc. So, when we (i.e. me, Husband, dad-in-law, and Zoey…AKA our travel group) decided to start traveling with only a carry-on, I had to seriously re-work my packing habits.

My first really big challenge was packing a carry-on for three weeks in Japan. I was so concerned about surviving out of a carry-on for 3 weeks that I started planning and packing months in advance. Turns out my careful planning paid off. I was incredibly successful that trip (everyone asked me for something they needed, but forgot to pack). Now, I follow my carry-on packing rule EVERY TIME I travel. (Minus Christmas and the wedding.)

This is especially helpful now that every damn airline charges for checking any bags now!

Because I know you are all dying for my secrets, I made an easy to follow list of steps for your next trip! You’re so very welcome…really no need to thank me.

1. Make a list of everything you want to bring…now take half the items off the list. You do not need that third bikini.

2. Plan an outfit for every day you will be gone, BUT every outfit must be rearranged to make a second/third outfit.

To get the most out of the clothes I pack, I typically pick a color scheme. That way all my clothes can be rearranged and still match. The shoes I pack will match everything, same goes for jewelry. For example, a black tunic can be worn with blue jean shorts, with leggings, over a swimsuit, and (if it’s long enough) just throw a belt around it and create a mini dress. To REALLY thin things down pack lots of leggings and cotton dresses (less wrinkly). Also make sure you pack at least one pair of jeans or leggings for the plane ride…It will be cold, and shorts just look tacky on the plane.

3. Plan accessories carefully.

Scarves, belts, and hats are small, easy to pack, and can easily freshen up an outfit and make it feel brand new. That way when you are wearing your black cotton sundress for the third time, you can droop a bright scarf around your neck or shoulders, and completely change your look.

4. Pick one hair tool: curly or straight.

Then learn to put your hair up in a few different styles. This is especially important for pictures. If you are wearing tops or pants multiple times, your pictures may start to meld together. Changing your hairstyle can keep everything looking different.

5. Only bring the essentials for toiletries.

For me, this is A LOT. I use a fold-out pouch with various zip-up pouches to keep all of my things separated and organized. I only bring the bare minerals for make-up. I bring everything for my facial routine, just in smaller bottles. Also, I pack conditioner, shampoo, hairspray, and moist towelettes to clean my face/body when showers or washcloths may not be available.

6. Pack a separate bag (plastic, reusable, or made-for-travel) for all dirty or wet clothes, or for shoes.

7. Pack some emergency snacks. (ONLY eat this for real emergencies….i.e. car broke down, no vegetarian options, or Husband having a meltdown.)

Now…time to actually pack.

8. Roll all of your clothes. If rolled carefully and tightly then clothes will not wrinkle and will save LOTS of space.

9. Put shoes and undies on top.

10.  All toiletries should go in outside pockets or in plastic bags…just assume they will all explode.

11. Make sure you have some extra space because you will buy souvenirs and gifts.

12. Congratulations! You fit all of your essentials in you carry-on sized suitcase! As a reward you get to bring a backpack! Woohoo!

13.  Laptop, phone, chargers, book/nook/kindle, emergency snacks, chap stick, cardigan, scarf, iPod, headphones, small travel pillow, cash, passport deck of cards, and Starbucks Via will all nicely fit into your backpack.

14. Now, check your checklist and double check you’ve packed everything you need.

15. When you realize you forgot your mascara, Advil, and bobby pins do not fret. I promise you these simple items are sold EVERYWHERE…even Albania.

Okay, now that you’re packed you should probably plan a trip somewhere. Also, it’s probably a good idea to put on your backpack, grab your suitcase and run around the block and up a few flights of stairs… this skill will come in handy, promise.


Mental Pictures

Today marks exactly one month until our wedding day. ONE MONTH!  I cannot believe how quickly this last year has flown by! But, more than that I cannot believe the amount of planning it takes to make your dream wedding come true. Oy!

For what seems like an eternity, I have listened to girl after girl complain about planning their wedding. “I just can’t wait for this to be over!” or “This wedding planning is soooo stressful!” , and the famous “I wish we would have just eloped!”

I was always annoyed hearing these statements. Isn’t this supposed to be the happiest time of your life? Shouldn’t planning a party for all of your favorite people to celebrate you and your fiancé/husband be fun? How can you complain, you are about to marry the person of your dreams, right!?!?

I can honestly say that MOST of my wedding planning experience has been fun, fairly painless, and only a tiny bit stressful. I am not very picky. My bridesmaids can wear what they want, as long as it’s yellow. Actually everyone (guys, girls, moms, dads, etc) are free to dress how they please. I picked my dress in October, the perfect shoes were on sale in November, and I had the BEST photographer do my bridal portraits.

It hasn’t all been easy breezy though. We had lots of mishaps happen throughout the year…

Our photographer who took our engagement pictures (he won the Pulitzer three times!) was a jerk and could care less about us looking good in our pictures. My hair was “accidently” cut 4 inches too short. Disney overcharges for EVERYTHING. Sorry, Disney, I still love you, but we both know its true. To save some cash we had to cut a lot of things we had originally planned on having… hope no one expects cake, chairs, or air conditioning! (just kidding…mostly). And, because our wedding is a “destination wedding”, there are lots of loved ones that cannot make the trip, which makes us sad, but is certainly understandable.

Even though, we have had to make LOTS of changes, we are both cool with this. We have to take public transportation to the ceremony? We can do that. Our cake is going to be sheet cake hidden in the kitchen? Cool. Mother-in-law-to-be wants to dress like a pirate? No problem! As long as their’s food, good music, everyone is having a good time, and the bride  we are the center of attention, we’re happy.

Yup…all of this has been true…mostly….

Up until now. One month before the wedding. 31 days until we become husband and wife. 4 and a half weeks left before every single thing we have been planning, and are still planning, has to come together perfectly.

I have tried REALLY hard to take on numerous wedding tasks all year. I’ve stayed on top of my to-do list, yet somehow I am still left with exactly 1,877,452,221 things left to do, and I only have one month to do them! I really think it’s only fair that a bride gets marital-leave from work the month before her wedding!

It’s not just me either. Fiance is feeling the pressure, and we have been fighting over the most ridiculous things!

Recently a co-worker of mine told me a story of a close guy friend who called freaking out the week before his wedding.  He said he was going to call of the wedding because all he and his fiancé wanted to do was punch each other in the face because they could not decide on the seating chart. He wanted to hurt the love of his life because they could not agree on the seating chart for their wedding! 

Sounds extreme, but I totally get where he’s coming from. *FYI, they did not punch each other, and they did get married.*

The other night, Fiance and I stopped speaking to each other over something as trivial as the seating chart. When we finally said sorry and made up, I decided that enough was enough. We cannot allow ourselves to become one of the “I can’t wait until this is all over!” couples. It’s time to enjoy each moment more moments (gotta be realistic here). After all, this is the only time we will ever get to be an engaged couple and plan our wedding.

You know when Jim and Pam get married? (If you don’t watch The Office, you will not get this reference, and you should probably come out of that rock you’ve been hiding under.) Anyways, in this episode they decide to take “mental pictures” throughout their wedding day to remember their favorite moments.

This is my goal over the next month, take as many mental pictures as possible. The only downside is that you cannot see my mental pictures. Guess I’ll have to do my best to describe them!

My favorite over the last few days was “taken” the night Fiance and I were trying to decide on a song for when our bridal party is introduced at the reception. We want something really fun, new-ish, popular enough for people to know, not cheesy, very dancey, etc etc. This has been one of the more difficult decisions. So, to help with the decision making process, Fiance attached his computer to our big screen, played numerous music videos of our favorite songs, while loudly announcing our bridesmaids and groomsmen.

“Here come Danica and Teddy!!!!” “Put your hand in the air for Natalie and Derek!!!” “Ladies and gentlemen, get out of your chairs for Zoey and Steve!”

I clapped and hooted and hollered for everyone, and it all ended with lots of dancing around the living room.


Fiance got most of the names wrong, but we did decide on a song. Next on the list? The seating chart. Fiance, I hope you’ve got another entertaining trick up your sleeve.

Cheers and Best Wishes!