Two Months Too Fast


How have two months already flown by? Everyone says how fast time goes by when you have kids and they weren’t kidding. I am shocked at how much changes in such a short amount of time. Luna is smiling, staying awake much more often and changing everyday.

IMG_20140324_093845 IMG_20140328_120631 IMG_20140325_172942


Seriously, cannot get enough of her smiles.

Everyday I learn a little more about how to be a Mom, but the biggest lesson I’m still learning is to stop googling everything. I have a problem. I have to know when is she supposed to smile? coo? giggle? roll over? make eye contact? notice me? sleep? eat? poop? And when she doesn’t seem to following the time frame mapped out online I get nervous. I have got to stop.

No matter what Luna does, or doesn’t do, I can’t help but love her more every day. She’s just perfect and I can’t wait to see what we both learn this next month.


False Alarm

At work last night something happened…I don’t want to get too detailed for the sake of you squirmy people out there, so let’s just say I sprung a leak. Still too much? Oh well. I knew something was not normal, but I felt perfect, so I ignored it and finished working. I know, I know…not smart, but again, I felt perfect!

On the way home, I stopped for gas and Googled my symptoms. I don’t normally do this, but I was 99% sure the results would assure me that all is well. Wrong. Every single freakin’ website said “Call your doctor or go to the hospital immediately!”. Again, I thought, I feel fine! I was tired after work, hungry and needed to go to bed early for a subbing job the next day. I did not have time to go to the hospital, especially since I felt fine. No way.

I decided to give a very good friend who very recently had a baby a call. I wanted her to tell me Google is wrong. She did not. In her very nice calm way she basically said, “Stop being stubborn and go to the hospital.” Uggghhhhh.

At this point I called Husband to give him a head’s up that I might possibly need to go to the hospital, but I was going to call our doctor first. Turns out, you can call your doctor virtually anytime if you’re pregnant! I had to speak with a nurse first, but 30 seconds after hanging up with her my doctor called me back and told me to go to the hospital NOW. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Now, I had been the perfect picture of calm all night. I felt fine. I knew nothing was wrong, and I just had this absolute calmness about me, until he called. My doctor is super chill, so when he sounded the slightest bit urgent on the phone my fears began to creep in and start to work. Obviously, a million things were running through my mind on our very long 40 minute drive, but mostly I worried I was going to be put on bed rest. “I can’t be put on bed rest” is all I kept muttering.

I expected an emergency room sort of reaction when I arrived, but the baby wing at our hospital was not alarmed. They were expecting me, but had me wait my turn, register, fill out SO much paper work and took about 45 minutes to admit me. Admit me. Are you serious? Can’t you just check me out and send me on my way?

They had to treat me as if I was in labor. We had to answer questions about epidurals, decide how many visitors we wanted, and basically create our entire birthing plan and then some. I was hesitant to answer because a) I am supposed to have 3 more months to make these decisions and b) I am not having this baby right now!

They actually put me in a wheelchair and rolled me to my room! I have to tell you, this is not at all what Husband and I expected on the drive to the hospital. I had a baby heartbeat monitor on, a contractions monitor and a blood pressure cuff for hours! Considering the situation, and my history, I was still fairly calm. I wasn’t panicking and I only cried on the car ride so I was feeling a little proud of myself…. Then, the blood pressure taking started.

Getting rolled into my room.
Getting rolled into my room.


It was obviously high. I have serious issues with getting my blood pressure taken and hospitals in general. Lucky for me, I got to keep the cuff on and have it automatically taken every 15 minutes. So, as I lay in a hospital bed watching Conan I had to listen to my baby’s fast little heart beating (this is probably soothing for some, but not at all for me), watch the monitors and constantly get worked up over my stupid blood pressure being taken. It was torture. I was oh so close to taking it off, but I acted like a big girl and kept it attached.


I kept it on because I decided at that point to use this time as a positive opportunity. Yes, our night was ruined, supper was left on the stove, I had to cancel my job for the next day and I was feeling frightened, but I was learning so much!  We got fully registered at the hospital, learned exactly what to expect when delivery time does come, got to know some of the very friendly staff and even began to get use to having my blood pressure taken. So I stayed in the bed, allowed the testing and reminded myself that it will just be easier next time around.

Eventually the nurse came back to tell us “False alarm!”. Our baby girl is perfectly healthy and I am perfectly healthy. She told us this was our first false alarm and we should go home and get plenty of rest. I told her it will hopefully be our only false alarm, and I’ll see her again in 3 months.

Whew. The second we were released I realized how hungry I was. Husband and I were both relieved and ready to get home. We ate dinner and fell fast asleep on the couch together at 1 am. It wasn’t exactly a great night, but it could have been much worse. No need to worry or be alarmed. Doctor says I’m perfect and to continue on as normal.

That’s the best news I heard all day.


The Final Haunt

Saturday night we went to one last haunted attraction here in Tennessee. We have been to eight haunted houses this year, but had to squeeze in one more, even if Halloween had already passed. Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to go on a haunted hayride that requires you to shoot zombies with paintball guns?! Not us. We got our friends and drove to Columbia, TN to get a glimpse of what it would be like if The Walking Dead were reality and not just one of the best things on TV right now.

their symbol

MIller’s Thrillers has, unbeknownst to us, been around for 6 years. They have the Zombie Haunted Hayride, the Haunted Woods and an Entertainment Zone. We paid the $30 for all attractions and got in the long line for the hayride first. We had to wait for an hour and a half, which stunk, but wasn’t terrible. For one thing, smoking was not allowed! Yay! The lines for both attractions are in the Entertainment Zone. So, while we were waiting we got to watch their Zombie drum-line, a comedian Zombie, a juggler and an illusionist. Unfortunately, between waiting for the hayride and waiting for the Haunted Woods, we saw the show about 5 times. When things got boring, we played Head’s Up!

entertainment zone

We saw dozens of people playing Head’s Up in line at Halloween Horror Nights a few weeks ago, so we downloaded the app and gave it a try. Turned out to be hilarious, really fun, and a good way to pass the time. You pick a category (like movie titles), put the phone on your head, titles come up and the people around you have to give you hints or act out what is on the screen. If you guess correctly, just flip the phone down and back up and another title comes up. Try it. Everyone in line wanted to play with us or download the app themselves.

heads up

Okay, the hayride was pretty cool. The concept was genius; everyone wants to hurt the scary people in haunted houses and have the chance to shoot a paintball gun without the fear of getting shot in return. The trip began with 20 of us being split into two groups: The Black Ops and Code Red. Everyone is told that their job is to save the town by killing as many zombies as possible. We were then loaded into a trailer lined with 10 guns on each side. Everyone got 75 paintballs (more if you pay extra) and the ride began! It was fun to ride around hunting for scary zombies, but it went by too fast and it would be better if their were about twice as many zombies. We will have to go back next year and see if it improves from year to year.

zombie paintball

Back in line, we drank hot chocolate and took a bunch of ridiculous photos of us squinting into the flash. They all came out horribly…


Stilt people and ballon animal/swords
Stilt people and ballon animal/swords

squinty happy crazy faces

We are all just so photogenic.

The Haunted Woods was the BEST, and I mean THE BEST haunted attraction we went to this year. Monster Mountain was cool, Dead Land Woods was cooler, but Miller’s Thrillers takes the prize. It wasn’t even the scariest, it was just so good in so many ways! First of all, it was long. I think it took us 45 minutes to walk through, (although we did stop for a while when we lost our friend Steve). The trail is amazing. It winds up and down hills, goes through huge natural rocks, swinging bridges and thick trees. It’s so nice that I want to go back and walk through it during the day. The actors and scenes were good and unique too. It was unlike any other haunted house/attraction.

They actually take a photo of you at the beginning of the trails right after the jump out and scare you out of your seats. That's a legit scared face.
They take a photo of you at the beginning of the trails right after they jump out and scare you out of your seats. That’s apparently my scared face.
Zombie dance party!
Zombie dance party!

*Spoiler Alert: The trail led up to a haunted building, which then led to a pitch black tunnel that opened up to a dark maze! We didn’t even realize we were in a maze at first. The maze then dumped us into a dance party room and the entire thing ended in a spinning tunnel full of lights that made all of us almost topple over. It was SO good!

Don’t you want to go???

After 4 hours at Miller’s Thrillers we had everyone over for a backyard bonfire and weenie roast. Thank God the time changed; we needed that extra hour.


It was such a good night. Husband and I felt completely hungover the next day. I, of course, drank nothing, and I’m fairly certain he had one beer. Just goes to show you that we are getting old and staying up all night is starting to take it’s toll! Oh well, it doesn’t seem to slow us down.


Walking With the Walking Dead

horror nights

Our last night in Florida, and the last night of our babymoon, was spent waiting in many long lines and walking with dead. We went to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. The theme this year was The Walking Deadwhich is really appropriate considering it’s everyone’s favorite TV show. Now, I know I have reviewed a couple haunted houses lately, but the Universal house are crazy good. Not necessarily crazy scary, but they are so well put together and professionally done. We’ve been once before, and it was definitely worth returning.


Typically, the park is set up with several Haunted Houses and scare zones. The scare zones are placed on the roads throughout the park and we, the guests, must walk through them to get from attraction to attraction. It’s brilliant really, like all of a sudden you are in the middle of a haunted world when you thought you were just walking to the funnel cake stand. This year, the scare zones were different. Every single zone was a zombie zone, “the undead streets” if you will.


I was unaware of this little change and was caught completely off guard (i.e. totally freaked out) when as soon as we entered the park people started running and before I knew it a very realistic zombie was growling in my face. Keep in mind that this is not your typical neighborhood haunted house, this is Universal so their makeup and costuming is done right. It was fun/terrifying to walk around the park and all of sudden find ourselves in the middle of a scene from The Walking Dead. 



One annual attraction at Horror Nights is a not scary comedy show, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. This show is basically a 45 minute crude humor show that pokes fun and brings up every possible pop culture reference you can think of. It’s funny, but not hilarious…unless you are 14 or very drunk (which most people were).

bill and ted

We were at Horror Nights from open to close (6:30pm-Midnight), we were there past midnight actually, and still only had time for five of the eight haunted houses. The lines were ridiculous. We waited in most for about an hour, some longer. Waiting in line sucked and there’s just no other way to put it. There was no entertainment, which I found shocking. Why can’t they project scary movies while we wait? Or provide games? Or something? Whatever, I know I’d do it again.

The houses have a constant stream of people going through, which would lead one to believe that jumping out and scaring poor innocent guests would be difficult, maybe even impossible. Somehow, Universal found a way to make this work. We (mostly Husband) were scared to the point of screaming as we held each other and inched around every corner. They were experts at popping out when you least expect them and from places were you would never expect. Ugh, if only I could have taken photos!

We walked through The Cabin in the Woods, Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City, An American Werewolf in London, Evil Dead and Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance before we were told we had to leave the park.

Other parts of the park were open too…I couldn’t ride most of the rides, but I did get to check out the new addition to the Simpson’s Land! They have added a very realistic Moe’s, Krusty Burger and more. They serve real Duff beer and a non-alcoholic drink called a “Flaming Moe”.

krusty burgers IMG_20131017_123623 IMG_20131017_123717

By midnight (well by 9pm really) my feet hurt worse than they have ever hurt before. Not that I wasn’t enjoying myself, but I was looking forward to the park closing.  I don’t know when we will be able to return to Horror Nights but this was the 23rd annual year, so maybe the 25th? Only time will tell…


Cheers and Happy Haunting!