Our California Advenutre


Our second and last day at Disneyland was spent in their second park, California Adventure. I had no idea what to expect in this park. Since it was a surprise trip from Husband I had no time to do my normal research. We did a bit of studying the night before and planned to hit the main attractions first. We entered the park through the super special not-so-secret entrance for hotel guests in the Grand Californian and went straight to Paradise Pier.

pier IMG_5110 IMG_5099

California Screamin’, the giant fake wooden roller coaster, was scary, but it was nothing compared to Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  Over half the carts on this Ferris Wheel swing and sway around giants ovals as the wheel turns. It’s hard to explain, but this video will help…

If that didn’t help, then just look at this photo…


We went to Cars Land next, but I have to save this land for it’s own post…it’s just that good!

In Hollywood Land, we were transported back in time to Hollywood’s Golden era, stars roamed the streets and there were shows at every corner. Mickey put on a song and dance on Buena Vista Street and Aladdin had his own “musical spectacular”.

mickey aladdin

I also took a lesson in animation… don’t worry, I’m not about to quit my day job.


For a little more excitement we headed to the Tower of Terror.


Then, chilled out at the Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar. This “cellar” reveals future project that Disney will soon reveal. Currently they are showing the plans, the process, the photos and the models of Fantasyland’s “Fantasy Faire”.


We were able to do everything on our “must-do” list that we had time to play in Grizzly Peak. This wilderness adventure is made up of tree houses, rope bridges, log slides, rock climbing and is definitely meant for children….not 28 year olds. Whatever.


After a romantic dinner at Carthay Circle we went back to Paradise Pier to find our reserved seats for the “World of Color” show. All I knew of this show was that it is a water show with projections, similar to Fantasmic. Before it began, Husband and I wondered if we would even like it. Why would they make another water projection show?

night worldofcolor color

Because this show is unbelievable, that’s why! It was hard to take photos because we did not want to look away for even a second. There were moments where I thought, How is this possible? This is actual magic!.  This show is an absolute must if you visit Disneyland.


We stayed at the park until the gates closed and fell asleep exhausted from two days of parks, 30 hours of walking, but full of hundreds of new Disney memories.

Best surprise ever.