Fun Day Numero Uno

Today was rainy…boo. AND, I had to babysit… double boo. I was still determined to enjoy this first day of the last day of summer so I searched really hard for the silver lining in all of those thick gray clouds.

When the heavy rain began to pour this morning, I decided to use my time inside to try a new curling technique I picked up from Pinterest, via YouTube.

This girl (Karmin) is super pretty, has great hair, is a really good singer, and makes this tutorial look easy. It’s not BTW. It took me at least a half hour to curl my hair with her technique, and by evening it looked like this…


To be fair, it was 110% humidity today.

When babysitting time came, I accidently arrived 20 minutes early, so I stopped for a pick me up at Our Little Brown Chocolate Bakery and Cafe. I love this cute little coffee shop, and I am rarely closer to it than Starbucks, so I took advantage of my proximity and extra time, and ordered a shaken iced pomegranate tea.


While babysitting, in the uber-fancy Upper East Side apartment, I got some time to myself (thanks to nap time). I got to take a minute to enjoy their amazing view that I will forever envy.


I made it to Central Park for about a half hour today and got to walk around with Husband, Zoey, and Belle before meeting Grandma-in-law for dinner.

We ate at the ONLY Burmese restaurant in Manhattan, Café Mingala. It’s the first time I have ever eaten Burmese food, and thanks to our friendly waiter, I learned a lot about Burma. For example, it’s nt longer called “Burma”, it’s now called Myanmar. It also has an amazing site called The Golden Rock, that I am now determined to see up close and in person one day.

This is a mural of the golden rock in the restaurant… looks like a lemon wearing a hat about to roll off a cliff.

The real one.

The Burmese/Myanmar food was delicious, and seemed to be a slight cross between Thai and Indian food. They had lots of vegetarian options, so I am an instant fan.


It’s now 11pm, which means I only have 2 hours left before I have to get in bed at a decent time!


The Daily Bread

Le Pain Quotidien (which means “The daily bread”)is a French bakery started by Alain Coumont (who is actually from Belgium). This bakery/restaurant uses mostly organic and fresh ingredients and environmentally friendly decorations and supplies. Basically, the entire place is good for you, your community, and your world.

It is famous for it’s bread which is made from organic flour, salt, and water, and kneaded by hand, and bake fresh daily. All the yummy yummy pastries, brownies, and croissants are also made fresh every day. They also sale some of their homemade products. You can buy jams, chocolates, granola, and more.

This restaurant has it’s regular tables that sit 2 to 4 people, but they really prefer that you sit at the long communal table found in the center of each restaurant. The owner of this restaurant wants us to feel like a community, even in the big city. You are encouraged to sit next to a stranger, meet someone new, or read one of the books found int he middle of the table.

Lucky for me this restaurant can be found exactly one block away from my apartment. And MUCH too my surprise…it can also be found all over NYC, and several other big cities. I just discovered yesterday that this place is a pretty popular chain. I really thought we were SO VERY LUCKY to have this quaint little French bakery right in our neighborhood. I guess we are still lucky, but so are lots of other people!

During my future in-laws visit we ate here twice, because once is just not enough.

Iced coffee, wheat grass spritzer, and mint lemonade
The Menu's, the "bread time" stories, and the jams
Gazpacho, mini-tarts, turkey tartine, avocado and chickpea tartine
split pea soup, sweat pea hummus tartine, and an iced latte

Before I go, I should also mention that the servers here are very friendly. Our poor waitress had to put up with a repulsive woman next to us who continuously yelled at her, complained to a manager because she accidently dropped one of our tiny cups of dipping sauce, and was the most disrespectful customer I have ever seen, and the waitress still served her with a smile. I think I was more upset than the waitress.

That’s all for now, maybe we can meet one day for lunch at the communal table?