The Story of My Rings

After I left Albania, I stopped writing my former blog “Adventures of a Teacher”. (It’s no longer available thanks to iWeb shutting down). I quit writing for a while and created “Positively Panicked 9 months later. During that hiatus we got engaged, moved to NYC, got new jobs and took the city by storm. There are many things I regret not writing about during that time, one being the story of my ring.

I LOVE this story. It’s romantic, unique, adventurous and centers around me! Husband is a special special man. I don’t brag on him enough. He may leave his dirty laundry on the floor and play too many video games, but he has so many other qualities that makes me swoon. Besides being hilarious, handsome and smart, he is incredibly thoughtful.

While living in Albania, he spent months secretly designing my engagement ring with the help of his sister. The diamond in the middle is from his Great Grandmother’s pendant. He designed the ring and added a secret special touch using yellow diamonds (my favorite color) on the inside of the band.

diamond mickey

The ring was only half the presentation during the proposal. It came in the most beautiful little box. Turns out that Husband’s Dad made the box himself!

Husband found a pretty box on display while we were visiting the Vatican in Rome with my Mom. He spent FOREVER snapping a billion photos of this little box, which I basically ignored. He then sent the photos to his Dad who made a tiny replica of the box using ivory and brass. I wish I could find the photos of the box in the Vatican, but I can’t so you will have to take my word for it. It is identical. My father-in-law is a magician who can magically create anything we desire. I don’t know how he does it.

front side theback

How could I ever say no to this???
How could I ever say no to this???

Then, there is the wedding band. This was another surprise. I didn’t get to see the band until he placed on my finger after I said “I do”. When Husband explained the band to me after the ceremony I was in shock. I still don’t know how he came up with such a sweet idea or how he pulled it off. Husband asked all the remarkable women in my life (Mom, Mom-in-law, both Grandmothers, both Grandmother-in-laws) for a stone from one piece of their jewelry. He then had the stones set in a band. Now, I have a piece of each of these special women forever and always with me. I get teary-eyed as a I type this. I lost all but one of my Grandparents and having this piece of jewelry is the best gift I could never even imagine.


Both rings
Both rings

That’s right, I am one lucky lady…almost as lucky as Husband.