It’s Wednesday, also known as #wcw, and for those of you not in the know (or who don’t spend too much time figuring out hashtags on social media), that’s “Woman crush Wednesday”. It’s the day when fellow Facebookers, Tweeters and Instagrammers share photos of women they think are hot or whom they admire. Today,  a friend of mine posted a photo of herself, and I thought it was the most inspiring #wcw ever.

She mentioned everything she loved about herself (faults and all). Honestly, as I read her description of her #wcw I had trouble believing it was her because she was saying such nice things… and since when do us women say such nice things about ourselves? Then, she said this…

Here’s the thing ladies: none of us love every part of ourselves, but it’s the imperfections in our reflections that show the life we’ve lived so far….

The brave thing to do is to own who you are; to stand up and not only know your worth, but to demand other people to know it, too. Own it. Walk in confidence. Love yourself. – Krystin Behannon

(Hope you don’t mind me sharing your beautiful words with the world Krystin!)

I thought about her post all day… as I drove, as I rocked Luna through her fever, while I did burpees, when I ate chips and salsa for dinner and when I looked in the mirror at my wild eyebrows. Throughout the day I wondered, what do I like about myself? I made mental lists, and I’ve got to say, it felt good. In fact, it felt great to focus on what I love about myself as opposed to constantly dwelling on all of my many imperfections.

So, today, my #wcw is the badass chick who writes this kickass blog.

green eyes

She is fierce. At 30 years old, she is the strongest she has ever been and loves her body (deformed belly button and all). I love her toned legs, ability to finish a race and to backpack through many countries…because this girl lives for adventure.  She loves deeply and has the biggest heart for children. I love her ability to connect with kids, make learning fun and to quiet a classroom with one serious look. I love her crazy braids, chipped nails (always) quirky earrings and tiny ears. I love that she is either in heels or barefoot, drinks too much coffee, loves all things Disney, dances from room-to-room and sings Taylor Swift everyday to her daughter (off-key). I love her caring heart, her appreciation for everyday, her sensitivity to others and the fact that she still believes in writing letters.  She is not perfect, but she loves herself.

wpid-img_6854.jpg aztec me and luna

Woop, woop! Still working out! It's not easy, but it's worth it!


A rooftop bar is totally legal.

admiring meoutside me


Do me (and yourself) a favor and make a list of why you are your own crush today.

Does a mind wonders.


Thank You for Being a Friend

company quote

Over the last week I have had some serious quality time with friends, friends of which I rarely get to spend any time. I spent a week with my great friend from Nebraska, who I met while teaching together in Albania. I visited many old friends from a previous teaching job. Had dinner with one of the best women/teachers I know. Also, I had a wonderful phone conversation with a friend in New York.

Besides these get-togethers, I’ve been chatting away with my favorite ladies in Texas. Everyone seems to have wonderful news lately, we have already made plans to see each other soon and one just had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!

Last night, I lay in bed with a migraine thinking about what I would write if only I could bare to hold my eyes open and look at a computer screen. (Thanks pregnancy hormones!) All I could think about was how very lucky I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people. How did I get so lucky in the friend department?

Growing up, my parents often reminded me that “I am the company that I keep” and that “my friends are a reflection of who I am”. At the time, I thought “okay, whatever…” I knew there was no way my friends could determine who I am. I can be whoever and whatever I want, no matter who I hang around, right?

Wrong. Like many other things, I’ve grown up to learn that my parents were absolutely right. Lucky for me, my friends in high school were legitimately awesome and are still my best friends. We have overcome so much together, are always there for each other, and aren’t afraid to tell one another when we are about to make a huge mistake. However, I haven’t always chosen wisely.

Looking back, I have had random friends over the years that absolutely had a negative impact on my life. I’m a strong-willed person, but while spending time with certain groups I could hear and see myself change. The words I spoke, my attitude, my work ethic and even my outlook on life were all altered when I spent too much time with these random friends.

I like to think that my positive demeanor and go-getter attitude will be the stronger of the personalities, but that’s rarely the case.  In fact, my tendencies to work hard and be optimistic most likely stems from the fact that many of my closest friends are hard-working and optimistic amazing people.

I have so much respect and appreciation for the friends in my life and am so grateful that they have helped mold me into who I am now.  Without realizing, I managed to choose wisely when choosing my friends over the years. Now, I just need to figure out a way to get all my friends together in one place to meet one another.


Thanks, friends.


Breakfast on Broadway


I love Audrey Hepburn. I just searched my blog and I have mentioned her in 7 posts. My adoration of her lead me to Breakfast at Tiffanys, which developed another love. I don’t know what it is about Holly Golightly that has me so entranced, but gee, I just can’t get enough of her, her weird accent or her crazy life. I’ve seen the movie numerous times and always discover a line I hadn’t heard before when I re-watch it. When I finally read the book last year, I  loved the story even more. Then, I became a Truman Capote fan.


About 6 months ago I learned that Breakfast at Tiffany’s was coming to Broadway and I jumped out of my chair with joy! I mean, I realized I wouldn’t see Audrey performing on stage, but seeing the story brought to life on stage is something I CANNOT miss. Then, I found out that Emilia Clarke is playing Holly! If you don’t know her then you must not watch Game of Thrones.  She plays THE khaleesi, her character is Daenerys Targaryen and she is awesome!!! It’s hard to imagine her as Miss Golightly, but she manages to pull it off.



Now, because I’m honest I have to say I did not love the play. It was good, it was accurate and I would see it again because I can’t get enough of this story apparently, but I don’t think everyone would like it. The storyline is hard to follow in the movie, but it’s more confusing on stage. Also, Holly’s character has a confusing accent, which I think Emilia imitates mostly well, but she adds an extra twang to it that make it even more difficult to understand. If you don’t know the story I imagine it would be difficult to keep up with the play.

I’m still so so happy I got to see the play because it closes THIS Sunday. I went home feeling fancy and having a sudden urge to wear pearls and dark shades, but instead of dressing up for myself at midnight, I stayed up re-reading parts of Audrey’s biography. Here are a few of my favorite Audrey quotes….

audrey2 audreyquote1


Alright, are you sick of me and Audrey yet? Enjoy your weekend everyone. I’ll be spending mine squeezing my nephew for the first time and possibly never letting him go!