Get Kidz Fit

Get Kidz Fit

It’s finally here! Today, a good friend of mine (aka my former boss) and I are starting a new website/blog. Chris, my partner in this project, is a former professional gymnast who now directs a gym in Manhattan where he trains kids from ages 18 months-14 years. He is an awesome Dad, super active, an incredible teacher/coach, the best boss I’ve ever had, and seriously knows his stuff. When I left NYC, we knew we’d eventually work together again, and have now found our opportunity.

Between the two of us we have many years of working with children and families in various educational settings and each have a serious passion for keeping kids fit and active. Over the summer, Chris approached me with the idea of starting a website to encourage families, especially ones with young children, to get active. I loved the idea and we decided that our focus is to reach out to families around the world and help them find ways to start healthy habits for their children from the very start.

We are staring with a blog to tell our own stories, give advice and to educate everyone on the importance of getting kids fit. Our goal is to expand to a website where we can offer skills and exercises for specific ages, plans for certain disabilities or weaknesses, meal plans and recipes for kids and a support system for families.

Our site is called Get Kidz Fit. Check us out, send us your feedback, questions and advice because we’d love to hear it all! We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so be sure to look us up.

I’m so excited about this new project! Wish us luck!


DIY Painted Nightstand

DIY painted dresser

When we decided to buy a house in Tennessee, many of Husbands relatives began calling us begging to take some old/vintage furniture off their hands. Husband comes from a family of hoarders collectors. If we ever need anything, and I mean anything, someone in the family has it. Whip-o-matic? Conductor’s hat? Carousel horse?  Giant stuffed penguin? Soda dispenser? Claw foot tub on wheels? A revolutionary war sword? An Academy made of chocolate?They got it!

So, a big empty house for us meant a place to share some of their extra furniture for them. We are incredibly lucky to be given some of these vintage pieces, but much of what was given to us needed lots of TLC. Some pieces needed to be cleaned, refinished and repaired, while others just needed to be completely redone.

His Grandmother gave us an old small dresser that was the exact size I wanted for my nightstand. The only problem was the color, lime green. I’ve never refurbished anything before, but everyone on Pinterest makes it look so easy so I decided now’s the time to give it a shot.


This little dresser turned out to be an easy first DIY project. Here’s what I did.

-Removed handles

-Sanded every surface

-Cleaned the surface


-Painted again.

-Replace handles


finishd project

Easy as that!

It looks perfect next to my bed and was a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. The whole ordeal inspired me to attempt some more Pinterest DIY projects. I’ll be sharing those soon!

before after