First Swim

first swim

It’s summer time!!! Summer is my favorite season. I love hot weather, the beach, swimming, snocones, tans, bare-feet, tank-tops, shorts and the natural blonde streaks that appear in my hair. If it were up to me I’d live on a beach somewhere near the equator and have summer year round. Summer is also the season when we do the most traveling, hiking, rock-climbing, kayaking, swimming and whatever other crazy adventures we can plan. This summer is extra special because it’s Luna’s first summer, which means lots of other firsts too….like her first swim.

SUCH a diva

Last weekend we took Luna to the city pool with her Grandparents and you know I had the perfect pool outfit and accessories for the occasion.

geting in

Luna loves bath time, but I didn’t know if a pool would bring the same joy. After all, her bath is warm and in a sink with only her Dad and I there. The city pool is slightly different. She didn’t look exactly thrilled in the big cold pool with a hundred other people around her, but she didn’t get upset either. I think it was a success.

first dip

After a short swim, lunch and a nap time, the baby pool was empty and calling our names. The life guard was nice enough to let us drag the large umbrella that was meant to cover him into the shallow pool to keep us shaded. Luna is too young for sunscreen so I didn’t want her in the sun for very long. The water in the baby pool was warm and the big umbrella kept us protected from the sun. It was perfect.


straight up chillin'
straight up chillin’

Luna definitely enjoyed her time in the private baby pool. Can’t wait to take her swimming again!

happy sunglasses