Baby’s First Waterfall

Ready for our first hike to Cummins Falls!
Ready for our first hike to Cummins Falls!

After Luna had her first swim last weekend we figured we might as well take the next step and take her on her first hike/visit to a waterfall. Last summer we discovered Cummins Falls, one of the US’s top ten swimming holes, when my friend Sara came to visit. Ever since that day we have been itching to go back.

20140601_102925 20140601_111420

I was a little concerned about the slippery, winding, wet and rocky hike with a baby, but I carried her in the Ergo carrier for most of the hike and when she got tired of it Husband carried her. It turned out to be very doable and while I couldn’t be quite as adventurous this time around, I was happy to be sitting with friends, holding my baby and watching the beautiful waterfall. Even Belle had a good time running through the water, chasing sticks and barking at every stranger we passed.

20140601_111825 20140601_124901

I still got a chance to swim and walk behind the waterfall while Luna napped with her Grand-dude, but Husband really got to explore and climb around the big rocks surrounding the falls. Most of the afternoon, I relaxed with my friend Donna on a large rock set in the side of the hill. We brought tons of snacks and had plenty to talk about as “the boys” did every dangerous thing they could think of. The swimming hole was unbelievably crowded! Apparently word has spread about the beautiful falls and excellent swimming hole. The dozens of people sitting on rocks, eating packed lunches and taking dips in the water made it seem more like a day at the beach.

20140601_133740 20140601_123829

Miss Luna didn’t get to play in the waterfall, but I did let her sit in the cool water for a bit.


2014060195112658 20140601_122833

I absolutely love all of the beautiful scenic places to visit in Tennessee, and I cannot wait for the many more adventures that summer holds!



Family Picnic

Funny story… while berry picking last weekend a friend of mine noticed a band around Luna’s toe. We thought a small string or hair got tangled around her toe, squeezing it very tightly and we spent a good two hours trying to get it off. We poked, pulled and prodded my poor baby’s toe and could never get a hold of whatever was tied tight around the middle of her toe. It didn’t take long for me to work myself into a frenzy and imagine Luna needing her toe amputated. We decided to call our plastic surgeon friend and he was kind enough to meet us at his office on a Sunday to take a look at her toe under some microscopic lenses. However, the second he looked at her toe he calmly said, “Oh, that’s just a restriction band she was born with it and it’s no big deal. There’s nothing tied around her toe. Seriously, nothing.”

“Um, could you look at it again…just to be sure.”

Talk about “Mom of the year”. The child is 4 months old and I never noticed this so-called restriction band. I was honestly hoping he’d find a hair around her toe just to save face. Whatever, I’m blaming it on sleep deprivation.

After our strawberry picking/plastic surgeon extravaganza we headed to the park for Luna’s first picnic. We were given a super cute picnic basket a couple of years ago and we finally put it to use. We laid out our blanket, took over a picnic table and relaxed because that’s what Sundays are all about, right?

picnic luna

We have taken Luna on walks around the park numerous times, but this was her first time to actually get out of her carseat/stroller. There’s a nice playground in the middle of the park and I just had to see if she would fit into one of the “baby swings”.

first swing

She is definitely too small to fit in the swing appropriately, and I’m not sure if she enjoyed it, but we still captured the moment on camera because it is a “first” after all. After her few minutes in a swing, we went back to our regular walks in the stroller.


Sundays seem to be the best day of every week. I love spending quality downtime with our family and friends…especially during summer. Bring on the pool, beach trips and weekend getaways!



Fireworks on the Hudson

This week was our nation’s Birthday, which, to me, means another reason to celebrate. YOU KNOW I love celebrating for any reason, and tend to be a pretty festive person. Besides dressing in costume for basically every holiday, I also like being a part of something BIG…like New Year’s Eve in Time Square, or the Macy’s Day parade. I know I won’t live in Manhattan forever so I take advantage of whatever the city has to offer now.



Dealing with these enormous crowds is always frustrating, and sometimes scary, but it’s also part of the fun!

So, a few days ago, I realized that July 4th was only 48 hours a way, and husband and I had no plans. I quickly got online to research “stuff to do in NYC on the 4th” and discovered that Manhattan actually has the biggest fireworks show in the states! I called up a couple of friends, and made plans to head downtown for a full afternoon of picnics, adult lemonade, and fireworks. Then, I immediately started planning my head-to-toe red, white, and blue ensemble for the day.

Husband and I made sandwiches and the “adult lemonade” for our picnic. The lemonade was AMAZING. Here’s how we did it.

– make homemade lemonade: sugar, water, lemons…just google it.

-a whole pack of fresh strawberries

-a bag of frozen raspberries

-the rest of the tequila left in our freezer

-Throw it all in the blender, and VOILA! Grown-up Lemonade!

We got to the Chelsea Piers area (prime location for fireworks) at 5pm…BTW the fireworks were not scheduled to start until 9:20pm. Being 4 1/2 hours early still involved us having to walk past several blocked of entrances due to overcrowding. We still ended up directly in the middle of where the fireworks would be viewed. unfortunately, “prime fireworks viewing” meant the middle of 12th avenue. Literally, the middle of the street. We, along with a million other people, were seated on hot asphalt in order to have the “best seats” for the fireworks.



I brought a sheet for all of us to sit on, but it was still comparable to sitting on top of an oven. Thank God we had refreshing “lemonade” to keep us cool.



The four hours went by pretty quickly as we ate, drank, played with Belle, and chatted with the people around us. Before we knew it, the biggest fireworks show I’d ever seen had started.

And, Belle, went ballistic…. or shall I say Belle-istic.

I KNOW that Belle hates fireworks, but Husband insisted that we bring her, and that she’d feel safer with us rather than stuck at home, scared.



I spent the entire 26 minute fireworks production like this…


trying to keep her ears covered


Even with Belle trying to bite and claw her way through me, I still managed to appreciate the show. It really was spectacular. I have never seen such a big production. As we watched we could hear Katy Perry and Kenny Chesney belting out American classics on the Macy’s stage a couple blocks down from us. It was just lovely.


Happy 4th of July Y’all! (Better late than never, right?)