Sorry iPhone, But You Lose

I recently got a new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Normally, I could care less what kind of phone anyone has and I certainly wouldn’t blog about my cell phone, but OMG this new phone is freakin’ AWESOME!

When my 2 year contract was up at Verizon, I was pretty excited to update my old iPhone 4. It’s been slowing down and doesn’t even get reception at our new house. I went in fully expecting to continue being a yuppy and collecting apple products. On a whim, I decided to look around a bit and began playing with the new Samsung Galaxys. I was immediately impressed with camera quality. I was also surprised that I could easily use the phone. (After using Apple products for so long, it’s often difficult to us PC’s or Androids.)

I began feeling guilty for flirting with another brand so I decided to talk to a rep about why I should NOT switch phones. I even googled all the reasons why moving from an iPhone to an Android would be terrible. The worst response I got was that I might miss the simplicity and ease of the iPhone.

After about an hour of debating, googling and testing phones I thought “what the hell, be a rebel” and purchased the Samsung. (Not without making sure I could return it if I decided I hated it.)

This new phone does all kinds of really cool tricks (hovering your finger to read text, waving your hand to answer calls, open multiple windows, blah blah blah), but the best feature is the camera!

You can do the craziest tricks with the different photo modes…like take multiple pics of a group of people, then select the best faces for each person! We had a really good time playing with the different modes during our recent vacation to Hilton Head.

We learned to take a photo using the both the lens on the front and back of the camera at the same time…

Sorry, the quality is poor. We were sitting in a restaurant.
Sorry, the quality is poor. We were sitting in a restaurant.

We used the “drama” mode to catch moving objects…



View from our balcony
View from our balcony

There are lots of other modes and tricks, but our favorite to play with was by far the “animated photo”. You can actually select parts of the photo you want to move and parts that you want to freeze. It’s basically a super easy way to create your own gif, and be really silly.

Here are my favorites from the week…

silly noodle arm dancing

Baby jellyfish in a wine glass
Baby jellyfish in a wine glass

zoey winking

I LOVE this one
I LOVE this one

the waves

I still feel slightly guilty for abandoning the iPhone, but it just doesn’t satisfy me like it used to.


P.S. If the videos don’t work, try clicking on them. They’re worth watching!