Easter + Passover = A Really Great Weekend

This weekend was Passover and Easter and it was such a nice weekend. It was full of food, friends, family, sunshine and spring-colored outfits. We did a lot of relaxing and spending quality time with people we love, and basically no time being productive. It was lovely.



Passover was at a friend’s house who always host the most delicious and fancy Passover dinner. There’s wine, matzoh ball soup, charoses, yummy veggies and lots of decadent desserts. It was one of those rush around like crazy in the rain kind of days so we forgot to take one single photo. No worries, I made sure to make up for the lack of photos on Easter!

Easter basket! (She was way more excited about the fake Easter grass.)
Easter basket! (She was way more excited about the fake Easter grass.)



We hosted Easter brunch at our house for the second year.  It was a potluck meal with about 16 people and SO MUCH FOOD. I attempted making eggs inside of hashbrown baskets. They were a little overdone, but they looked really nice.



Luna had the time of her life. She skipped her morning nap and ran all over the yard climbing everything in sight instead.

smile fall down eggs climb


We spent the afternoon playing with plastic eggs at the park. We really couldn’t have had a better Easter. Unless, of course, our Texas family were with us.


Hope you all had a great weekend full of nice spring weather, love and mimosas!


Happy Passover!

I have been in Nashville for a little over 36 hours and right now, at 1am, is the first moment I have had to even look at my computer. I have had dinners, visits, family time and some other big BIG stuff happening. That’s right, there are possibly big things happening for us that I am not quite ready to share… could I be more vague? Sorry, but you’ll just have to wait for that news.

Tonight I celebrated Passover with my in-laws and many friends of the family. Celebrating a Jewish holiday when you aren’t Jewish is similar to going to a Catholic church when you aren’t Catholic. There are many traditions, movements and prayers that you won’t know and if you are like me will feel a little anxious that everyone around you is watching to see if you make a fool of yourself. BUT, the best thing about Passover is that everyone drinks so much wine no one could possibly notice that you just made up your own gibberish while pretending to sing in Hebrew.

I LOVE going to any sort of holiday celebration, and I especially love the Jewish celebrations with my in-laws. Everyone is super nice and talks to me like I’m someone special that they adore. The food is always incredible. The wine is endless. The dessert is way too much. I get to finish my meal with a cup of coffee, and I enjoy learning about Judaism and hearing people sing off-key in Hebrew.

I want to write so many details and attach pictures, but my in-laws internet connection is slow as molasses so I’m going to quickly summarize the highlights of the night.

-I got to borrow my Mother-in-law’s beautiful jewelry and feel fancy all night.

-While reading about the plagues out of Exodus someone threw toy frogs, snakes and spiders all over the table.

-My father-in-law poured extra wine into my glass every 15 minutes, and nudged me when it was time to sneak some extra sips in between prayers.

-While reading about Elijah the prophet visiting each home there was an actual knock on the door and “Elijah” came barreling through scaring the bejesus out of everyone at the table.

-I got to eat lots and lots of matzoh, which I love.

After dinner, I came home to find Husband who has just joined me from Boston, yay! Now, I have two days left to visit some dear friends and work on some un-finished business.

Cheers and Happy Passover!