DIY Chevron Table

I completed yet another Pinterest project and I must say, I am pretty darn impressed with myself. It is like pulling teeth to force myself to actually start a crafty project, but once I am going there’s no slowing down. I’m practically Martha Stewart and Super Woman rolled up into one nice package…modest too.

Here’s my latest project….

finished table

Looks good, right? Just don’t look too close. The yellow stripes smeared a bit, but you can only tell if you are sitting at the table looking for mistakes, so who cares?

I got this old iron table from my in-law’s storage. It was white at one point, but mostly dirt and rust when I rescued it. Here’s how I refurbished this cute café table.


-First I sanded every bit of metal.

There was A LOT of rust
There was A LOT of rust

-Once everything was smooth I washed off all the dust and dirt.

-Then I taped off the seats and covered them in plastic bags to keep them from getting sprayed with paint.


-Next, I spray painted everything white.

-Here’s the trickiest part. I used painters taper to create chevron stripes. This was by far the longest and most taxing step.

Green looks really good too...I was tempted to just leave the tape and call it a day.
Green looks really good too…I was tempted to just leave the tape and call it a day.

-Finally, I spray painted the top of the table yellow (my favorite color).

spray paint

-After the yellow was (mostly) dry, I removed the tape to reveal my pretty yellow stripes….which leaked out from under the tape and smeared in a few areas. So, if you try this either a)make sure your tape is pressed down really well. b) Use something other than painter’s tape, or c) expect some smudges and smears.


What do you think?

reveal party

Not sure what my next Pinterest project will be, but I’m hoping it’s something for the nursery!


DIY Painted Nightstand

DIY painted dresser

When we decided to buy a house in Tennessee, many of Husbands relatives began calling us begging to take some old/vintage furniture off their hands. Husband comes from a family of hoarders collectors. If we ever need anything, and I mean anything, someone in the family has it. Whip-o-matic? Conductor’s hat? Carousel horse?  Giant stuffed penguin? Soda dispenser? Claw foot tub on wheels? A revolutionary war sword? An Academy made of chocolate?They got it!

So, a big empty house for us meant a place to share some of their extra furniture for them. We are incredibly lucky to be given some of these vintage pieces, but much of what was given to us needed lots of TLC. Some pieces needed to be cleaned, refinished and repaired, while others just needed to be completely redone.

His Grandmother gave us an old small dresser that was the exact size I wanted for my nightstand. The only problem was the color, lime green. I’ve never refurbished anything before, but everyone on Pinterest makes it look so easy so I decided now’s the time to give it a shot.


This little dresser turned out to be an easy first DIY project. Here’s what I did.

-Removed handles

-Sanded every surface

-Cleaned the surface


-Painted again.

-Replace handles


finishd project

Easy as that!

It looks perfect next to my bed and was a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing a new one. The whole ordeal inspired me to attempt some more Pinterest DIY projects. I’ll be sharing those soon!

before after


Project Dream Home: Master Bedroom

The first room we will focus on in our new home is our bedroom. We agreed that having a nice place to sleep and relax was most important, especially since we will be working on the rest of the house all day. Like, the living room and dining room, I want our bedroom to feel cozy and comfortable. I want to be able to relax and fall onto a giant white cloud to fall asleep.

This is a pic of our room before it belonged to us.(Yes, the entire house was full of animal print decorations.) Anyhow, there is a long entryway to the room, there are patio doors to the right that open up to a private deck and the entrance to the master bathroom is on the left. There is also a row of windows above the patio doors, lots of sunlight!

master bedroom

The first goal is to change the color! I don’t even think I can sleep in a room so brown. Here’ the color scheme I chose.


I’ve already ordered a white fluffy and ruffly comforter from Joss and Main, but I can’t find a photo of it. Joss and Main is one of those “flash sale” sites with lots of incredible pieces for the home (Thanks Kali!). It looks a little like this one from Anthropologie…I think, I can hardly remember now!


My father-in-law is the most talented craftsmen ever, and sometimes, when I’m really sweet, I can convince him to build me something fabulous. Husband has learned a lot from his Dad’s craftsmen skills too. With the two of them, I am certain to get some beautiful furniture created for our new home. My first project for them is a headboard.


I LOVE this natural looking carved headboard, but my father-in-law is actually upset because it’s too easy and simple. Oh well, he can do easy things too.

There are so many excellent ideas for a master bedroom on Pinterest! I’ll try to narrow down my board and share my favorite ideas with you.

In this one, I love the bench at the end of the bed, the lamps and the bedside dresser.


Then there’s this romantic room. The chandelier, the wooden dresser, the big white chair and the neutral colors are so peaceful.


In this next one I really like the bright pop of color. The lamps are really nice and I especially like the French doors. One day I will change our sliding patio doors to French doors.


This cute little room has a great shaggy rug and I like the idea of keeping a dresser at the end of the bed instead of against the wall.

dresser@endofbed &chandelier

One thing I want the most is an occasional table that slides over the bed. I am ALWAYS doing work in bed. I work on my laptop, watch TV, read, eat and whatever else is possible. Wouldn’t it be perfect to work on this table then just roll it to the end of the bed when it’s time to sleep or get up in the morning?

occasional table

I’ve found lots of cute night-stands on Pinterest too, that I think they can be created inexpensively. My idea is to get a couple used stands, sand them, paint them and create my own beautiful refurbished nightstand.


Only 3 more days until I join Husband in our new home and can finally start all of the many many projects I’ve planned!


Project Dream Home: Dining Room

I mentioned in  the last “project dream home” post that our living room and dining room open into each other. The entire second floor is an open floor plan. This will give you an idea…

PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT our furniture...heavens no.
PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT our furniture…heavens no.

Because the plan is so open we will use the same color scheme throughout these rooms.

for all of 2nd floor


There are 2 decks that come off the dining room which means lots of sunlight (yay!). The dining room is enormous, way bigger than the actual kitchen, which is not ideal. Eventually we would love to expand the kitchen into the dining room so we can have more counter space, but until then we must work with what we have. Here’s another view of the dining room. I love the large white cabinets at the end of the room, just not quite sure what to use them for…



CanNOT wait to paint this room! Here’s one more photo with a different angle…

all walls seafoam? coordinate with living room champagne?


I have no clue what to do in this room because we are so not formal dining room people. When buying a home I imagined we’d get one with a cozy kitchen nook like this:

breakfast nook


However, we do have people over very often, so I have no doubts that we will use this room a lot. I just need a way to make it look more like us; casual, fun and comfortable. Of course, I still want a giant chandelier to pretty it up.

I like the idea of mismatched chairs too. I always loved that Monica had mismatched chairs in her kitchen on FriendsIt looks like the kind of house you can visit, put your elbows on the table, accidentally spill your wine and not worry about using the wrong fork.

good.colors.good with living room mismatchedchairs more.mismatched

I have seen lots of coffee bar ideas on Pinterest that I love, and it’s obvious that my house will need one of these.

part.of.whitecabinets in dining room turned into coffee bar

Haven’t decided where it will go yet, but I will need this picture next to it…



What do you think? mismatched, informal and cozy? Or no?