With just one week left in this Big Apple I am going to squeeze in as many “New York” reviews as possible. I have the opportunity to review a few more shows before I become a Southern gal again, and you better believe I’m jumpin’ on em’. My most recent night of entertainment was spent with Zoey at the crazy Off-Broadway show, Fuerzabruta!



When we arrived, I honestly I had no clue what this show was about. I was shocked when I looked at my tickets and saw the words “standing space”…as in no seats. We clamored into a large room with about 70 other people all huddled in the middle of the room. There were bright lights, tons of fog and no sign of a stage. Before the performance began, a loud voice came over a loudspeaker to announce that we must move when asked, no sitting is allowed, but we are free to take as many photos and videos as we want! I’ve never been to a show that encouraged photography so I was only equipped with my iPhone. Boo.



Fuerzabruta means “brute force” in Spanish, and that’s pretty much the only thing I know about the meaning of this show. While watching the performance I found myself thinking, “How the hell am I going to describe this? I have no clue what is happening!” When the show began there was a man in a white coat running on what can only be described as a giant treadmill, he was shot at one point, the walls turned to giant sheets of foil and their were two women dancing and flipping sideways down the wall as rave-like music played and the room filled up with smoke. Zoey and I began wishing we arrived early enough to buy a cocktail…or two…and perhaps taken a Xanax. (I typically don’t believe in arriving anywhere early.)

We tried to stick to the outside of the crowd, but we were quickly attacked by the giant flowing foil wall.
We tried to stick to the outside of the crowd, but we were quickly attacked by the giant flowing foil wall.

Ten minutes in, I wanted to curl into a ball and close my eyes. However, every few minutes it got a bit better. The gunshots stopped, the wall dancing went away and I was able to focus on some fun dancers in front of me. There were performers walking through the audience grabbing random audience members (me included!). From this point, the show just got better and better.


As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find a storyline to follow. The treadmill scenes reminded me of the phrase “being stuck on the conveyor belt”, but other than that, nothing. It was just a big production with wild dance scenes, acrobats and swimming on the ceiling.

*stole this photo*
*stole this photo*

That’s right, at one point the ceiling transformed to a thin clear plastic floor with a very shallow pool of water. The women performers then performed a wet and wild routine of dancing, sliding and jumping around in the water as the floor tilted from side to side, forcing them to slide around the floor/ceiling. The thin floor was also able to lower itself to just a few inches above our heads! We could actually touch the floor and feel the dancers. They began recklessly running over us and body slamming into the floor causing uproars of applause and lots of oohs and awws.

There was a middle-age woman behind me, who kept insisting she was hallucinating…”This can’t be real! I swear I’m really hallucinating this!”

closeup touchingceiling


It was an amazing sight, but I found myself feeling envious that I couldn’t join them. Imagine being ten years old and watching your friends slip-and-slide from the other side of a gate, barely out of reach. I wanted to play with them so badly! I attempted to get some videos, but missed the best scenes because I never wanted to look away.

Once the show was over, and the performers took their final bow, the party started. They made us clear a circle in the middle of the floor and then it began raining from the ceiling! They stood in the rain for a second, then began encouraging everyone to join them and dance! The DJ went nuts and everyone began having a dance party! It was awesome. We didn’t partake in the rain because it was only 8pm and we had places to be and still look presentable, but I’d love to go back and dance the night away!



I suggest seeing this show with a group of fun girlfriends or with a fun date, someone willing to dance in the rain and have a good time!