Hiking and Autumn Leaves

Over the weekend Husband and I decided we had to go on a hike. The leaves here, in Tennessee, are in their prime. I can’t go anywhere without wanting to pull over and take pictures. I grew up in Southeast Texas where we have two seasons…summer and not-so-summery. During the winter the leaves go from green to brown and instantly fall leaving dead looking trees and no snow to liven them up. When I was young I dreamt of traveling to places where leaves actually change colors and now I just can’t get over it. It’s soooo pretty!

I made Husband pull over as we drove to the hiking trail so I could snap a photo.
I made Husband pull over as we drove to the hiking trail so I could snap a photo.

We are lucky enough to live near lots of beautiful hiking trails and decided to try the Garrison Creek Trail, which is only 15 minutes from our house and in Leiper’s Fork. Leiper’s Fork, a historic rural village is basically across the street from us. This old adorable town is located on the Natchez Trace, which is a National Park Service Unit, and is GORGEOUS!  It is impossible to drive down the Natchez Trace and not see tourists, photographers and hikers exploring and taking photos, and we were right there with them.

natchez trace

The "lookout" onto Leiper's Fork Bridge on the Natchez Tree.
The “lookout” onto Leiper’s Fork Bridge on the Natchez Tree.

me and belle

View from the Leiper's Fork Bridge.
View from the Leiper’s Fork Bridge.

We hike through the woods on an almost invisible trail. The storm the night before left the trails covered in dead leaves and mud so we were mostly guessing where we were hiking. The hike lasted for maybe an hour. It was really nice and beautiful, but HOLY COW, I was exhausted! I am still doing Insanity so I thought I was in decent shape, but the uphill sections of the trails left me out of breath and needing a break. Husband had to actually help me at one point.

walking me and pete 25 weeks

I may have been worn out, but I still enjoyed the hike. Belle was the happiest little dog. She got to run around chasing sticks without a leash, and so did Husband. Sometimes, we just walked quietly in awe of the fall colors around us.

model dog husband hiking sunshine dog

We headed back before the sun went down because otherwise we never would have made it back to our car. Even in the sunlight we almost got lost. I’m glad we got in a hike now, before it gets dark at 5 o’clock and the it’s too cold to enjoy it. What are the chances the rest of November will be this nice?

camo belle leaves between

Happy Hiking!


Birthday Month Has Officially Begun

Today marks the beginning of a very important celebration. Today, the first of November, is the first day of Birthday Month. My Birthday Month to be exact. I am a big believer in celebrating, and an even bigger believer and celebrating Me. Now, I know that you are all very concerned about how to celebrate Birthday Month, but do not fear, the Birthday Girl is here.

I will be 29 this year, so I think it’s only fitting that you have 29 ways to celebrate. Feel free to mix them up, add your own, do more than one a day, dress up and celebrate!

1. Eat A LOT of Mexican food. Guacamole and Tacos should be at the top of your list.

2. Go to Disney World. Take a pic in front of Cinderella’s castle and tell Mickey I said “What’s up?”

3. Do an Insanity workout and let Shaun T scream at you. “Letsgo!!!!!!!!!!!”

4. Shop at Sephora and buy me something…anything. I love everything.

5. Do something nice for someone else…pay for their Starbucks, love their baby, make them dinner, tell them their pretty…just make someone smile, K?

6. Snuggle your pets, or someone else’s pets, or go to an animal shelter and snuggle those pets. Then adopt them all and take funny pictures and share them on Reddit.

7. Buy everything on my baby registries. Thanks. It will be fun for both of us, promise.

8. Please, call me at 7am and make sure I am awake and not lying on the couch pretending to write. Then make some coffee.

9. Speaking of coffee… let’s have a Starbuck’s date.

10. Finish reading that book you keep putting off. If you haven’t read The Other Typist yet, then read it, call me and tell me what the hell happened at the end.

11. Watch Pretty Little Liars! I started watching this show a few weeks ago because everyone was freakin’ out about it on Facebook. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I started from episode 1, and have now watched all 84 episodes. It is full of teen drama and a bit ridiculous, but my God it is addicting and I LOVE it. The last 2 episode were insane! So watch that, call me and we’ll talk about that too! Like, who’s your favorite? I just love Spencer.

12. Do something crafty, like help paint my nursery! Woohoo!

13. Volunteer, but do it somewhere near Nashville and invite me. I really want to find a good place to volunteer, maybe a Children’s Hospital? Anyone familiar with this?

14. Go shopping. Not sure where to go? Target, Anthroplogie, Modcloth, Sephora, Bergodor’s, Blush, Forever21, Nine West, H&M, Zulily, LuLu’s, JCrew…that should help. And, maybe you want to pick up something extra for a special Birthday girl?

15. Have a dance party. You must dance the whole time, and so must anyone in attendance…even if it’s just your dog and your Husband.

16. Listen to Broadway show tunes and like it.

17. Watch Gilmore Girls and start memorizing the lines. It’s about time you all start getting my references.

18. Be extra nice to Husband, after all, he has to put up with me ALL Birthday Month.

19. Travel somewhere exciting and have an adventure…might I suggest Tennessee?

20. Be a vegetarian for a day, or more. It’s not as hard as you think.

21. Don’t forget to go all out for those other November holidays! I expect lots of adorable Thanksgiving Day photos and some hilarious Black Friday fighting-the-crowd stories.

22. Fall cleaning! I have already put away my summer clothes and organized my winter wardrobe. I’m a little nutty when it comes to organizing my closet. And puh-leeeasse do not forget to throw out the crap you didn’t even wear last season, just get rid of it! You will NEVER wear it.

23. Spend the day outside…go hiking, find a waterfall, have a bonfire, share a picnic, eat on the balcony and play in the rain.

24. Relax, you know you need it.

25. Now, get off your lazy bum and clean something. My floors are always dirty if you need something to focus on…good exercise too.

26. Go out with your friends, have a slumber party and invite me.

27. Learn to cook something kind of simple for Thanksgiving and then send me the recipe, or the dish even. It’s okay if I get credit right? It’s my Birthday!

28. Send something to a friend, something they need! I have a friend who is teaching in the Peace Corps in Africa right now and I cannot wait to send her care package! I’ll have to sneak a Birthday Month celebration in their too… Birthday Month should be a worldwide celebration!

29. Wish me a Happy Birthday (it’s the 22nd BTW).

There you go, you have basically an entire month of  activities to keep you happy and busy. Happy Birthday Month to all of you!