A Dress for Me, A Dress for You (Giveaway!)

Disclaimer: My baby is teething (I think?) and I am not getting very much sleep. This post may or may not make sense and will likely have many typos (like more than usual). There’s also a chance I will do one of the following while simultaneous typing: a) nurse a baby, b) watch Orange is the New Black, c) fall asleep on my keyboard, or d) forget what I’m doing. Good luck, to both of us.



I keep telling you how difficult it is to dress when you are breastfeeding, and now that I am into month 4 it hasn’t gotten easier. The dressing part that is, actually feeding her is a piece of cake at this point. Anyways, it’s not a huge problem because first of all, it’s summer and not only super easy but comfortable to wear low-cut tanks; and second of all, I love shopping. Needing appropriate clothes for feeding is a great excuse to go shopping. I’ve even discovered that there are entire clothing lines dedicated to nursing Moms! Thanks to the wonders of the world wide web I found a sweet UK company called Love Milk who sells Nursing and Maternity wear.

I decided to try their beautiful Sadie dress in papaya. The dress is pretty and very easy to dress up or down, but OMG is it comfortable! You know when you buy something fancy you can tell the difference from the way it feels? This dress feels like a million bucks. It is very soft, yet durable feeling. It feels like you can sleep in it all day everyday and it will never wear it…it feels like you got your moneys worth! I just read that it’s made of bamboo jersey. I want all of my clothes to be made of bamboo jersey.


I wore the dress a few times because I like to really test a product, put it through the ringer, before sharing a review. The third time I wore it, I took it on a field trip to Target. The UK doesn’t have Target, so I figure I’d show the dress what America has to offer, which is lots of cute crap on which I want to spend all of my money. I paired it with some gold accessories and yellow wedges.



We shopped and shopped, and one employee actually commented on how much she loved my dress! About halfway through our pointless shopping trip, Luna decided it was time to eat and I found myself a nice little seat in the refreshment section to feed her. I have been known to feed her while shopping, but baby girl is getting heavy and I’ve grown accustomed to catching up on my reading while she eats. (BTW, it’s really nice that Target has a place to sit down, most stores do not.)

reading and eating
reading and eating

See how easy that is? No cover, no struggle, no sweating over-heated baby and no awkwardness for Mom. It’s awesome, right? There’s a gathering over the bust of the dress. You simply move it to the side to have access to nursing. So easy!



That’s one happy baby, and I am even happier to announce that Love Milk is going to give away one Sadie style dress (your choice of color: black, papaya, palm print. Sizes XS-XL) to one of you! This is a $100 (or 59 pounds) value, and it’s so easy to win! Just do the following:

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  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me how you’d sport the Sadie dress!

*Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 26th.

That’s not all Love Milk has offered either! ALL of you can head to their shop now until June 30th to get 15% off the spring and summer line. Just use the discount code POSITIVELYPANICKED15. Aren’t they wonderful?

Good luck and big thanks Love Milk for offering such a sweet giveaway!





My Favorite Moment


Before having Luna, I thought it would be incredibly difficult to get up in the middle of the night to feed a baby and put a baby back to sleep. Actually, while pregnant and visiting my family in Texas for Christmas, my baby nephew woke up crying in the middle of every night and I just remember thinking “OMG, I would die if I had to get up right now and take care of a baby!” I sat in my own bed feeling sorry for my sister and thinking “am I really ready for this?” Which is why I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that getting up a 4am to feed a baby would become the best part of my day.

There is something so special about being the only two people awake. At 4am it feels like Luna and I are the only 2 people awake in the world. Just the two of us spending time together. It’s so quiet…like the quietest ever. I can see the moon sinking lower and lower out of one window, and if we stay up long enough I can see the sun coming up through the same window. I love that just us two watch this together.

I rock her to sleep in the most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned. Duckie sneaks in, jumps onto the arm of the chair and attempts to snuggle us. A few minutes later, Belle sleepily wonders in and either curls up in my lap next to Luna or sleeps under my feet as if she’s guarding us. I almost feel bad that Husband is now completely alone, but I’m sure he enjoys all the extra room in the bed.

While Luna eats I do one of three things. Most often I read from my Nook, but if I’m too sleepy to read I’ll play on my phone because it keeps me awake easier than reading. Other times I just look and appreciate the moment. I look at Luna, so beautiful and perfect. I look at her white nursery with touches of pink. I listen to the bugs and birds buzzing around outside the bay window. The cat tries desperately to lay on top of Luna, then Belle whines because there’s not enough room in the rocking chair and I am just so grateful.

One day I won’t breastfeed Luna anymore. She will sleep through the night and I won’t be as needed. One day she will not want me to rock her to sleep and her room will no longer be full of adorable baby décor. While I’m sure I’ll be enjoying a full night’s sleep in my own bed, I know I will also miss the special alone time with my girl. So, now, even when I’m so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open (okay, fine, I often fall asleep) while I nurse Luna in the middle of the night, I am grateful. Who knew these middle of the night interruptions would become my favorite moment? It’s certainly not what I expected.


The Road to Recovery

Today I am 20 days postpartum and feeling a hell of a lot better. After the 10 day hospital stay, the dozens of tests, various doctor visits, and literally hundreds of pills I am happy to say I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have learned some very valuable life lessons. Living in the hospital and having my blood pressure taken constantly while slowly having the life drained out of me was my definition of torture. It was as if someone force me to live through my worst nightmare. There were moments when I thought I couldn’t take one more second, but now I realize it was just a stepping stone to what life has in store.

This post is kind of serious, so I'll sprinkle some adorable baby photos throughout to lighten the mood!
This post is kind of serious, so I’ll sprinkle some adorable baby photos throughout to lighten the mood!

I am a positive person, (hello! my blog is called “positively panicked”), but anyone who saw me during that hospital stint will tell you I was in a dark place. I know and have studied all the ways to stay positive…I have been to therapists, studied the benefits of positive thinking, meditated, prayed, trained in yoga and read numerous books on not only how to stop a panic attack with positive thinking, but the benefits of it. Yet, at that moment, fear, anxiety and panic took over. No amount of deep breathing, music or change of thought helped.

After Luna’s delivery I quickly went from new-mommy elation to “I’m going to die” in a matter of hours. It didn’t help that some of the nurses were unaware of my high-anxiety and said the exact wrong things to me. One told me that if my guests didn’t leave I’d have seizure. Then,  a doctor told me that if this were 50 years ago I’d be dead, and Husband would be a widower. He then seemed surprised when I my reaction was to cry and curl up in the fetal position. The shocked look on the professionals faces after my blood pressure tests, the dark hospital room and the strict instructions to stay on my side scared me enough to constantly make me imagine Luna’s life without me in it. I’ve never been so scared.

The side effect of the medicines didn’t help. I had hot flashes, the chills, dizziness, weakness, headaches, numbness and more. They had me on 16 blood pressure pills a day, percocet, ambien, celexa and xanax. I was not only an emotional and physical wreck, but was quickly becoming a zombie. Over-medicated, I was unable to function like a new Mom and had no appetite whatsoever. Before leaving the hospital I’d lost all my pregnancy weight plus some. Not exactly how I planned on getting back into my skinny jeans.

Her nursery is still unfinished, but here's a little peak at her crib.
Her nursery is still unfinished, but here’s a little peak at her crib with her in it.

NOW, I realize this all sounds depressing and awful, but I tell you this to explain to you how I clawed my way out of that dark pit. I hope my experience will be able to help anyone feeling sick or depressed. While bed-ridden I was constantly googling my symptoms and searching for someone, anyone who had experienced what I was going through. I was looking for hope, which I found in many places.

The poor staff at my hospital probably dreaded coming in my room. I cried to every single doctor, nurse and tech I saw. One nurse reminded me over and over again to be kind and gentle to myself. She built me up by reminding me that not only did I go through a traumatic labor, but I created a human and am now solely responsible for feeding that human. She told me I was amazing, but I was also sick and not to feel guilty about that. She hit the nail on the head when she compared being internally sick to being externally sick. If my legs were broken I wouldn’t feel bad about having to wear a cast. I wouldn’t feel guilty for not being able to walk, but because I was hurt where no one could see, I felt ashamed. I couldn’t understand why everything had become so difficult, I didn’t want to accept being on so many meds and I needed to get over that kind of thinking.

I received advice from a few blogs, my best friends, Husband, family and even some of my favorite songs, but perhaps the best advice I got was from my Mom. Mom told me to focus on “small victories”. It seems really silly, but around day 7 in the hospital, I gave it a try. I decided to make one small goal for each day and to revel in its completion. First goal, was to take a shower, brush my teeth and change Luna’s diaper myself. Seems a bit ridiculous, but it took every little bit of me to power through the tasks. I did it, I felt successful and I had one small victory to focus on that day.


Next, I decided to walk down the hallway. I made it halfway before I began losing vision, but I did it. Once we were in our own home, I continued my “small victories” goals. One day my goal was to bathe Luna, next was to blow dry my hair, then do laundry, go to Target and so on… Eventually, these “small victories” felt like big victories. Before I knew it I had a whole list of little accomplishments to focus on and prove to myself that things were improving and I was healing… slowly but surely.

The biggest problem was my medication. The 16 blood pressure pills a day (for real) have taken their toll. They make me so weak and dizzy that often just walking from one room to the next feels like a marathon…and this is coming from the girl who was doing Shaun T’s Asylum at 9 months pregnant! I knew something had to change, and it had to change fast. Thankfully, with the help of my Mom-in-law I was able to get an appointment with Nashville’s only hypertension specialist at Vanderbilt hospital.

Of course, in typical me-fashion, I was anxious, sweating and terrified to meet yet another new doctor where I’d have to explain that I’m anxious and terrified of doctors and hospitals. This doctor didn’t really get “panic attacks”, but the one thing he did get was high blood pressure. It’s his life. After lots of more fun tests he decided that I’m basically healthy and way over-medicated (shocking, I know). My blood pressure was actually very low at this point. NOW, I’m down to 5 pills a day (woohoo!) and will just keep going down from there. This is the biggest victory so far, and I’m only 20 days into this new life.

My little eskimo
My little Eskimo

Through all of this mess, I’ve learned to overcome some big fears. I am forced to slow WAY down and take every day one moment at a time. Every little thing Luna does, Husband does and even each little chore is appreciated. Never again will I take my health for granted. I’ve also gained so much more respect for any sick parents. I can’t imagine how someone with a serious illness and children does it. Mentally, I think I’d lose it, yet I know there are parents out there facing far bigger obstacles than I just faced the first couple of weeks. I don’t know where they find their strength and bravery.

I read a blog recently that spoke about looking at obstacles with excitement. Sure, shitty situations happen to us all, but perhaps every bad day or every closed door is just part of the path to our destiny.  Maybe we are meant to hit 8 closed doors before reaching that opened door. If we look at the obstacles in our life in this light, then they don’t seem quite so bad. The idea that going through this awful labor and delivery experience has just prepared me for something far greater in life makes it bearable. I can see now that every day has gotten better and will continue to improve. And, when I feel normal again I can hopefully use this experience to help someone else.

If anything, I will do my best to teach Luna to be excited about the obstacles in her life and to believe that everything will be okay.