Project Dream Home: Nursery (Update!)

About 11 months ago, I wrote a blog describing my “dream nursery”. I described it as very neutral, timeless, white with a touch of Disney. We never wanted an all Disney decked out nursery because it’s just too much, but puh-lleeassse you know we can’t have a baby room without a bit of Disney magic. Finishing our nursery was quite a task, in fact, we still haven’t really finished it. Between Husband ripping out the closet and me having Luna three weeks early, the room was not even close to being done when Luna arrived. A lot has been done since then, and even though it’s not fully ready, I think we’ve done enough to share some of our work.

I should warn you; I am in no way a decorator. In fact, I kind of suck at decorating, but thankfully Pinterest exist and I am at least able to mimic some of the awesome ideas I’ve pinned. (Although, really, it never turns out quite like the pin.) The nursery is now my favorite room in the house. It’s bright, cheerful, clean (for now) and I spend a lot of time in there. I will share my favorite parts of the room with you!

Luna’s room has a loft (how cool, right?). When we bought the house there was an enormous heavy metal ladder leading up to the loft that stuck all the way out to middle of the room. It was ugly, bulky, dangerous and took up about a third of the space. Before Luna arrived, we removed the ladder and the railing with good plans and intentions to create newer nicer versions. As you can see, that task has been put on the back burner. However, I’m kind of okay with Luna not having a way up to her loft just yet. Her sleep sheep is a nice soft noise maker that we use religiously. It was a gift that came from Pottery Barn Kids. The Summer Infant baby monitor is the bomb! You can read about our fun games with it here.



My good friend Sara made this magnet board for Luna and I love displaying all of Luna’s baby friends on it! Homemade gifts are the best!

magnet board

My Dad-in-law and I made this when I realized I had an obsession with baby headbands and nowhere to place them. I got the various knobs from my Grandma-in-law who seems to have just about everything I could ever possibly need. It took about ten minutes to make. SO simple.


I LOVE everything on these shelves! The large letter “L” was used as a guest book at my Texas baby shower. I still let people who come visit write special notes to Luna on it. I love reading what people wrote for her. I have a gazillion children’s books collected from teaching elementary school. While organizing them recently I came across a vintage Cinderella book that I once picked up in a yard sale. It was falling apart, and I decided to use the cover as a framed picture in Luna’s room. I kept the rest and am just waiting for something creative to do with them. I snagged the vintage wooden blocks from the enormous Nashville annual flea market. The poem to the left was written by my Grandmother for her daughter (my Mom). My Mom actually found the poem after my Grandma passed away, and she knew it would be perfect hanging in Luna’s room. It’s a piece we will always have up.

4 shelves

We bought this Cinderella mobile on a whim at Babys R Us and it’s turned out to be one of Luna’s favorite things.


Here’s a different angle showing off Luna’s bay window. I keep some succulents in the window, which I have managed to keep alive for almost a year now! MIRACLE! The map is a vintage (not real vintage, but a new print of the vintage version) map of Disneyland when it first opened. The glider was also purchase from Babys R Us and I love it. It is absolutely the best piece of furniture we have ever purchased. I fit in it perfectly, it’s super comfortable, it glides, it rocks, it swivels and I have slept in it while rocking and nursing Luna in the wee hours of the night a hundred times. It’s a lifesaver. Then, there’s my Nook. My Nook keeps my company almost every night as Luna keeps me up.


Another angle! In my “dream nursery” post I said we definitely wanted some vintage Disney posters. I found some online, but we ended up ordering the ones we wanted while visiting Disneyworld last fall. You can order them WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney and have them shipped to your house.  The rocking giraffe was bought by Peter’s Grandpa when Peter was born. It’s still in perfect condition and I cannot wait for Luna to be big enough to play on it.


And, no nursery is complete without a bookshelf full of beautiful children’s books!


OH, and an adorable naked baby.


What do you think? Am I missing anything? What does this nursery need to be complete (besides the ladder and railing for the loft!).



Project Dream Home: Guest Room

It’s been far too long since I have had a “project dream home” post! By this time I thought I’d be sharing our actual home makeover photos, but we aren’t exactly ready for that. We’ve done a lot of work, but not one room is completely finished yet. Until that glorious moment, which is hopefully not too far away, I will share my ideas. Lately, I have been planning out our guest room.

This room is SO important considering the number of guests we have each year. In fact, soon we will have two engaged friends staying with us for a few weeks, and my parents staying with us the next week. This room needs to be whipped into shape pronto. Because I want our guest to feel welcome and comfortable, I LOVE the idea of having a “welcome” basket waiting for their arrival.

guest room welcome baskety

I’ll try to fulfill this guest room list too.

guest room list

As far as color schemes, I’m digging these two the most at the moment.

color scheme 2nd color scheme

Now, for the room itself… In the room below I love the neutral colors and all the lights hanging over the bed.

lights guest room

This “palm beach” themed room bright and welcoming. It might be a little girly though…eh but who cares. It would make our guests think they are staying at a beach house!

guest room palm beach

In the next room I really like the gold accents.  The headboard and the thick comfy bedspread is just calling you to take a nap.

gold accents guest room

I think it’s obvious from my previous house blogs that I’m a fan of rustic themes. This headboard gives just a touch of rustic, which I like. The colors are great and I even love the fake animal heads above the bed.

cozy guest room

Now, I just need a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, a headboard, some decor, homey accents and the guest room will be ready!


Project Dream Home: Office

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I have not been keeping up with my blog well since the move, but there’s been a lot of life happening. BIG life stuff that has just kept me from writing, which I love so much. There’s also been a lot of catching up on Game of Thrones to do. Husband and I agreed not to watch until we were together, so we spent many hours this week finishing the 3rd season and O.M.G. I f*#king hate/love this show. I actually cried during “the red wedding”, cried. Ugh, stupid, stupid, awesome and addicting show.

You just never know!
You just never know!

Anyways, what am I writing? My dream office, yes that’s it. Our new home has 4 bedrooms. One is obviously the master bedroom, which is really coming along nicely BTW. One will hopefully one day be a nursery (fingers crossed!). One will be a guest room for our many many friends who love to stay with us. This leaves one room left for my office. Husband thinks we are going to “share” the office, but I think his computer and desk will look much better in the unfinished room above the garage.

I need an office desperately. Right now, I am writing from either my bed or the couch which makes concentrating and working hard, but napping and watching TV so easy. Between job hunting, house renovating and Game of Thrones I did manage to find time to pin some office ideas.

I want a simple room, not too many distractions, an easy way to keep myself organized and a girly touch to the decor. I like the shelves in this photo, the clear drawers and the headphones left on the floor. I need a little bit of disorder, just a little.


I really like the 3 very organized bulletin boards here, although mine would never stay so neat. I also love the skinny shelf with the pink flowers.

organized wall

This is a good sized desk. Using the whole wall as an “inspiration board” is such a great idea. But, tell me, where do all of these people hide their chords???

lights office

The wall decor below is my favorite. It’s clean, inspirational and still creative.


This office is cozy with lots of sunlight. I love the look, but if I was that close to the door I’d be to tempted to go outside and find something else to do.

country office

Now, that I have my office ideas I just need to pick my color scheme. I’ve got it narrowed down to two….

color scheme 2 color scheme

What do you think? Do any of you have or want a home office? You know I always love to hear your advice and ideas!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!


Project Dream Home: Kitchen

While looking for a house, the room I cared the least about was the kitchen. I rarely cook, so I focused more on important rooms like the closets, the master bathroom and the decks. Now, that we actually have a home and are wanting to start a family, I am beginning to realize that learning to cook might be a good idea… Especially since I keep telling Husband that I will make a great stay-at-home Mom. I don’t know how long Husband will consider cooking frozen pizza and Kraft mac and cheese a decent meal. Eh, who am I kidding, Husband loves easy junk food just as much as I do.

Our new kitchen is a galley kitchen. If you don’t know what this is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either. It’s a two walled kitchen that opens up on each end, and you can walk through it like hallway. The best photo I could find online of our kitchen is this…



Here’s a little view at the opposite end from the dining room…



The colors will be the same as the living room and dining room since they are all connected. I think the living room walls will be champagne, one wall in the dining room can be sea-foam green, and maybe the kitchen wall will be rustic gold?


My first plan for the kitchen is to expand it into the dining area, but that may have to be done in a couple of years. Until then, we will need to use the bit of kitchen space we have wisely. Of course I found many genius ideas on Pinterst.

good.idea do.this.easy. do.this.too do.this.also


There is a skylight in the kitchen with a hanging rack for pots and pans under it, which is just perfect. I will use this and as much wall space as possible. I love keeping our utensils, cutlery and pots out where they are easily accessible, like on the wall.


The kitchen does not need much work, but I would like to refurbish the cabinets soon. Doesn’t the color on the inside of this cabinet look awesome?


One day I will get a deep sink and new appliances, but there’s no real rush.

ruggalleykitchen goodcolors galleykitchen


What do you think? Can I learn to cook in our galley kitchen? (Remember, if you say “no” I’ll have the perfect excuse to never cook!)


Project Dream Home: Dining Room

I mentioned in  the last “project dream home” post that our living room and dining room open into each other. The entire second floor is an open floor plan. This will give you an idea…

PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT our furniture...heavens no.
PLEASE keep in mind this is NOT our furniture…heavens no.

Because the plan is so open we will use the same color scheme throughout these rooms.

for all of 2nd floor


There are 2 decks that come off the dining room which means lots of sunlight (yay!). The dining room is enormous, way bigger than the actual kitchen, which is not ideal. Eventually we would love to expand the kitchen into the dining room so we can have more counter space, but until then we must work with what we have. Here’s another view of the dining room. I love the large white cabinets at the end of the room, just not quite sure what to use them for…



CanNOT wait to paint this room! Here’s one more photo with a different angle…

all walls seafoam? coordinate with living room champagne?


I have no clue what to do in this room because we are so not formal dining room people. When buying a home I imagined we’d get one with a cozy kitchen nook like this:

breakfast nook


However, we do have people over very often, so I have no doubts that we will use this room a lot. I just need a way to make it look more like us; casual, fun and comfortable. Of course, I still want a giant chandelier to pretty it up.

I like the idea of mismatched chairs too. I always loved that Monica had mismatched chairs in her kitchen on FriendsIt looks like the kind of house you can visit, put your elbows on the table, accidentally spill your wine and not worry about using the wrong fork.

good.colors.good with living room mismatchedchairs more.mismatched

I have seen lots of coffee bar ideas on Pinterest that I love, and it’s obvious that my house will need one of these.

part.of.whitecabinets in dining room turned into coffee bar

Haven’t decided where it will go yet, but I will need this picture next to it…



What do you think? mismatched, informal and cozy? Or no?


Project Dream Home: Living Room

I have endured long distance a lot in mine and Husband’s relationship. It’s never been easy, but we make it work. I always say “if you can endure long distance you can endure anything in your relationship”. I have also been through  decorating and painting with Husband. Making these types of decisions is not easy either, and typically ends in a fight…..and eventually Husband apologizing. NOW, I can officially announce that being in a long distance relationship while also decorating your first house is just ridiculously hard. 

Thankfully, I have you to help me. My latest “pins” have been for our living room. I’ll give you a little idea of what I have to work with…



I stole this photo from the online advertisements for our house. It’s just one corner of the living room, but I wanted to show the doors out to the deck. Mostly I wanted you to see the horrible furniture and decor set up in the house before we bought it. Also, you get a glimpse of the black and while tile fire-place. What is not seen here is stairway, the other half of the room (where the TV will go), and the open side that goes in to the dining room. This whole level is very open. It flows between the kitchen, dining room, living room and 2 decks. 

My main goal with the living room is to keep it cozy. I love oversized couches, super soft furniture that you sink into, blankets and a touch of nature. Luckily, we will have lots of natural light. We have lots of visitors and people stay with us no matter where we live, so I want all of our guests to feel right at home in our living room. 

In this photo I love the giant windows, the indoor tree, the exposed wood, and white couches.


I love the L-shaped couch in this next one. I hate sectionals, but this is okay. I’ll take the dog too. I also like the bright pops of color.

living room3

Windows! Windows! Windows! I want this much sunshine in my house everyday! I love the neutral colors and the bright salmon colored table in the middle. 


The next one is pretty girly, but doesn’t it make you want to sit down with your best friend, drink tea and gossip about all your other friends?

living room

Love the couch with the blue striped down the middle. The green plants add the perfect amount of color. Obviously, I love these windows. The exposed ceiling is nice too. 

living room2

I am actually a terrible decorator, but Pinterest and the free magazines at all the fancy furniture stores here have helped me a lot. I plan to just mimic my favorite setups. I can recognize when something looks good, I just can’t create that “look” on my own. (In case you didn’t notice our NY apartment was green and purple, like the Incredible Hulk, not my best decision.) I am pretty crafty though…although I haven’t done any “crafts” in a couple of years. Hopefully, it will all come back to me because I plan on creating some not-too-hard money-saving pieces like this coffee table below. This tutorial makes it look doable. 


Hopefully, we can easily re-tile our fireplace too.

tile fireplace

Husband is very strongly against having neon green walls again, so I think we are going to go with this color scheme instead.



What do you think?