Basically a Walkie Talking for Grown-Ups


Like most new parents we invested and registered for many fancy new products for our new baby, one being a really nice baby monitor. We got one that has video with sound and the camera tilts up and down, moves in a full circle, has night vision and zooms in and out. It’s quite fancy. It also has the ability for us to talk to the baby, kind of like a walkie talkie. It’s pretty cool and very fun to play with… because that’s what you do with your new baby equipment, right?

Before we had Luna, we entertained ourselves by walking around the house with the monitor, using it like a walkie talkie and spying on each other. Since we have had Luna, we  use it to scare the crap out of one another. There is nothing creepier than changing a diaper in an empty and quiet room and then hearing a deep scary voice say “I’m watching you” or “Stop singing to that baby”.

Last night, I was nursing Luna in my new rocking chair in her room and reading my Nook when I noticed the camera moving from her crib to me. Before Husband could say anything I looked to the camera and said “Can I help you?” I was pretty proud of myself for catching him before he scared me. (This is rare, he scares me a lot, like multiple times a day.) “Just wondering what you’re doing” he responded. I told Husband I was reading Harry Potter (I know, I know…I’m a hundred years behind!) and I gave him the leave me alone I’m very busy doing important things look. He said nothing, so I returned to reading.

A few minutes later, I was deep into Harry Potter’s world. The story was getting really intense, nothing could have broken my concentration and then,  I hear this…

I thought I was imagining it at first and died laughing when I realized it was coming from the camera/monitor. “Just trying to get in you the mood” I hear after I finished laughing.

I beg of you, if you have one of these fancy-pants monitors, do yourself a favor and have a little fun with it!



I’m Learning to Cloth Diaper! (Giveaway)


Alright, after much fear and apprehension I have finally started cloth diapering. I thought I’d start sooner, but you need A LOT of diapers to get this thing going and I had to study even more. Also, I’m good at making excuses and finding better things to do when I don’t really want to start something. I’ve been deep into the cloth diapering for a little over a week now and I’m glad to say it’s not bad. In fact, it’s pretty simple…so far.

I’ve learned a lot in the first week and made lots of mistakes, but I’ll write about the mishaps and “what I wish I would have known” once I really get the hang of things. Today, I get to tell you how awesome one particular cloth diaper is and how you can have one of your own…or give it to a friend with a baby, whatever.

There are like 1,538 different cloth diaper brands available now. On one hand, this is great because we now have options and many different styles to try. On the other hand, it sucks! Cloth diapers can be pricey and how are you supposed to know which one is the “right one”? (Hint: It’s not the cheapest ones, sadly.) I’ve tried many brands (9 different ones so far) and Thirsties seems to be the top-runner.


I have the new one size pocket diaper which is meant for babies from 8-40 pounds. This is a huge plus because I can use this diaper until Luna is potty trained. However, it is tricky to get it to fit properly on a newborn. Luna is two months now and it has taken a lot of practice to snap and velcro these one-sized diapers to fit correctly. Now, that I’ve got the hang of it we have no more leaking. Whew!


This new diaper has 2 inserts that snap together (or not) and an extra layer of microfiber to really soak things up. I have learned that all of these details combined together make for a great bedtime diaper, which is when things get the wettest.


This new one size pocket diaper comes in two closure options, hook and loop or snaps. I chose the “hook and loop” (i.e. velcro) because it is so fast and each, which is especially useful at 4am when it’s dark and I’m sleep deprived.


Thirsties is just a great brand in general, in fact, they’re so great they are giving away one of these new one-size pocket diapers to one of you! Woo! It will come in this adorable black bird print pictured here. Sooo, if you want a brand-new fancy cloth diaper for you or a friend with a baby then follow these steps!

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  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me about the cutie that will be wearing the diaper!

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I’ll randomly choose a winner on Thursday, April 17th. Best of luck to you! And, huge thanks to Thirsties for offering such a good giveaway!