I Guess Husbands Nest Too?

I’ve been driving myself crazy with nesting, writing and trying to get “it all” done before baby comes along. I’m also being driven crazy by emotions at the moment…my feelings are hurt so easily, every little thing feels enormous and Husband is making me absolutely crazy. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. He makes me the happiest person I could possibly be, yet somehow, he also make me want to kill him 17 times a day. Why do I have to be the responsible one ALL the time? Why does he breathe so loudly? Who makes that much noise while washing dishes? And, seriously, is it so hard to not leave your shoes in the living room?

Seriously, though, love the guy more than anything.

Today, Husband was working in our nursery. It is so close to be finished, all we have to do is hang everything on the wall, by a couple small things and put in a new ladder. Yes, our nursery has a ladder. There is a loft in the room with the biggest most dangerous metal most bulky heavy duty ladder you have ever seen. It take up almost a fourth of the room. I hate it. I have wanted to replace it for months and it’s finally happening. Yay! Husband and his friend were busy tearing out the terrible ladder and will soon build and put in a new nice wooden one (compliments of my talented father-in-law).

I left for work in the middle of the whole process, but before walking out the door Husband stopped me to ask about the closet in the nursery. The closet, not the ladder. We still need a rod in the closet, but Husband suggested tearing it out all together. I also happened to hate this closet. It was put together poorly, the doors do not fit right, it’s also unnecessarily big and bulky and it’s basically crap. I told him tearing out the closet and replacing it is a fantastic idea, but probably should have been done a few months ago…not a few weeks before my due date. Husband responded with, “but you’re cool with getting rid of the closet?” Yes, I am cool with that, BUT I do not think it’s cool to start a project that is likely to not get finished on time, and we should probably get the loft finished first. I left with that.

I came home to this.

Where the closet once stood....
Where the closet once stood….

I learned two things today: Husbands also nest. Pregnant women in their third trimester are not crazy because of their hormones, they are driven there by their Husbands.

Let’s hope Luna’s room isn’t completely demolished by the time she gets here.


Building My Nest

I must be nesting. It’s the only explanation for what is happening at my house. Not only am I cleaning non-stop and getting upset that the nursery isn’t finished yet, but I am cooking. Like, a lot. Recently, I came across some blogs, “Mommy blogs” if you will, that suggest making lots of frozen dishes prior to having your baby. They all say that the first couple weeks with your newborn are hard and exhausting and the very last thing you will want to do is cook a healthy meal. So why not cook now, freeze and heat up when the baby comes? Okay, I’m convinced!

So immediately, with no thought of my own or control over anything I was doing, I ran to Costco and stocked up on basically everything. I actually did research beforehand and found plenty of freezable vegetarian recipes and made an organized grocery list. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Costco didn’t actually have everything I needed so I had to make a run to a second regular grocery store before going home to have a cooking marathon. I cooked for two days. TWO DAYS. I made about 12 meals. I’m sure in 2 months when I thaw and reheat them they’ll be gross and frost bitten, but whatever…we’ll find out in February!

Here’s what I did: First, I cleaned the kitchen and cleaned out the pantry and fridge. This was necessary after the major shopping spree. I separated everything by recipes. Then, I chopped like a 100 hundreds, peppers, garlic cloves and whatever else needed to be chopped (this step was by far the worst). Finally, I began cooking. Also, I played a marathon of Christmas movies to listen to while cooking, it made the whole thing feel more festive.

I made breakfast burritos, regular burritos, vegetable soup, taco soup, chili, enchilada casserole, fake-chicken and dumplings, fake-chicken spaghetti, creamy tomato and spinach pasta and lazy lasagna (easy recipe I found online). I made everything vegetarian-style which wasn’t hard to do. After each dish finished I let it cool scooped it into a zip-loc or foil casserole dish, and then added a second zip-loc for double protection.

I did not take photos because I was in way over my head to begin with and couldn’t even think that far ahead. However, I can tell you that nothing looked pretty, but OMG it all came out delicious! I made little tasting dishes for me and Husband because everything smelled far too good to just completely ignore for 2 months. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more surprised with myself… and pretty damn proud too. I literally called 3 different people just to brag on myself. Not only did I not ruin one single dish, but they all tasted really good!

The best part is that Husband cleaned the kitchen for me! I was exhausted and my back was killing me so while I soaked in a hot bath he cleaned up my super gigantic mess. I manage to make a bigger mess than most while cooking.

Even after all this cooking, I have continued to make dinner a few nights a week. Considering I used to cook a few nights a year…this is a drastic change. Even tonight, I have big plans to whip up some no-bake cookies. I am craving them more than anything and you know…you don’t have to bake them so that’s always good.

Alright, I have to go clean something and pin some more nursery ideas now. This nest isn’t going to build itself!