It’s Taken Over


This last week has been oh-so busy. My sister and her family flew in from Texas to stay with us and meet Luna. My sis-in-law flew in from New York to meet Luna. Other friends flew in from NY to meet Luna. Different friends had a “last night” with us as they prepared to move away. Needless to say, there were lots of dinners out, cooking at home, cleaning and getting out of the house with me and Luna. It was GREAT to see people and do things, but unfortunately the “over-exerting” myself caused some damage and I’ve been put on bed rest.

Bed rest!? I didn’t know that was a possibility after pregnancy, but here I am…in bed. Boo. I should/could be using all this time in bed to write inspiring blogs, share funny stories from the week and edit photos, but nah. I’m sorry for myself and pissed that I’ve regressed a little so instead I have just snuggled Luna for hours and hours and watch approximately 357 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. 

But, I just put Luna down to sleep (without me) and was browsing Instagram (something else I’ve spent too much time doing) and came to the realization that in her short 25 days on Earth, Luna has already taken over my Instagram, Facebook and blog already. Every single photo is of her. I can’t help it though, she is really just too darn cute. So, today I’m sharing my fav Insta-baby photos. Enjoy… and you’re welcome.

Luna's early morning faces.
Luna’s early morning faces.



Have a great week everyone! I plan on getting out of this bed and back to being Super Me very very soon.



Little Holiday Snippets

Christmas may be over, technically, but I have too many cute photos and stories to not share them. Our Texas vacation is coming to an end soon, but it has been so nice to have over a week of non-rushed holiday family and friend time. It is so rare that we come to visit and aren’t running from activity to activity and then hopping on a plane back home. For once, we got to do simple stuff together and just enjoy everyone’s company.

We took my nephew  to the mall with all of us and watched him take his first photo with Santa. OMG, watching kids take Santa photos is HILARIOUS. The kids who cry and are terrified of Santa make the best photos.

first santa

What a lil' trooper
What a lil’ trooper

Of course, Micah was then forced to accompany us to Starbucks and Target for some last minute gift getting…gotta teach em’ when they’re young!

mom and micah happy baby

Sorry, I tend to go a little overboard when taking photos of Micah…


our drinks

All tuckered out after a long morning of Santa, Starbucks and shopping. Maybe I should have shared some of my latte.
All tuckered out after a long morning of Santa, Starbucks and shopping. Maybe I should have shared some of my latte.

At my parent’s house we even decorated sugar cookies together… I’m pretty sure this is the first time we have done since I was in Elementary school. If you read my post about our “cookie decorating party”, than you know my skills are extremely limited. And, now you can learn that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Husband and my Dad have better decorating skills then us girls do.

sugar cookies sprinkles making cookies

Micah even had his first taste of icing!


Can’t wait to share our photo’s from Shangri La, family/friend picture day and my baby shower (which is tomorrow)! There’s just too much to look forward to this week!


Holiday Hangover

Anyone else still recovering from Christmas? I can’t even drink, but the amount of food I’ve consumed and excitement we’ve had has put me in a Christmas coma. It’s the 27th and I just now have a little bit of time and energy to edit some photos and write about how awesome my Christmas in Texas has been over the last week. We spend every other Christmas in Texas with my family, and this year is my nephew’s very first Christmas! Needless to say, it was full of adorableness.

annual parade
me and my nephew watching the parade together

It is also the first holiday season without my MawMaw, which means we have lost some of our family traditions, but at the same time we are creating some new ones that will soon become the traditions for our own kids. To really put a spin on things this year, my Bro-in-law had to work in Dallas on Christmas Eve and fly in Christmas morning to be with us. So our Christmas morning was slow to start, which turned out to be really nice and relaxing.


We ate breakfast, stay in our PJ’s, sipped our coffee and I taught Micah, the nephew, all about the very important tradition of watching Disney’s Annual Christmas Parade.


Look at that adorable little Santa butt!
Look at that adorable little Santa butt!

My Mom makes seafood gumbo, potato salad, green salad, fruit salad and rolls every single year for Christmas dinner, and this year we all helped cooked and had everything ready before we even opened the gifts from Santa.

Gift opening was perfect. Even though Micah is too young to actually open his gifts or care about anything except the wads of ripped paper on the floor, it was really fun for us to give him gifts and take a billion photos.

first christmas

Besides, Micah’s gifts the rest of us seemed to have read each other’s minds when it comes to gift giving. My Mom and Dad each gave each other a new tablet, my Mom, sister and I all got new purses. My Mom searched literally all over the country to get me a BCBG coat that I have been dying to have, but couldn’t find anywhere.  AND, my sister, myself and my Mom all ended up making each other a very special gift from my Grandma.

dad opening his ipad

BCBG mom

My sister and I were super excited about making a framed picture of one of my Mom’s favorite quotes from my Grandma’s journal. Husband had the great idea to print it over a page copied from her journal, and with a little Photoshop it turned out beautiful.

to mom

After receiving the gift, my Mom disappeared for a minute and came back with two extra gifts for me and my sister. She said she had planned on saving them for my baby shower, but couldn’t wait any longer. Turns out that she found 2 poems in one of my Grandma’s spiral that no one has even seen yet. One was written for a daughter (probably for my Mother), and the other was written for a child (obviously a boy, and mostly likely written for my MawMaw’s 8 sons). My Mom had the poems printed and framed to go into our kids’ nurseries. It was the perfect gift, and it felt like a gift directly from my MawMaw.

All three framed quotes and poems.
All three framed quotes and poems.
The poem that will hang in Luna's room.
The poem that will hang in Luna’s room.

Perfect Christmas. Even the dogs has special treats.

belle leia

The rest of the day was spent stuffing our faces, having family stop by to visit and we even made time for some family exercising. (Luckily, it was relief day on Shaun T’s the Asylum).


I hope each of you had an awesome Christmas, holiday, festivus, or whatever you celebrate. I hope to keep posting through the New Year, but with 2 baby showers, a drive back to TN, a New Year’s trip to the Mountains and a second family Christmas over the next week…who knows what will happen! Have a safe, wonderful and fun New Year, just in case I don’t see ya!

The last Christmas with just the two of us!
The last Christmas with just the two of us!


A Weekend in Dallas

Husband and I have taken turns spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas with each family for years now, but this is the first year that I got to see both families over the Thanksgiving holidays. I flew to Dallas on Friday to spend time with my sister’s family and parents, and it’s only my second time to ever even see my sister’s house! We both live far away from home, so when we see each other it’s always because we both go home to visit our parents.

I was excited to see everyone, to do some “Black Saturday” shopping and all that jazz, but really I was most excited to see this little turkey.


Every minute not shopping was spent snuggling, reading to, playing with and snapping photos of the most handsome little nephew you ever did see.

silly face micahliam nephew helmet IMG_20131201_224720 us two

I got to spend a little time with the adults in the family as well. In fact, at one point it was only my parents, my sister and myself..we can’t even remember the last time it was just the four of us. We had to get our waitress at Cheesecake Factory to commemorate the moment.


Seeing my parents as Grandparents is the sweetest. My Dad, especially is the most proud Grandpa I have ever seen! I miss them and hate living so far from my nephew, but thankfully I will see them all in just a few short weeks for Christmas! Can’t wait!


This little guy isn't too bad either.
This little guy isn’t too bad either.
Grandparents...caught sleeping.
Grandparents…caught sleeping.



Black Weekend

It is my family’s tradition to shop on Black Friday every year since I can remember. There is a group of women in my family who, for many many years now, have scoured over the ads after Thanksgiving dinner, made lists, gone to bed early, woke up before the crack of dawn, picked up a yummy fast food breakfast and drove out to the stores as they open for a FULL day of shopping and quality girl time.

I LOVE this tradition, not even for the deals. Don’t get me wrong, the deals are awesome and I feel awesome saving money from store to store…and even more awesome toting my many bags of presenst around, but the real fun is in the details. I hate waking up early, but not on Black Friday. It is same as waking up early on Christmas morning, or the morning of a family vacation. Everyone is full of excitement and wonder.

We bundle up in the car, jam the Christmas music and eat hashbrowns and sausage biscuits in the car. We devise plans, discuss gift ideas and gossip about family news that was revealed at Thanksgiving dinner. We bond over Starbucks, take pics throughout our day and complain about our feet killing us. It simply doesn’t get better.

I LOVE it all, but, and this is a big but…I HATE Black Friday that is actually on Thursday and disguised as Black Friday. I know lots of you shop on Thursday and that’s cool…we all have our own traditions, but I just cannot get into this new trend.

For one…it’s not actually Friday…so please stop calling it that. It’s Thursday, as in Thanksgiving Day, as in most of us are still eating, or recovering from eating. I don’t want to rush through dinner, skip relaxing with the family, miss out on Thanksgiving night movies or “Just Dance” tournaments. Those traditions are precious to me too, and I can’t help but think about the people working who are missing out on their precious moments. I do not like it, so I do not do it, and if I miss out on saving 25% off something cool then so be it. We all have too much stuff anyways.

Also, since being with Husband, Black Friday traditions have changed a bit because we spend every other year with his family. Husband is amazing and will shop with me whenever and wherever I want on the years away from my family. We even call our Texas family and talk about the deals we found, the long lines and how every single store won’t stop playing “Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart”…it’s a very good every-other-year tradition.

This year is a special case scenario. Neither I nor my sister went home for Thanksgiving…our typical shopping crew was all out-of-wack and it seemed like not one of us were going to continue our very long-standing tradition. Something had to be done. So when my Mom informed me that she was going to Dallas to see my sister for the weekend, I informed her that I would be flying down and joining them. It just isn’t right for all of us to be apart and for no one to do Black Friday.

We couldn’t actually all get to Dallas until Friday night, so we went Black Saturday and Black Sunday shopping instead. We still got up early, ate fast food, listened to Christmas music, shopped all day, complained about walking all day and carrying a million bags and had the best day together. I think it was my greatest idea ever, and I think my Grandma would be happy to see us keeping the tradition of spending an awesome day together alive.

me and sis

So happy to get some Tex Mex!
So happy to get some Tex Mex!


This year we had the added bonus of shopping with my favorite little man, my nephew! He was such a trooper. He shopped ALL day and never threw a fit…which is better than we can say for ourselves.

mom and sis

enjoying "Black Weekend" lunch together
enjoying “Black Weekend” lunch together

I also had my first Black Friday shopping-while-7-months-pregnant experience. So, there was lots of baby clothes shopping and lots of trying on clothes that do not zip-up shopping.

so sweet
so sweet
won't quite fit over my belly
won’t quite fit over my belly

Anyone else have special Christmas shopping traditions?


The Nephew

I had very good intentions of writing to you all weekend and sharing my memories with my new nephew with the world, but somewhere between getting my flight canceled, traveling for 20 hours and then holding my nephew for the first time, I forgot. I spent the entire weekend with my beautiful nephew, and never even left my parent’s house. (Luckily, a few of my friends were willing to make the trip out to the “country” to come see me.) I only got two days to make a good impression on this beautiful little miracle, so I did my best to teach spoil him and teach him a few valuable lessons.

I gave him a few new outfits and this adorable hand crocheted octopus from Le Zoe Musings and Amanda Jo Crafts. Thanks ladies!


I taught him all about reality television, beginning with the Kardashians.


We napped together…


Woke up together…


And we enjoyed the beautiful Texas spring weather.


Every moment with him was a pleasure. It was also amazing to see my sister and my brother-in-law as parents. I never doubted they’d be great parents, but actually seeing it is awesome! My sister seems so natural as a Mother, and happier than ever. Geez, I’m a little teary eyed just writing it.


What a great weekend! Now, if  I could just get home. Once again I am stuck at the airport with a long flight delay…I’m so ready to see my Husband; it’s been two weeks too long. Oh well, I managed to get a free pass to the Admiral’s Club this time which is very snazzy.

Excuse me while I go refill my free coffee and snack plate.


A Really Bad Day That Was Actually The Best Day

Alright, let me give you the reader’s digest of my day yesterday, Thursday, March 14th to be exact….

I slept for exactly zero hours. That’s right after a dose of  hydrocodone and NyQuil I NEVER went to sleep. Instead of sleeping I coughed all night, coughed until I had to puke. At 6am, our landlord called to say there was water leaking in the apartment below us and it was probably coming from our apartment.

6:30am, the super came up to check our pipes.

7am, the plumber came over, and left, and came back, and left, came back, left, etc.

7:30am, groceries were delivered.

8am, I called in sick.

Around 1pm, I decided I felt better enough and stir crazy enough to go to work. (I was obviously delirious.)

After teaching a few classes I felt sick enough to leave and go straight to the doctor (and you know I must have felt really sick to go to the doctor!)

Then, my obnoxious Aunt Flow decided to make a surprise appearance at the most inappropriate time possible. She’s famous for surprise visits. Just lovely.

This day appears bad, but it’s missing one very important detail. I will remember absolutely none of the bad details from this day. Nope, the one thing that I will remember is that my very first nephew was born. That’s right, yesterday morning Micah Liam graced us with his presence. Turns out that being sick and up all night was a blessing in disguise. I got to FaceTime with my sister while she was in labor at 5am, and tell her how much I love and miss her! Once he was born, I was able to watch as he lay on her chest and looked straight into the iPhone as if to say “Hey there Aunt Hilarie!” .

me honey

I saw my parents become the most adorable and proudest Grandparents ever. Seriously, at 2 hours old they were already bragging about how smart he is! They are so in love with this little man. I saw my Brother-in-law hold his son for the very first time, and I saw my sister become a Mother! It was magical, and thanks to the flu and FaceTime Husband and I got to be a part of it all!

pawpaw adrian

Congratulations Sis, Bro, Mom and Dad! Our world will never ever be the same! I’m just a big ball of cheese and love today!!!