Saving Mr. Banks

I have mentioned before that I adore Mary Poppins. It is my all time favorite movie and one of my favorite Broadway musicals. It was announced a couple of years ago that Disney would be making a movie based on how Mary Poppins became a movie in the first place. Saving Mr. Banks tells the story of how Walt himself got the rights to turn P.L. Travers famous book into a Disney movie. It was no easy task, but we all know it ended very happily.

I have been anxiously awaiting this film for what feels like EVER. The trailer was released 6 days ago and I have already watched it about a hundred times. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this movie when it finally comes out in December!

This is definitely the most excited I have been to see any movie, ever!


A Bad Guy and Some Porn Stars

This is being posted much later than I originally planned, but the Hurricane and Blizzard seemed to be higher priority posts. Anyways, it’s still worth posting.

I have two really great reviews to share!

Review #1 Wreck It Ralph.

O.M.G. Please go see this movie!!! This is the best Disney (not Pixar) movie since Mulan. Everything about this movie is perfect. It’s funny (for adults and kids), heart-warming, and adventure-some. If somehow you haven’t heard what this movie is about, I’ll give you a synopsis.

A bad guy (Wreck-It Ralph) from a video game (Fix-It Felix, Jr.) is sick and tired of being a bad guy and decides he wants to be a good guy and have everyone love him. This leads Ralph on a wild adventure through a candy world, a first-person shooter, and to meet some new friends. I’m not a gamer, but even I could appreciate all the gaming references and cameos throughout the film; it has something for everyone. Now I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that I left smiling and, in regards to your night, “You’re gonna wreck it!” if you don’t see this movie! (Eh? See what I did?!)

Apparently, we weren’t the only people excitedly anticipating this movie. by so many people other than us. This movie was highly anticipated by so many people other than us. Just look at the line at our little neighborhood theater, and there are 3 other theaters within 10 blocks!

On to the next one…

Review #2 The Performers

Sandy has been a hindrance and a big pain in the ass to basically everyone on the East Coast, but apparently every Hurricane has it’s silver lining. This weekend many Broadway shows were offering $30 tickets as a “Sandy Special.” Obviously a deal to hard to pass, we headed to midtown and bought tickets to see the brand new show The Performers!

We chose this based on the fact that a) Henry Winkler stars in it. b) Alicia Silverstone stars in it. And c) The tickets were $30 bucks. We had no clue what the plot was or what to expect.

As we found our seats, we observed the stage décor to get an idea of what we may see.

The sign for the “Adult Film Awards” is the only thing on stage.

The show turned out to be about a journalist and his fiancé traveling to Vegas for the Adult Film Awards. The journalist went to high school with one of the porn stars and is doing an interview for the New York Post, which ends up getting him and his fiance mixed up in a hilarious affair involving event more Adult Performers. It’s a scandalous romantic comedy, AND the 2nd funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Broadway! (Book of Mormon being the funniest.) Everyone was rolling with laughter through the entire performance.

The cherry on top was getting to meet the stars after the show.

Mr. Wrinkler was super nice to everyone.
Alicia Silverstone was pretty nice also.

This show may be slightly harder to see, considering it’s only on Broadway, but if you are in town, it’s certainly worth the price, which is now more than $30.

Anyone else see something great last weekend?