Month by Month

A picture says a thousand words, or in this case, 12 pictures.

all 12 months

And, after 12 months, so much growing, so much learning and so much changing…the girl still has no hair.

Love that bald baby!

Okay, I think I’m done with the “my baby is a year old!” post.


12 Months = 1 Year

12 months

Now, that Luna is one year and eleven days old, I guess I can finally post Luna’s final “month by month” photos. Insert sad-face emoticon here. Why does it all go by so fast? It’s weird how some moments seem to drag on and on forever (hello, 2am crying wake-ups!), and yet the entire year seemed to go by in a blink of an eye. Sigh…

blue eyes

Even though, it’s sad to know that babies grow up so fast, I have to say that it just keeps getting better. Every milestone, every month, ever new personality trait makes my life better. Luna is so much fun! Just when I think she couldn’t possibly get any cuter or I couldn’t possibly love her more, another day passes and she’s cuter and more lovable. Even, after she spits her food out, pulls the cat’s fur out, plays in the toilet and spills the dog’s water bowl for the thousandth time, I still go to bed thinking I’m the luckiest Mom alive. (And, also praying that she sleeps through the night… yeah, we still struggle with that!)


As always, Luna had an adventurous month. She went to a wedding, a few parties, had tons of people visit her for her Birthday, “ran” the Zoo run, joined Gymboree and learned lots of new skills.

so big

Happy 12 Months baby girl. Here’s to the next 12!

teddy bear


Luna is 9 Months Old!

9 months

9 months. Where is time going? How is to going so fast?? This child brings so much joy, adventure, challenges and love to our lives everyday. I am constantly surprised by her and I swear I fall more in love with her all the time. I could stare at her all day and I love watching her learn more and more as each week passes, but I also just want to press pause for a moment. There are certainly times I get exhausted and frustrated (diaper changes with a wiggle worm and night time with a Mama’s girl), but then she smiles or laughs or sleeps in my arms or learns how to stand, and I just want to remember that moment forever and ever.


This month has been a busy one. Luna went to her first art museum, where she learned to paint for the first time. We all went to Gentry Farm to pick out Luna’s first pumpkins. Then, there was our big trip to NYC, where Luna had MANY firsts. She’s also been to the zoo for the first time (and second time), ran the Boo Bash Dash, had a few playdates, visited Cheekwood, and actually slept through the night one night! (That last one is possibly the biggest accomplishment of all.)


I swear this child has done more in 9 months than I did the first 20 years of my life. Lucky duck.

so big

She is a speed crawler and a cruiser these days. She is FAST and gets into everything…including, but not limited to, dog food, cat food, chocolate, muffins, my underwear drawer, anything that’s plugged in and pretty much anything she shouldn’t touch. She is eating more solids foods, like cheerios (and pet food, unfortunately), and has even had some Mexican food. I am 99% sure she has said “Mama” to me on more than one occasion, and she is definitely understanding words like, “mama”, “more”, “no” and “Luna”. She even understands some sign language, but has yet to sign to me.

I can’t believe it’s already time for the holidays, and will be Luna’s first birthday soon after! So many things to look forward to!


5 Months Old, Baby!

Yeah…I’m a bit behind on blogging, I know. This past weekend we had 6 house guests, and if you are familiar with me than you know nothing but crazy wild adventures ensued. This week I’ll be catching you up on our adventures in caving, rock-climbing, canoeing and Katy Perry. I’ll also be hosting another super wonderful giveaway for the ladies so stay tuned. Today is all about little Luna, though! On Sunday, she turned 5 months old!


This month has been one milestone after another! She is finally laughing, which is the best sound in the whole wide world. She squeals with glee all the time. I’m starting to think she just likes the sound of her own voice. She rolls around like she’s been doing it all her life. Grabbing went from being impossible to a piece of cake over night. She actually pulled an entire rack of bows and socks over while shopping the other day, and can now pull everything off the table, so that’s fun. It’s basically been a month full of “Honey, quick come look, NOW!” moments.


We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this month. Luna went to Cheekwood for the first of what will certainly be many times. She ran her first fever after getting immunizations, and then her second while teething…boo. Oh, yeah, did I mention she’s teething? That has been REALLY not fun. We have tried teething toys, ice in a baby sock, the amber necklace, wet/frozen wash cloths and whatever else I can find on Pinterest. Next on the list…breastmilk popsicles.

baby feet

Luna has also realized that we have pets this month. Belle and Duckie are her new favorite things to touch and smile at as they sneak past her. She especially loves getting Belle kisses directly in her mouth. Mommy is not a fan of this.


Once again, time is flying by and she is getting bigger and bigger every moment. I’ve grown accustomed to calling her the Michelin Baby. She’s just the cutest happiest little chunk around!

those lips


Four Months Old


Luna is 4 months old today! Every month I repeat myself and say “I cannot believe it’s been (insert time frame here) already!” Being a Mom really does make you one of those people who wants to do nothing but talk about your cute baby and every little thing they do, but seriously…my baby is cute and she does a lot of cute stuff, and all of it is amazing.

Lately, I find myself sitting with a group of adults with real lives and actual interesting things to talk about and I am trying really hard to start a meaningful conversation with them, but I can think of absolutely nothing to say, but the fact that Luna laughed at a flower and I took 15 pictures of it. I seriously don’t know what I used to talk about to other people, or how I focused on a conversation that lasted longer than 5 minutes.


And, on that note, let me tell you all the latest on Luna! Now, that she’s 4 months she is getting a cute little personality. She smiles all the time and “talks” non-stop. We can actually hold long conversations with her. Of course, we are making up her dialogue, but I’m pretty sure I am fluent in baby babble. It’s pretty darn adorable. She also notices some toys now, and I’m happy to say she shows favoritism towards her stuffed Minnie Mouse.

It’s been an exciting month of firsts…first time on a horse, first wedding, first picnic, first swing, first Mom’s Day, first time in bouncer and I’m sure many more. As for me, I am finally figuring out a schedule. It’s not very strict yet, but it is making life easier. Breastfeeding has gotten easier and I am feeling more and more confident in all the Mom things I do.

pretty girl

In some ways these four months have flown by and in other ways it seems like it’s been years. It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Luna. Thanks for joining us and being so supportive on this journey with our family.


3 Months, No Longer a Newborn

Luna turned 3 months yesterday and like clockwork she seemed to instantly change from a newborn to an infant. Her smiles are bigger, she’s babbling all the time and even her cry sounds older. I’m going to miss that newborn cry that sounds so similar to a cat. We have packed up her newborn clothes, and yes I got misty-eyed putting them away. I can tell we are very close to being on a more regular schedule with naps and feedings. She’s also almost sleeping through the night. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time. I love all the changes, but God they happen so fast!

3 months

(I wrote that first paragraph this morning when Luna was super happy and smiling at me constantly…then all hell broke loose. From about noon until 11pm Luna has been either crying hysterically or on my boob. It has been the worst. The absolute worst. This is not a 3 month milestone I was hoping for…)


It’s so ridiculous how much we obsess over every little thing she does…Did you see that? She’s smiling so big! She said ooobah! She just made the funniest noise! That was the loudest toot ever! She touched the dog! Check out this explosive diaper! Seriously, it’s ridiculous. We celebrate every movement, milestone and bowel movement as if she just won a Nobel Peace Prize. But, come on…how can we not love every little thing this little stinker does?!I


This weekend she will attend her first rehearsal dinner and wedding. Just wait until you see the big ball of adorableness she is going to be! I may have gone slightly overboard on her costumer…er, dress.

smiling at Mommy
smiling at Mommy

Happy 3 months Luna.

on side


It’s Already Been a Month

1 month

Luna was born on the 29th and since February has no 29th this year, I guess today is the day she turns 1 month. I CANNOT believe it has already been a month! She is already growing so much (her belly is enormous), and I feel like a completely different person. I’ve gone from sick, to more sick, to better, to sick again to half-way healthy. Besides my health going haywire, I am a Mother. Husband is now a Father and the two of us are learning to depend on one another and support each other more than ever… it has been quite a month!


The craziest part is that it has simultaneously been one of the hardest and one of the greatest months. However, I’m thinking things just get better from here. I fall more in love with this baby every day.


Oh, and BTW, Husband has been out-of-town for a bachelor party all weekend, so come back and visit to hear how my first weekend at home alone with a baby went. Spoiler alert: I scared a neighborhood child, lost Belle and cried a little.


The Last 9 Months

me and luna

I’m 3 weeks and one day postpartum and still feeling better every day. Yay me! I just went through some of my old photos from throughout my pregnancy and it’s amazing to see the transformation from then until now. I loved being pregnant! I had such a great pregnancy that I thought I’d be sad and miss it once it was over. I do miss parts of it already, but I’ve got to say having Luna here is far better!

Here’s a little TBT (throwback Thursday) for ya!

10 and 14 17 and 21 24 and 28 32 weeks 35 and 37

I think my hair changed just as much as my stomach. I’m so glad I took so many photos. It’s so easy to forget the changes each month and especially how my body looked at the very beginning.


AANNDDDDD….3 weeks later!

3 weeks

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our growing family!


37 Weeks = Full Term

37 weeks

Holy cow! I am 37 weeks pregnant today and considered full term! Basically, Luna could arrive anytime between today and 3 weeks from now…4 weeks if I’m unlucky. I CANNOT wait! Every little twinge, pain, cramp or movement makes me freeze in my tracks and wonder “is it starting?” There’s no way of knowing, but we can check the stats and see how everything is progressing!

21 more days

How far along? 37 weeks

Weight Gain? 25 pounds

Belly Button? Umm, gross. My belly button was exactly in the middle before getting pregnant, ALL the way out at about 20 weeks, ridiculous at 30 weeks and now..well now it’s so stretched out that it’s almost flat again! It is so freaky and I’m scared it will never be normal again.

Stretch Marks? Sadly, a few have popped up around my belly button. I did all the tips and tricks: lots of moisturizer, slow and steady weight gain…but, I still got em’. Oh well, it’s all a part of the package and I’m cool with that.

Rings on or off? On, no swelling for me!

Looking forward to? Still looking forward to getting the nursery done! Carpet will be installed on Monday! Woohoo!

Missing Most? Fitting into clothes. We went to the mall yesterday just to walk around and play at Sephora and I was sooo envious of all the non-pregnant girls shopping for cute clothes.

Other Symptoms? Every pregnancy symptom I never had seems to have hit me this week: leg cramps, dry skin, weird spots, weird cramping, dizziness, etc. Also, my “pregnancy brain” is severe. I cannot focus on anything. I can barely hold a conversation. Just hanging out with friends feels challenging.

Emotions? All over the place. One minute I’m super excited to meet Luna, the next I’m terrified about going into labor. Or, one moment I feel beautiful and awesome, then 2 seconds later I feel disgusting and huge. Pregnancy is a crazy thing.

Exercise? Still going strong! I am still working out 6 days a week and feeling super proud of myself. It gets harder every single day, but I know it will be worth it.

Today, I had a little too much time on my hands and after seeing Gwen Stefani’s beautiful baby bump photo that’s gone viral, I decided I wanted to take one too. I happened to have a very similar outfit so I spent way too much time recreating the photo, but it was a lot of fun to do.


Our little girl will be here any day now! Oh, and don’t forget about my PinkBlush Maternity gift card giveaway! If you haven’t entered to win just comment on my previous blog and I’ll announce the winner on Monday!