3 Months, No Longer a Newborn

Luna turned 3 months yesterday and like clockwork she seemed to instantly change from a newborn to an infant. Her smiles are bigger, she’s babbling all the time and even her cry sounds older. I’m going to miss that newborn cry that sounds so similar to a cat. We have packed up her newborn clothes, and yes I got misty-eyed putting them away. I can tell we are very close to being on a more regular schedule with naps and feedings. She’s also almost sleeping through the night. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time. I love all the changes, but God they happen so fast!

3 months

(I wrote that first paragraph this morning when Luna was super happy and smiling at me constantly…then all hell broke loose. From about noon until 11pm Luna has been either crying hysterically or on my boob. It has been the worst. The absolute worst. This is not a 3 month milestone I was hoping for…)


It’s so ridiculous how much we obsess over every little thing she does…Did you see that? She’s smiling so big! She said ooobah! She just made the funniest noise! That was the loudest toot ever! She touched the dog! Check out this explosive diaper! Seriously, it’s ridiculous. We celebrate every movement, milestone and bowel movement as if she just won a Nobel Peace Prize. But, come on…how can we not love every little thing this little stinker does?!I


This weekend she will attend her first rehearsal dinner and wedding. Just wait until you see the big ball of adorableness she is going to be! I may have gone slightly overboard on her costumer…er, dress.

smiling at Mommy
smiling at Mommy

Happy 3 months Luna.

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