Closer to 2 Than 1

My daughter is 18 months and a few days, or “closer to two than one” as a friend of mine pointed out the other day. We had her 18-month well-visit, which was a total sh*t show BTW (Note to self: never EVER schedule a doctor appointment in the middle of nap time.) As we left the check-up her doctor reminded me that he wouldn’t need to see her again until her second birthday. HOW is that possible??? This child is growing at lightning speed and while I hate it and so often just beg time to slow down, I also kind of love it. Luna is the coolest toddler I know and watching her learn new stuff everyday is the best. It makes the whole getting older thing not so terrible.

Aww, sweet thang
Aww, sweet thang

At 18 months she is doing forward rolls, playing with dolls, learning how to listen and kind of sort of follow some directions. While she is still a good eater, she has become pickier. She has started refusing certain foods (like green goldfish, what the heck?) and requesting her favorites…cheese. She LOVES putting things in and out of baskets and purses and then carrying them all around the house. She’s also a huge fan of accessories. Hats, bracelets, necklaces and shoes are all the rage. She has peed in her potty twice (woo!).

ALL the time
ALL the time

stair climber

Her hair is growing, so I can actually put in a bow, which lasts about 7 seconds. I’ve attempted pigtails a couple of times, but I think we both need a dose of Valium to make that a successful endeavor. The girl is obsessed with books and either “reading” them to herself or begging us to read the same ones over and over and over and over. YES. T. Swift is still her fav music and YES “Shake it off” is still our go-to anytime we have an uncontrollable meltdown. She loves being in the water is actually learning to get around in it pretty well.

Swimming at the beach in Hilton Head.

This summer she has been to the zoo, the aquarium, the beach, Hilton Head Island, Texas, a couple of splash pads, the pool, lots of parks, the library, a few parties and had many trips to Starbucks. It’s always one adventure after another.

water play


She’s still hasn’t mastered the art of naptime or even sleeping through the night, but hey who needs sleep? Can I get an amen Moms? #teamnosleep

"Wait for me Dad!"
“Wait for me Dad!”
Picking fresh berries at Wagner Berry Farm.
Picking fresh berries at Wagner Berry Farm.

AND did I mention my super-advanced little genius has her first joke? Get this, We say “Hey Luna, say “fish””, and Luna says “shoe”. She then immediately cracks up at her own joke. That’s pretty hilarious material, right? I think I’ve got the next Amy Schumer on my hands (Dear God, please no).

On second thought, maybe I just need some sleep.

Me and my girl on the 4th of July
Me and my girl on the 4th of July


11 Months, Nope Not Possible

I’m a few days late, but on the 29th Luna turned 11 months old. How is it possible that my newborn baby is almost one!? Didn’t I just have her? I’m still recovering for goodness sake, how have 11 months come and gone?? It’s not until I see an actual newborn while out and about that I realize how grown Luna actually is. In my eyes, she is a teeny tiny little wrinkly ball of fresh baby. From my point of view, I just became a Mother. I’m still learning. I’m still exhausted. I’m still trying to get the hang of this. Yet, I’m not a new Mom, and Luna is definitely not a newborn.

11 months

During her 11 month Luna learned to do so much! She walks! I mean she can walk. She took her first step and has gradually walked more and more each day. Over the last couple of days she has chosen to walk just about everywhere. She now copies so much of what we do, and it is adorable. We spend hours clapping, playing peek-a-boo, making funny noises and putting our hands in the air. She loves attention and making us laugh.


She also shown an affinity for Taylor Swift, especially Shake it Off. It has proven to be one of the 3 things that stops a meltdown in a matter of seconds. (The other two being boobies and cheerios.) Not only does it make her happy, but she literally “shakes” it off. She twists and shakes and shimmies her shoulders! It is hysterical and definitely the cutest thing ever in the history of cute. Well, that and when she attempts to throw the ball for Belle…or when we say “yay” how she claps for herself and then throws her hands in the air. What can I say? She’s just one cute kid.

This is how she a drunk Godzilla
This is how she walks…like a drunk Godzilla

This month has been another exciting month of adventures too. She volunteered with me at the Children’s Hospital and helped pack food boxes for two different organizations. She “ran” a holiday  5k, made Christmas ornaments, met Santa, saw a Christmas musical,  celebrated Hanukkah, saw the lights and ICE! at Opryland, and her had first Christmas! We got her a little trampoline for her first Christmas, but her favorite thing to play with was a box of animal crackers that she carried around all morning like a purse, go figure.


I cannot believe that I will be describing her first birthday to you in less than a month. Be prepared for lots of sentimental posts around the 29th! Thank you all for stopping by and keeping up with me and this little ham!

Princess Luna
Princess Luna


Luna is 10 Months Old!

I have lots of cool things to brag about this month…Luna is amazing and doing amazing things. Really, she’s a doll. But, hold cow I. AM. EXHAUSTED. Between driving to and from Texas, having guests, getting everything ready for the holidays and Luna NEVER sleeping I am running on fumes…coffee fumes. Can I just tell you about how I can’t manage to get one single thing done instead? Or, how I feel like a failure because I have no clue how to get my daughter to sleep through the night? I’m tired. I’ll just share Luna’s cute pictures instead.

10 months


Luna is so darn active that it is quite the challenge to get a non-blurry photo of her. For this particular photo session, she insisted on having Minnie Mouse, in her mouth, for every picture.

naked baby


Luna has developed a sense of humor and is always trying to get us to laugh. The other day she slid down a couple of steps on her belly only and after I laughed at her she decided to do it over and over and over again. She is into everything too. She loves pulling everything out of the kitchen cabinets, digging in the fridge, taking out all of my shoes, finding her Cheerios hidden in my diaper bag and then laughing anytime we tell her, “no”. Little stinker.

Poor baby had her second flu shot, hence the bandaid.
Poor baby had her second flu shot, hence the bandaid.

She may ware me out, but this girl has my whole heart in the palm of her itty bitty hand. The other day I left her for a few hours with her Daddy and when I came home she squealed with excitement and raced to me. It was one of the greatest feelings, right up there with the time Santa pointed to me and shouted “Happy birthday” on my actual birthday in the middle of a huge Disney Christmas parade.

look at me, look at me!
look at me, look at me!
Hey Mom, I can clap!
Hey Mom, I can clap!

I am so tired, but I am one very lucky Mommy.


Luna is 9 Months Old!

9 months

9 months. Where is time going? How is to going so fast?? This child brings so much joy, adventure, challenges and love to our lives everyday. I am constantly surprised by her and I swear I fall more in love with her all the time. I could stare at her all day and I love watching her learn more and more as each week passes, but I also just want to press pause for a moment. There are certainly times I get exhausted and frustrated (diaper changes with a wiggle worm and night time with a Mama’s girl), but then she smiles or laughs or sleeps in my arms or learns how to stand, and I just want to remember that moment forever and ever.


This month has been a busy one. Luna went to her first art museum, where she learned to paint for the first time. We all went to Gentry Farm to pick out Luna’s first pumpkins. Then, there was our big trip to NYC, where Luna had MANY firsts. She’s also been to the zoo for the first time (and second time), ran the Boo Bash Dash, had a few playdates, visited Cheekwood, and actually slept through the night one night! (That last one is possibly the biggest accomplishment of all.)


I swear this child has done more in 9 months than I did the first 20 years of my life. Lucky duck.

so big

She is a speed crawler and a cruiser these days. She is FAST and gets into everything…including, but not limited to, dog food, cat food, chocolate, muffins, my underwear drawer, anything that’s plugged in and pretty much anything she shouldn’t touch. She is eating more solids foods, like cheerios (and pet food, unfortunately), and has even had some Mexican food. I am 99% sure she has said “Mama” to me on more than one occasion, and she is definitely understanding words like, “mama”, “more”, “no” and “Luna”. She even understands some sign language, but has yet to sign to me.

I can’t believe it’s already time for the holidays, and will be Luna’s first birthday soon after! So many things to look forward to!


8 Months Seems to Be the Magic Month

8 months

I am in shock at how much Luna has changed this month, just the past couple of weeks really. She is crawling all over the place, pulls up to standing on absolutely anything within reach, climbs up steps and has even stood on her own a few times. It’s way too much, too fast. Once she discovered she can crawl she started doing more and more everyday. I swear if I leave her in the middle of the carpet with a stuffed animal for two seconds, she’ll manage to get an electrical chord, a knife, a valuable piece of jewelry and my cell phone in her hands. That kid is ninja. She also sprouted two teeth this last week! I’m afraid she’s going to be driving by the end of the week.

It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!
It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!

Over the last month Luna has begun “talking” nonstop. She babbles new syllables all the time. She growls, squeals, laughs, blows raspberries, hums and is surprisingly loud. I’m also 94% sure she said “mama” to me a couple of weeks ago and then said “dada” to Peter last week. It hasn’t’ happened again though, so I can’t be sure.


She has now been to 3 other kid’s birthday parties and a few adult birthday parties as well. (Birthday season has begun.) We go to Whole Foods once a week for kids’ hour, the library and the park all the time. She has celebrated Rosh Hashanah, met some new friends and is an incredibly social and happy baby. She couldn’t make me any happier.


Well….unless maybe she slept all night. Yeah, that would definitely make me a little happier. In fact, it’s almost midnight now, she’s sleeping and I’m not. I should probably cut this one short. Night Night.


7 Months Young

Last Friday, my little love turned 7 months old! 


So far, every month just keeps getting better. Luna is one happy and adorable little girl. This month brought lots of new milestones. She planks all the time in a desperate attempt to crawl. (She crawled a couple of steps on Saturday, but isn’t exactly a crawler yet.) She scoots, army crawls and rolls surprisingly fast to get absolutely everything she shouldn’t touch. The girls got ninja skills and a taste for chargers and cables. She babbles non-stop and now makes the “da” sound. Her sippy-cup of water is one of her new favorite things, and now one of our go-to’s when she’s crying. This chick loves her own reflection, playing with her Daddy and can watch the dog and cat all day long.

Trying to get to Belle's dog toy...which is always what she wants most.
Trying to get to Belle’s dog toy…which is always what she wants most.

Seven months also brought some not-so-fun milestones. Luna had her first virus, which she quickly passed to me. She no longer sleeps through the night, or even half the night. I don’t even know where to begin with this problem. Luckily, we have a very comfy rocking chair and a really sweet coffee maker. Also, now that she eats (and loves) real food, she’s got real poop to match, which is incredibly gross after dealing with an only breastmilk diet for 6 months. 

This was my dress was I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.
This was my dress when I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.

Luna also had some new adventures this month, of course. She went to downtown Nashville on a Friday night and experienced way too loud Honky Tonk music. She had her first library visit, and it was awesome. We took a 12-hour road trip to Texas to visit friends and family for a week. She visited the Gulf of Mexico. We had a Mommy-Daughter weekend with her Honey (grandma) at Atlanta’s Apparel Market. She also went swimming a few times and has proven to be a little fish in the water!



Seven months in to this whole parenting thing and I’ve got say…I’m exhausted, filthy, busy, mentally drained and way happier than I even imagined. Being Luna’s Mom rocks.



Happy Half Birthday Baby!

6 months

Today is exactly half a year since Luna has entered the world. Half. A. Year. How have 6 months gone by already? There’s just no way. The last month has been crazy! Luna has changed so much and is basically an adult now. We went from having an adorable little immobile blob that cooed and smiled, to a mobile little girl that spills things and actually knows who we are. We are having so much playing with her and watching her play…and keeping her from killing herself every 5 minutes.

The pets couldn't keep away from the photo session. (That's Lola BTW, we are pet-sitting her this week.)
The pets couldn’t keep away from the photo session. (That’s Lola BTW, we are pet-sitting her this week.)

Luna sits now. We can even walk away from her without worrying about her immediately collapsing onto her face. Of course, she now prefers to sit. She must sit to hear a story, play with a toy, eat and chew on things. The tricky part is reaching for something to the side…gets her every time.

big smile

Luna has two new sounds now, “ma” and “ba”. When she’s excited she repeatedly says “ma, ma, ma, ma” which sounds A LOT like “mama” if you ask me, not if you ask Husband though. I try to reinforce “mama” by running to her and pointing to myself when she gets on a “ma” roll. That’s right baby! “Mama”! That’s me!

That's one good book
That’s one good book

The funniest thing is that Luna can scoot. She can scoot on her belly in a circle and scoot backwards (never forwards), but her most efficient means of moving is by scooting on her back. She lies on her back bends her knees and pushes into a bridge pose, then straightens her legs and moves back. It’s impressive how fast she can move across the room like this.

on back

This month has also been the month of becoming a “mama’s girl”. She wants me ALL the time. She reaches for me, cries for me, notices when I’m not in the room and only lets me put her to bed. It’s sometimes frustrating that Husband can’t calm her lately (give the Mama a break!). I feel bad that she wants me. However, I feel pretty darn good too. Who’s your favorite, baby? That’s right, Mama! Besides, I know his time will come. I have to soak up these moments now, before she’s 13 and hates me.


She’s not 13 yet though, she’s only 6 months and she loves me, playing peekaboo, listening to us read, sticking her tongue out, pulling everything off the table and sticking everything in her mouth. I mean, really, your Dad’s dirty socks? That can’t taste good.

So advanced
So advanced

Happy Half Birthday baby girl!


3 Months, No Longer a Newborn

Luna turned 3 months yesterday and like clockwork she seemed to instantly change from a newborn to an infant. Her smiles are bigger, she’s babbling all the time and even her cry sounds older. I’m going to miss that newborn cry that sounds so similar to a cat. We have packed up her newborn clothes, and yes I got misty-eyed putting them away. I can tell we are very close to being on a more regular schedule with naps and feedings. She’s also almost sleeping through the night. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time. I love all the changes, but God they happen so fast!

3 months

(I wrote that first paragraph this morning when Luna was super happy and smiling at me constantly…then all hell broke loose. From about noon until 11pm Luna has been either crying hysterically or on my boob. It has been the worst. The absolute worst. This is not a 3 month milestone I was hoping for…)


It’s so ridiculous how much we obsess over every little thing she does…Did you see that? She’s smiling so big! She said ooobah! She just made the funniest noise! That was the loudest toot ever! She touched the dog! Check out this explosive diaper! Seriously, it’s ridiculous. We celebrate every movement, milestone and bowel movement as if she just won a Nobel Peace Prize. But, come on…how can we not love every little thing this little stinker does?!I


This weekend she will attend her first rehearsal dinner and wedding. Just wait until you see the big ball of adorableness she is going to be! I may have gone slightly overboard on her costumer…er, dress.

smiling at Mommy
smiling at Mommy

Happy 3 months Luna.

on side