Real Life

Lately, I am on the computer and watching TV a lot. Since, I spend a large portion of the day nursing Luna, I also spend most of that time writing, reading other blogs and catching up on TV shows. Even though I know I’m doing a good thing (feeding my child and all), I can’t help but feel lazy. I mean, my God, I should at least be reading the dozens of books waiting on my Nook. It doesn’t help that everyone I stalk online appears to be the most productive and perfect people ever.

I follow a lot of Mommy blogs, Mommy Instagrams, Pinterest boards and, of course many Moms on Facebook. Most of the time I love seeing what everyone is up to, what their funny kids are doing and whatever advice they’re offering up to us new Mommys. However, lately it seems they are all just rubbing my nose in their perfect productive days. I seriously do not know how some of these women are capable of doing their hair and makeup, getting dressed in real clothes, making a gourmet breakfast, getting their children ready and posting it all to Instagram all before 8am. Heck, I don’t even know how they do that much before noon. Some days I’m thrilled to brush my teeth before lunch.

I totally believe these Super Moms are doing all these things, but something in these Mom’s lives is a huge mess. Something has to be forgotten, put on the back-burner, left to the wayside and playing second fiddle. NO ONE can do it all. I refuse to believe it. We have all become experts at taking that perfect photo to make our lives seem fun, perfect and beautiful. In fact, the more I think about it, more I realize that I am so very guilty of doing exactly that. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram my life probably looks like I drink Starbucks, shop, workout and cuddle a perfectly happy baby all day.

SOOOOO, it’s time to get a real look into my life.

I planned to stay in PJ’s all day, then Luna threw up on me and then peed on me…while screaming in my ear. I chose not to Instagram this magical moment. In fact, like all babies, Luna cries and pees on me a lot. Those cute pictures I normally post of her smiling is 1 out of 100 photos I took while making ridiculous high-pitched funny noises at her for ten minutes.



I am currently using the dining room table as my makeshift office because our office is not finished, and it’s very cold in that room. Also, there is a perfect view of the living room TV from the table.



I happened to be in the middle of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning used to take me a day (2 tops), but with a newborn it is looking like it may take a week. We currently have piles upon piles throughout the house. There’s the “get rid of” pile, the “winter crap” pile, the “wash this” pile and the “figure out where this goes” pile. It’s very exciting.

20140331_095348 20140331_095340 20140331_103854


AND, our dishwasher is STILL broken and I HATE doing dishes.



did make the bed and get a pic of these two snuggle bugs. I didn’t get everything checked off my list today, but I did sing a dozen nursery rhymes while Luna smiled along, so worth it.



There ya go…some real photos that will hopefully make you feel better about your own productive or not-so-much day.