My Practically Perfect Shoes (Giveaway!)

Before going to NYC Comic Con I had to decide if I wanted to participate in the oh-so popular cosplay (dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime), obviously, I did. BUT, did I want to go all out like this girl…


Or, have a more subtle approach like this girl…


Again, this should be obvious. I went for the second approach. First step in achieving this look was scouring the Internet for comic con worthy accessories. Of course, I needed a theme… Day 1 was Mary Poppins Day! I had Mary Poppins earrings, a Mary Poppins bracelet, a real carpet bag (review coming soon!) and the cutest hand-painted Mary Poppins shoes!!!

Luna's shirt said "practically perfect".
Luna’s shirt said “practically perfect”.

comic con

I found the shoes on Etsy (of course) from JALI’s Place. Iliana, the shop owner, creates very unique shoes, hair bands and clips and a few other items, but her shoes are definitely the most impressive and unique items. They are all hand-painted on non-latex shoes. She’s got quite a few Disney-themed shoes, which just makes me love her more. Just look at these beautiful Mary Poppins shoes.

jalie'splace marypoppins supercali

Since, we’ve been home from Comic Con I have continued to wear them over and over again. The colors go with just about everything, they’re comfortable, fun and a little sparkly. They’ve also born worn in some rainy weather lately and still look good as new!

AND because my favorite Etsy shops never let my readers down Jali’s Place is offering a really cool giveaway and a few discount codes!

First, let’s discuss this giveaway… She hand-painted shoes in the Dr. Who theme and they look fantastic! They are size 10 and they are absolutely free to one of you!

handmade dr. who the back

To enter for this giveaway please do the following!

1. Follow my blog. (Yup, just click that little “follow” button on the right and enter your email.)

2. Follow me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Or, all 3 because really…you don’t want to miss a thang.)

3. Comment below! Tell me what you love about Dr. Who!

I’ll select the winner in a week (Monday, November 24th). AND don’t forget that Jali’s Place is also offering some sweet deals. First, With all our shoes they will be giving a headpiece matching the shoes. Second, use the discount code Xmas10 for 10% off your entire purchase. And, third, all the headbands have free shipping until December 20th! Whew, that’s a lot. Be sure to stop by her shop and look for some Christmas gifts for your nerdy/Disney-freak/super-cool friends.

Good luck and Cheers!

Disney at Comic Con: The Panel Where I Belong

Have you ever got the feeling that you don’t belong? Felt like you stuck out like a sore thumb? Had that moment of being lost in a crowd? Wondered “where do I fit in?” Yeah…that was me at Comic Con this past weekend.

Because I am a lucky little duck, I scored press tickets to NYC’s Comic Con. But, let’s be real…Husband is the lucky one. Husband loves video games, the newest computers, all things techy and lots of other “nerdy” things. When I got the press tickets for this event, I was excited about ONE very important thing. One BIG thing. One thing that qualifies me for the “nerd” category. (Hate that word BTW).

That one thing? The Disney panel.

Okay, well actually, I was pretty damn excited to dress up, and by “dress-up”, I mean buy new things. I didn’t wear full on costumes, but I did have a nice theme everyday (Luna too!) Day 1’s theme? Mary Poppins!

Snagged this when I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway.
Snagged this when I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway.
These were a gift from one of my BFF's.
These were a gift from one of my BFF’s.
Luna's shirt said "practically perfect".
Luna’s shirt said “practically perfect”.
Review on the shoes AND a giveaway coming soon!!!
Review on the shoes AND a giveaway coming soon!!!
Review on the bag coming soon!!!!
Review on the bag coming soon!!!!

Disney’s panel was on Thursday, just a few hours after we landed. We ran off the plan, hopped into a cab, sped to the apartment, unloaded, changed a baby diaper and hopped into another cab. “Javits Center and step on it!” We bypassed the very long line (thanks press pass) and zig-zagged through the ridiculous crowd until we found our way to the large press room. The seats were lined with Big Hero 6 posters and swag bags. The room was packed with Disney fanatics, journalists, photographers, bloggers and fans of all ages. I was stoked.


The panel began with Big Hero 6. I knew little about this movie, so I was happy to learn more and really happy when I did. The movie is collaboration of Marvel and Disney, inspired by the Marvel Comics of the same name. It takes place in San Fransokyo and is about a young robotics genius, a super cute/sweet/funny/smart robot, named Baymax, and a team of underdog-type heroes who band together to solve crime. Seeing the stars and hearing the interviews was cool and interesting, but the best part, by far, was seeing the many “seen-for-the-first-time” clips!


We got to see the introduction scenes of all the robotics team, the introduction of Baymax, a hilarious scene where Baymax needs to be recharged and is basically drunk, Baymax learning to fight and a pretty crazy car-chasing scene. Every exclusive trailer made me fall more in love. I CANNOT wait to see the movie! I love that Disney is able to take the most un-cuddly looking characters and make them super lovable. Speaking of “seeing the movie”, Disney actually gave out passes to see an exclusive viewing of the movie that night to random people in the audience, one of which was me! Luckily, you are allowed to bring someone with you. Unluckily, after waiting in a very long line that night, they ran out of seats! Boo! Guess I’ll have to wait until November 7th. (We went out and bought Luna a plush Baymax anyways. I’m pretty sure we’re going to love the movie!)

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…in fact, I was so satisfied I forgot there was more, Disney began discussing Tomrrowland, the movie. The tagline for this heavily anticipated movie is “Imagine a place where nothing is impossible.” I love this because when I hear that quote I think of Disney, where Tomorrowland is of course located. The movie is a science fiction mystery adventure film, and we got to see the exclusive world premiere trailer! It was about a 30 second clip that let us know basically nothing, yet left us wanting more. The gist? There’s a troubled girl and a pin. When she touches the pin she is immediately transported to another land…Tomorrowland perhaps?

Immediately after, a few stars were brought out to discuss the moving, including Hugh Laurie. The cast members were charming and constantly joking about how they could tell us virtually nothing about the movie. After each question was asked, they looked to the director nervously and told us they were scared to give away too much. Hugh Laurie, began talking about what it was like to work with George Clooney on set. He joked about the drinking, the bad behavior etc when who else, but George himself appears on stage!

It was difficult to snap a good photo with the security constantly telling us to stop taking photos...
It was difficult to snap a good photo with the security constantly telling us to stop taking photos…

Mr. Clooney was as cool as you’d imagined. He wooed us all with his wit and good looks. He commanded the room and insisted we see more of his movie, so we were then shown an entire 5 minutes of the movie! Yup, more never before seen footage. AMAZING. The scene took place in Frank’s (George Clooney) house. The main girl in the movie sneaks in and insist on getting his help. He is obviously  some sort of genius inventor, but doesn’t want to get involved with the girl and the pin. The house is soon after bombarded by what I can only describe as human-like robots. A wild fight scene ensues and it all ends with the two main characters blasting out of the house in a bathtub/rocket-ship!?

The panel ended right after the final clip. The crowd went wild and social media began blowing up. I loved the whole experience. And that was my first 2 hours at Comic Con… much more to come!


Saving Mr. Banks

I have mentioned before that I adore Mary Poppins. It is my all time favorite movie and one of my favorite Broadway musicals. It was announced a couple of years ago that Disney would be making a movie based on how Mary Poppins became a movie in the first place. Saving Mr. Banks tells the story of how Walt himself got the rights to turn P.L. Travers famous book into a Disney movie. It was no easy task, but we all know it ended very happily.

I have been anxiously awaiting this film for what feels like EVER. The trailer was released 6 days ago and I have already watched it about a hundred times. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this movie when it finally comes out in December!

This is definitely the most excited I have been to see any movie, ever!


Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned From Mary Poppins

Husband’s cousin is in town this week, which means we have another first time NYC visitor! I think that makes 15 visitors this year! This means we are yet again making our rounds to each Manhattan tourist spot. If any of you are ever planning a trip to the city and need help…you know who to ask! Seriously, why haven’t we started charging people for our services?

Cousin has never been to a Broadway show, and was pretty excited about the chance to see a musical during her visit. Her show of choice ended up being Mary Poppins. I’d already seen this musical once, and I must say, it was even better the second time around!


Mary Poppins is my all time favorite Disney movie! I have seen it at least 900 times. I was super excited to see the musical the first time, but I left with mixed feelings. The acting, singing, dancing, the set (omg the set…it’s unbelievable!), and the costumes were are great, magical even. The story however… was quite different.

The musical is based on the stories from the children’s books, by P.L. Travers, and the story from the Disney film. So, some scenes from the books were added, and a couple from the movie was taken away. The added scenes and songs weren’t bad, in fact; they were actually pretty good. It’s just hard to swallow if you’ve had the movie memorized since you were ten years old.

This time though, I knew what to expect; I could truly appreciate the talent and the theatrics. This show is really beautiful and amazing… the best combination of Disney and Broadway I have ever seen. (I like it 10 times better then The Lion King Musical). While watching it again, I remembered just how smart this Nanny is, and how much I have always wanted to be like her.

In life, and certainly in my classroom, there are lots of very important lessons I learned from Miss Poppins. Here’s my top 10.

  1. Always carry a large purse full of surprises. This one is especially true for teachers, and Mother’s I assume. We need our bag of tricks.
  2. Be confident and always describe yourself as “practically perfect in everyway.” I have only said this to my students; I’m not quite confident enough to write it on a resume yet.
  3. Children love someone who is stern, honest, and knows how to throw in some “elements of fun”. I try my very best to use all 3 qualities when teaching.
  4. Every lady needs a man who can dance, make here laugh, adore her, and always have her back. I’m so glad I found my Bert.
  5. Never reveal too much information to your employers. AKA, do not friend your boss on Facebook! I don’t even friend my co-workers. Although, I’m pretty sure my current boss knows I’ll leave “as soon as the wind changes”. If only I had a large umbrella to travel by.
  6. Always look your best. People treat you as you appear.
  7. Never stop dreaming or using your imagination.
  8. Take medicine (and anything else hard to swallow or stomach) with spoonfuls of sugar. When I was teaching in Tennessee I played this famous song as our classroom “cleanup song”. It made the process much more cheerful, and I loved that all my students knew this song by heart.
  9. Remember it’s okay to get a little dirty. (Hey! Keep your mind out of the gutter!) Getting some soot and ash on your clothes and face is okay if you’re going to spend the night dancing on a roof top.
  10.  Be sure to take some time out to fly a kite, and enjoy time spent with your loved ones. Maybe even give the crazy bird lady your toppin’s.

Maybe I’ll make some time to watch the Mary Poppins the movie for 901st time this weekend. I could use a snuggle-up-in-my-pj’s-with-a-giant-bowl-of-popcorn–and-a-Disney-movie kind of night.