Our Little Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras Yall!

Today is Fat Tuesday, and if you remember a previous “mardi gras” post of mine you might remember that while I am not Catholic, I’m a big Mardi Gras celebrator. Over the weekend, everyone from my home in Southeast Texas took to Facebook and Instagram to show off their awesome weekend at the many Mardi Gras celebrations back where I grew up. To make matters worse, Husband was in New Orleans at the biggest Mardi Gras celebration. I was starting to feel very left out.

Soooo, today we had a little Mardi Gras at home, here in Tennessee. Luna and I played with the beads Husband brought home.

beads mardi gras

Then, we enjoyed the King Cake Husband brought back to me as a souvenir. It was pretty darn good, especially for being 2 days old.

box cake piecea

We haven’t found the baby in the cake yet, but I’m hoping I might find something sparkly and expensive instead. After all, I let him go to Mardi Gras without me. Just kidding, he doesn’t owe me jewelry…just a girls weekend getaway.



Laissez Bons Temps Rouler

I am from Southeast Texas (bordering Louisiana and the Gulf Coast) and my community is made of many many many Catholics and Cajuns. My community is ALL ABOUT Mardi Gras. All weekend I had to see picture after picture after status update on Facebook of all my hometown friends celebrating Mardi Gras. I miss the parades, the beads, the festival, the shows, but most of all, the King Cake.

The best way to describe a traditional New Orleans’s style King Cake is as a giant cinnamon roll, topped with a sugary icing, purple, green and yellow sprinkles, often filled with a delicious filling (hello Bavarian cream!), and complete with a hidden naked baby.

The tradition is the person who finds the baby (symbolic of baby Jesus) gets special privileges for the day, like “king for the day”. I introduced this tradition to Husband the first year we dated, and now we both love participating in the celebration. Neither of us are Catholic… One of us is a little Cajun..

We bought our cake from Silver Moon Bakery (It’s the only bakery in NYC that makes this style King Cake), along with a couple other treats, and walked the 2 miles home. I figure I’d feel less guilty about eating half a cake if I walked home from the bakery.

located on the Upper West Side
located on the Upper West Side


The cake was good, not great. They did not use a filling, but it was still good, and it definitely fixed my craving for a King Cake. Husband found the baby….except it was definitely not a baby. I think he found a shepherd.

king pup bitebaby

Let the good times roll!