Organizing My Life

My life is a little hectic right now. My job responsibilities have doubled (although feels like they’ve tripled this week). I am finally tackling my fears and working on conquering my anxiety disorder. We are trying so hard to figure out where we are going to live next. (Buying a place is hard!) Then, you know all of life’s other responsibilities fit in their somewhere. Making time to workout and eat healthy is the biggest challenge. So, to make my life a little tiny bit easier I am trying to stay organized…very very, painfully, organized.

First, I have a new work space! We have always had a desk in our living room, but Husband has been the primary user. For over a year he has taken it over with his enormous bulky desktop and other computer gadgets that I don’t use. However, he got himself a nice new laptop last week, and the bulky desktop is now stored in the closet…leaving a free desk for me! Woohoo!

work station

I keep every single deadline, appointment, plan, number, lists, reminder, birthday, anniversary, holiday and memo in my agenda. Husband bought this Anthropologie agenda for me last year for Christmas and I refused to use it because it is blank…no dates, weeks, months or anything. Finally, (after lots of Husband’s nagging) I decided to take the time to fill it out and now I cannot leave the house without it. I live by my agenda.


I can work so much faster and even more productive when I can work in a clean cozy spot of my own.


I felt so great in my new clean and organized work space that I decided to organize my bathroom better. The hardest part of my day is most definitely the morning. I am such a child. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. is a struggle. The cold weather does not help. I set four alarms every morning, make coffee, turn on Good Morning America, pump up my Top 40 Pandora playlist and still fall back to sleep on the couch every morning.

My organized desk is proving so helpful, that maybe an organized bathroom will encourage me to get ready and stay awake in the morning. To help with my big organizing scheme I got the Clip Tree!


The Clip Tree is awesome because it can go anywhere (the hallway, bathroom, shower, kitchen, bedroom, closet, etc) and hold anything. There are hooks, loops and different sized trays that are interchangeable. I put one of my “trees” in the hallways for all my scarves and crap, and this one in the bathroom for all my lady junk.

Speaking of lady junk: I LOVE everything made by Josie Maran right now. I feel all pretty and glowe-y when I wear her products. One day I plan to wake up and look just like her.

IMG_4339 copy

Maybe I’ll organize my closet this weekend, or maybe not. I’ve organized enough this week.


Special Delivery

Growing up in a small town is an experience I’m glad to have had; without it I would not have the appreciation and excitement for all the glitz and glamour of big cities and foreign countries.

As a little girl, I knew all of my neighbors (we literally borrowed sugar from our neighbors multiple times). I walked to the corner store, to elementary school, and to the snow cone stand without fears of being mugged or kidnapped. I played capture the flag with the neighborhood kids, made secret clubs in the backyard, and played outside all day until the streetlights flickered on, and I was forced to come in for supper.

When I was a teenager I learned to drive a car at 15, worked as cashier at the local grocery store where I learned everybody’s business, and took dance classes at the studio four blocks down the road from my house.

In school, I constantly heard things like “oh I taught your sister”, “I went to school with your daddy”, or “you must be related to so-and-so.” I graduated with the same group of kids who started half-day kindergarten with me. Our football team was a local celebrity. Dairy Queen was a lunchtime staple, and beauty pageants were as common as school dances.

By the time I finished college I started to appreciate and realized what the small town life taught me: the literal meaning of loving my neighbors as myself, how to work hard in order to earn what I want in life, and how to appreciate stormy summer days under a tin roof. I truly valued these lessons, but at the time, I also learned about life outside my small town, and what I was missing.

While traveling a bit, I was introduced to Starbucks, new cultures and customs, Thai food, beautiful beaches, designer handbags, snow skiing, and Sephora. Oh, how Sephora has changed my life.

I was 21 years old the first time I ever went to a Sephora (the closest one was two hours from my home). I couldn’t believe what the rest of the world was holding back from small towns! I could have spent a week shopping through the colorful products. Immediately after getting home from my Houston shopping trip I googled Sephora, signed up to be a V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty), and began my online shopping extravaganza.

After this discovery, Target and Wal-mart’s make-up selections became obsolete. Anytime, I got close to running out of a product, I made an order from, and made sure to add a couple never-before-tried products to my “shopping cart”.

While making my first purchase I scrolled down to the option that asks, “Is this a gift?” and I thought, “Well sure it is! I can buy myself a gift!”. I selected “yes”, and then asked me if I wanted to send the gift in a FREE silk drawstring bag, and I thought “Why not?!”. When, it finally got to the “Write a special message here” directions, I was ready to wish myself a “Happy new make-up day to the prettiest girl in town!”

A week later, my gift arrived and it was the most fun package to open. I even enjoyed reading the card because I’d completely forgotten what I ‘d written to myself. From that point on, any time I ever make an online purchase for myself, I select the “send as a gift” option. Sometimes I even forget that I did it, and for a split second I’ll think “Wow! Who sent me this awesome box of teacher supplies from Oriental Trading???”

Before going to Texas last week, I was low on a few beauty products, and Sephora happened to be offering a special “Free clutch with 8 samples” deal for any online purchase for their V.I.B. members, so I made an order and decided to ship it Texas. (Sadly, Sephora now makes you pay for the pretty silk drawstring bags, but it’s still fun to get a nice card with your package.)

Now, that I’ve moved out of the small town, I hope that I keep all of my childhood lessons with me, and continue to be excited by the many extravagant opportunities around me.  My small town actually has a Sephora and a Starbucks now, which is a little disappointing to me. I’m sure everyone who lives there is thrilled to not have to drive two hours for these treats (and many others), but it does take a bit of the thrill away.

I selfishly wish all small towns would only allow mom-and-pop shops, and act as a small getaway from the bigger cities. Oh well…I guess the plus side to small towns expanding their options is that now my favorite mom-and-pop shops have websites and will ship me whatever I desire. I wonder if I can get them to gift-wrap my purchases and attach a special note? Doesn’t hurt to ask!


No Makeup Day

Makeup free day, for both of us

If you read my No Mascara post, you may be under the impression that a “no makeup” would be another way of phrasing the worst day ever. You would be wrong though…a “no makeup” day is one of my favorite days!

choose to have no makeup days on my nothing-to-do-but-stay-home-and-relax-and-cuddle-days. This is also known as “pajama day”, “movie day”, “lazy sunday”, etc. It is so rare that I get a day off with nothing to do, so I planned on taking full advantage of one this Sunday.

I told Fiance of my plans ahead of time so he was fully prepared to do nothing, except hangout with me, of course. I stayed up extra late Saturday night, so I was fully prepared to sleep in as late as possible. I even turned down an offer to eat vegan hot dogs with Zoey because that would require real pants and shoes. Even with all this planning my day wasn’t totally non-productive.

I love to relax and watch TV all day, but it is not easy to do. After I woke up…at noon… I remembered all the things I needed to do that I now had the time to do (Stupid guilt) (i.e. laundry, clean house, clean out closet, wedding planning). Then both Zoey and Fiance informed that it was one of the most beautiful days out in a long time and I should not be wasting it inside.

Fiance agreed to do the laundry, while I get some other things, and as soon as we were finished we’d walk to the park, and I could just go in my pajamas: problem solved.

Doing laundry in the city is a huge pain. It entails carrying all your laundry and detergent to the laundry mat, paying with quarters, waiting forever, and not having any room to hang the clothes you cannot dry. Faince solved the last problem by hanging a retractable clothes line in our hallway/kitchen.

It looks a lot like a fish

He is a genius, and this little tool has been super useful. Except today, it fell along with all of the wet clean laundry. It took an hour to drill back into the wall (after 6 other holes were drilled) because our walls are made of a combination of very old plaster, lead paint, wall paper, and several more layers of paint. The walls basically crack and turn to dust when you attempt to drill or nail into them.

After getting this finished we still ended up hanging our clothes all over the house because we were lazy and waited far too long to do laundry in the first place.

So our park trip was a little late in the day, but we made it, and it was BEAUTIFUL! My favorite part about living on the Upper East Side is being so close to the Central Park.

It is finally nice enough to not wear my winter coat, and  no one cared that I was walking around in mostly pajamas (I decided to wear yoga pants instead of boxer shorts…it’s a little too chilly for that).


Belle was SOOOO happy to be outside, playing fetch, and chasing the birds and squirrels. We had a great “no makeup day”.

This was our attempt at a family picture, but Belle couldn't stop kissing her daddy

Now it’s time to put the computer away, and watch several episodes of Game of Thrones, and eat some Chocolate Dreams because that’s the proper way to finish a “no makeup” day.