8 Months Seems to Be the Magic Month

8 months

I am in shock at how much Luna has changed this month, just the past couple of weeks really. She is crawling all over the place, pulls up to standing on absolutely anything within reach, climbs up steps and has even stood on her own a few times. It’s way too much, too fast. Once she discovered she can crawl she started doing more and more everyday. I swear if I leave her in the middle of the carpet with a stuffed animal for two seconds, she’ll manage to get an electrical chord, a knife, a valuable piece of jewelry and my cell phone in her hands. That kid is ninja. She also sprouted two teeth this last week! I’m afraid she’s going to be driving by the end of the week.

It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!
It was near impossible to snap of photos of her today. She is constantly on the move!

Over the last month Luna has begun “talking” nonstop. She babbles new syllables all the time. She growls, squeals, laughs, blows raspberries, hums and is surprisingly loud. I’m also 94% sure she said “mama” to me a couple of weeks ago and then said “dada” to Peter last week. It hasn’t’ happened again though, so I can’t be sure.


She has now been to 3 other kid’s birthday parties and a few adult birthday parties as well. (Birthday season has begun.) We go to Whole Foods once a week for kids’ hour, the library and the park all the time. She has celebrated Rosh Hashanah, met some new friends and is an incredibly social and happy baby. She couldn’t make me any happier.


Well….unless maybe she slept all night. Yeah, that would definitely make me a little happier. In fact, it’s almost midnight now, she’s sleeping and I’m not. I should probably cut this one short. Night Night.


7 Months Young

Last Friday, my little love turned 7 months old! 


So far, every month just keeps getting better. Luna is one happy and adorable little girl. This month brought lots of new milestones. She planks all the time in a desperate attempt to crawl. (She crawled a couple of steps on Saturday, but isn’t exactly a crawler yet.) She scoots, army crawls and rolls surprisingly fast to get absolutely everything she shouldn’t touch. The girls got ninja skills and a taste for chargers and cables. She babbles non-stop and now makes the “da” sound. Her sippy-cup of water is one of her new favorite things, and now one of our go-to’s when she’s crying. This chick loves her own reflection, playing with her Daddy and can watch the dog and cat all day long.

Trying to get to Belle's dog toy...which is always what she wants most.
Trying to get to Belle’s dog toy…which is always what she wants most.

Seven months also brought some not-so-fun milestones. Luna had her first virus, which she quickly passed to me. She no longer sleeps through the night, or even half the night. I don’t even know where to begin with this problem. Luckily, we have a very comfy rocking chair and a really sweet coffee maker. Also, now that she eats (and loves) real food, she’s got real poop to match, which is incredibly gross after dealing with an only breastmilk diet for 6 months. 

This was my dress was I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.
This was my dress when I was only 7 months old! So crazy to see my little girl wearing it.

Luna also had some new adventures this month, of course. She went to downtown Nashville on a Friday night and experienced way too loud Honky Tonk music. She had her first library visit, and it was awesome. We took a 12-hour road trip to Texas to visit friends and family for a week. She visited the Gulf of Mexico. We had a Mommy-Daughter weekend with her Honey (grandma) at Atlanta’s Apparel Market. She also went swimming a few times and has proven to be a little fish in the water!



Seven months in to this whole parenting thing and I’ve got say…I’m exhausted, filthy, busy, mentally drained and way happier than I even imagined. Being Luna’s Mom rocks.



5 Months Old, Baby!

Yeah…I’m a bit behind on blogging, I know. This past weekend we had 6 house guests, and if you are familiar with me than you know nothing but crazy wild adventures ensued. This week I’ll be catching you up on our adventures in caving, rock-climbing, canoeing and Katy Perry. I’ll also be hosting another super wonderful giveaway for the ladies so stay tuned. Today is all about little Luna, though! On Sunday, she turned 5 months old!


This month has been one milestone after another! She is finally laughing, which is the best sound in the whole wide world. She squeals with glee all the time. I’m starting to think she just likes the sound of her own voice. She rolls around like she’s been doing it all her life. Grabbing went from being impossible to a piece of cake over night. She actually pulled an entire rack of bows and socks over while shopping the other day, and can now pull everything off the table, so that’s fun. It’s basically been a month full of “Honey, quick come look, NOW!” moments.


We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this month. Luna went to Cheekwood for the first of what will certainly be many times. She ran her first fever after getting immunizations, and then her second while teething…boo. Oh, yeah, did I mention she’s teething? That has been REALLY not fun. We have tried teething toys, ice in a baby sock, the amber necklace, wet/frozen wash cloths and whatever else I can find on Pinterest. Next on the list…breastmilk popsicles.

baby feet

Luna has also realized that we have pets this month. Belle and Duckie are her new favorite things to touch and smile at as they sneak past her. She especially loves getting Belle kisses directly in her mouth. Mommy is not a fan of this.


Once again, time is flying by and she is getting bigger and bigger every moment. I’ve grown accustomed to calling her the Michelin Baby. She’s just the cutest happiest little chunk around!

those lips


Weekend Update

I keep swearing to myself that I am going to get onto a schedule, get more productive blah blah blah…and then all of a sudden the weekend is here and I somehow only scratched 3 things off my to-do list. Sigh… Guess I’ll start over again tomorrow. Anyhow, we had quite a busy weekend.

I mean, really...how could I possibly get up and write when these two cuties are fast asleep on me? (Not to mention the cat sleeping behind my head.)
I mean, really…how could I possibly get up and write when these two cuties are fast asleep on me? (Not to mention the cat sleeping behind my head.)
She makes the best faces.
She makes the best faces.

We had guests over every single day and quite a few of them were meeting Luna for the first time. One of which was my Husband’s Nanny from his childhood. She is now 94 years old and still as lively as ever. Luna immediately loved her. She’s like the baby whisperer. We had lots of friends come by too. Including, a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in FOREVER. A few years (well more than a few…) ago we were hittin’the dance floors in downtown Nashville regularly and also teaching together at a magnet school for the arts. Now, we’ve both moved on to new ventures and both have baby girls. My, how things have changed.

Me, my friend Marsha and our two baby girls!
Me, my friend Marsha and our two baby girls!

We had lunch out, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house and got constant updates on my Dad. Who, BTW, will hopefully be going home tomorrow! Yay! It’s pretty impressive that someone can have brain surgery, have titanium mesh put in their skull and be up and walking around the next day.

IMG_20140314_185513 20140315_115744 20140314_200100

Tomorrow, I am seriously getting down to business…my workout routine is starting as well as my healthy eating habits. I’ll also do my damndest to get Luna on some sort of routine. Come back and see me this week to see my “getting back in shape” plan. Also, if you’ve got any tips for getting a 6 week old on a somewhat normal schedule PLEASE send them my way!