A Time to be Sad

Today is International Cat Day, it’s also exactly 4 weeks since Duckie escaped the pet sitter’s house while we were at the beach. It’s been a rough four weeks here. Mostly because I get sad, but then convince myself that she well come back, or we will find her, or someone will recognize her from the flyers or she’ll “homeward bound” her way back to our house. It’s a lot of back and forth and wishful thinking. Duckie is a part of our family and the house just hasn’t been the same without here begging for more food, sleeping on our faces and teasing Belle. However, after four weeks I have to come to terms. I think it’s time I let myself be sad and start to say good-bye to the best cat that there has ever been.

I don’t want to be anymore depressing than that, so we’ll just leave it with some of my favorite pics of Duckie for us all to enjoy. After all, it is National Cat Day.

The Best of Duckie

Me and Ducks when I was about 8 months pregnant.
cat tongue
Duckie’s favorite spot in the house.
Belle pretending she doesn't see a cat in the bad.
Belle pretending she doesn’t see a cat in the bed a couple of days after we rescued Duckie and brought her home.
meet duckie
One of the first photos taken of Ducks.
1st home
When Luna and I came home from the hospital and took a nap. Duckie just had to be the one closest to me.
And, when we first got home from our 10 day hospital stay…we had the sweetest welcome home crew!
Duckie’s first Christmas

duckie duckie sleepy kitty

IMG_20131001_140622 IMG_20131027_092942

In case you missed the story of how we found and rescued Duckie almost two years ago, you can read it here.

We love you Duckie.


More on Duckie

Our little baby rescue kitten isn’t quite so little anymore. Since her last update she has gained a couple more pounds and managed to rule over our entire home. She is now about 21 weeks old,  small for her age (probably stunted from her difficult first few weeks of life), but still manages to boss the dog around and take over all of our furniture.



She is no longer afraid of the outdoors, in fact she often stands at the door and meows, just begging to go out and explore. She  caught her first animal, a mole, and brought it inside to show her gratitude. Thanks cat. I have accidentally locked her out twice now, which appeared to be a much more traumatizing experience for me than for her.



Last week she was spayed and I was terrified that she would never trust me again or be the same after having surgery. However, she has been just as lovable and snuggly as ever, and is certainly just as feisty. The vet asked us to do our best to keep her calm the week after surgery. We tried, but by day 3 she had already pulled out her stitches. Naughty kitty. The doc threatened to staple her stomach, but luckily he changed his mind.

Help Mom!
Help Mom!

cat tongue


Today, she had her first snow day! I didn’t think she’d want to go out, but the second the dog ran out she was right behind her. I just love watching the animals step in the snow and then shake their wet feet off. There were four deer playing in the front yard too… I felt just like Snow White.


snowday our yard

Belle in the snow.
Belle in the snow.

We love having our little rescue cat and are so happy with how healthy and happy she is with us.

This is what every night looks like...
This is what every night looks like…

Duckie and Belle seem to still be getting along fine. We just hope neither one of them tries to smother the baby in a couple of months!

sleepy kitty


Our Newest Family Member

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to our newest little love…

meet duckie


Duckie (full name Duck River) had a very sad start, but seems to have hit the jackpot this week. While canoeing and setting up the bachelor party on Duck River this weekend we found dear Duckie. Uncle Michael actually heard a screaming sound coming from the bank right after we passed a big bridge. After pulling to the side, Duckie was found screeching and crying while hiding and hanging onto some large rocks.

It took some team work and some pretzel and cheese snacks, but we managed to catch her, wrap her in my sweater and safely hold her in the boat. Her chin and nose were scraped, her front left paw was cut badly, she was skin and bones and her tail had been cut off. We are 99% sure someone tossed her off the side of the bridge.

Riding in the boat, wrapped in my sweater
Riding in the boat, wrapped in my sweater
Getting ready to snack on some cheese and pretzels
\ Getting ready to snack on some cheese and pretzels

The very nice people at Higher Pursuits Canoe Rental gave us a box, a shirt to use as a blanket and even some cat food to take home.


Duckie enjoying her first real meal in a while.
Duckie enjoying her first real meal in a while.

Duckie was so scared and skiddish the first 5 minutes, but ever since we gave her a little love she has been a lover and a cuddle bug. She loves to sleep on everyone’s chest and purrs as loud as a motor.



Sunday morning marked our first vet appointment. Once again, Duckie was surprisingly calm and well-behaved.  The doctor performed every test imaginable, and besides the scrapes, bumps and a few ear mites she is pretty healthy. After a round of antibiotics and a lot of food (she barely weighs over a pound!), she’ll be good as new!

Cuddling up and getting ready for the doc to come in
Cuddling up and getting ready for the doc to come in
Duckie's first vet appointment
Duckie’s first vet appointment

Now, I know what you are all wondering…how did Husband respond? Weellllll, I did not plan on telling him until after the bachelor party weekend, but the workers at Higher Pursuit spilled the beans. However, after hearing Duckie’s story, Husband couldn’t say no. In fact, he seems very happy to have a cat when he is sleeping with the cat on his chest all night.

And, what you should be asking is…how did Belle respond? Belle is curious. She attempts playing with the kitten. She sniffs her butt, follows her, gives her the evil eye and acts a little scared. The cat is not even the slightest bit scared of Belle. In fact, she often tries to cuddle up next to Belle, but Belle just looks away and pretends like the cat doesn’t exist. I think it’s good practice for her before there’s a human baby here.

Sad Belle, she's not the center of attention anymore.
Sad Belle, she’s not the center of attention anymore.
Belle pretending she doesn't see a cat in the bad.
Belle pretending she doesn’t see a cat in the bad.
She's exhausted from all the changes.
She’s exhausted from all the changes.

Duckie is quickly becoming a spoiled pet cat. She already sleeps with us and does basically whatever she wants around the house. Our family seems to be growing quickly and we are excited to find out more about the baby next week!