Friends and Fairy Wings

Wow, a blog vacation has the same effect as a real vacation. Once I’ve taken a break, it is near impossible to get back to work. I actually had time to write when my friends were visiting. Since they had a baby with them, we had “nap time” during each day. Instead of using this time to write, I joined the baby and took a nap.

Don’t you just fall in love immediately with her?

Now that our friends have gone (moved to England actually) I figure I’ll get back to real life. Of course, my “real life” today included booking a vacation for two weeks from now, playing at the park, and teaching 3 year olds to play hockey.

Husband and I have had A LOT of visitors over the last year. We have taken most of our guests to the same general places (Time Square, Central Park, Lombardi’s, Battery Park, Broadway, 5th Avenue, etc, etc). Sometimes we vary it up, depending on our friends’ interests or if they have ever been to NYC. But, this visit was different. This visit included a baby!

I very often say how stinkin’ cute my friend’s kids are, but….well, they really are! This baby in particular is not just cute, but such a good-tempered easygoing baby! This kid has literally flown around the world, allowed hundreds of people to hold and snuggle her, and still manages to smile and giggle most of the day. She’s even a little bundle of joy on the Subway.

She was so close to learning to read that map.

Because we had a baby to take around, Husband and I tried to gear most of the outings towards her. Honestly, it’s a little pointless considering she is only ten months old and doesn’t really care where we take her, but we were just excited to do kid-type attractions.

Our first child appropriate stop was the Central Park Zoo. This zoo is small and not very exciting, but they do offer a little petting zoo, just perfect for all the city kids to feed goats and sheep. The sea lions also put on a nice show for us.

For breakfast one morning we took everyone to Alice’s Tea Cup. (We also got to hangout with an old high school friend and his super sweet girlfriend for a day and a half. It was a great reunion! Unfortunately, none of us thought to take a picture together!)

Recently Alice’s Tea Cup has become really popular because Katie Holmes took Suri there the day after she divorced Mr. Cruise, but it’s always been a fairly popular place, especially for little girls. This cute little restaurant is just 3 blocks from our apartment and is decorated with scenes from Alice in Wonderland and lots of tiny chotskies. They make the BEST most delicious scones, offer hundreds of yummy teas, and let every little girl wear fairy wings as they eat! It’s just the perfect place.

Another day for breakfast we did a special tour of FAO Schwarz. We recently learned you can pay to do a tour before the store opens, and we decided this was the best time to do it. The tour includes breakfast, a bag of any candies you like (from the FAO Schweetz area), an informative tour with a toy soldier as your guide, the chance to play with some new toys, and the chance to dance on the famous giant piano without having to wait in line. Every one of us enjoyed the tour, even the baby.

The baby even got to eat her lunch at the fancy restaurant on the 8th floor of the Marriot overlooking Time Square. Her Daddy gets the award for “Best Dad” for sure, he is so great with his daughter. I just love this picture of him feeding her with the skyscrapers and the bright lights in their background.

Their last night, Zoey agreed to babysit so that the rest of us could go out and have a grown-up night. We went out to dinner at Eatery in Hell’s Kitchen, had some delicious food and potent cocktails, and topped it all off with Phantom of the Opera. Phantom was phenomenal, and it was so great to spend some quality time with these two amazing people.

I don’t know how I ended up with such good friends.

Best of luck to them on their new adventures!


For all the Moms

One of my favorite memories with my Mom.

Three different people wished me a “Happy Mother’s Day” today… THEN, I got a Mother’s Day card IN THE MAIL. It was from Belle, but still I almost started worrying that the universe knew something I didn’t.

Since getting engaged, numerous people have ask  when Fiance and I plan on having kids…the natural next step after marriage for most. I do not know the answer to this question. We’ve talked a lot about kids. We want kids. But, when? Well, that’s impossible to know. All I can tell you is that we do not plan on having kids while living in a 400 square foot apartment! We can barely handle raising Belle in this place.

I’ve wanted to kids for a long time. On several levels I know I am ready to be a Mom. But, there is one thing I am very scared of, well there are several things, but one I am mostly scared of is giving up my freedom. I can be honest here and say that I really enjoy being selfish. I love staying up late, going shopping, coming and going whenever I please, traveling, going out, NOT cooking, etc. And, from what I understand, these are some things you have to give up (or at least cut back on) once you have kids. I don’t know if I’m ready to be so selfless….

Lucky for me though, I have an amazing selfless Mother who gets to be celebrated today.

I’ve bragged a lot about my own Mom over the year (you can read about that here). She deserves it. I am always amazed by her, and always thankful that I have such a caring, supportive, beautiful, loving, smart, and strong mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Even though my Mom is more than I deserve, I’d like to dedicate this blog to all the Moms. I know SOOO many amazing Mothers, old and young alike, and I have so much respect and appreciation for everything that they do and sacrifice for their children. So to all of you Moms, Grandmothers, Moms-t0-be, Adoption Moms, Step-moms, Foster Moms, Teacher Moms, Soccer Moms, Moms-in-law, Honorary Moms, Single Moms, Dance Moms, etc. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

I am lucky enough to have had quite a few wonderful Mom’s in my life. When my own Mother was not physically with me, I had some amazing teachers, mentors, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who gladly filled her shoes, loved me, supported me, and offered their own Motherly advice.  You all deserve my thanks, you’ve all been a Mother to me in your own way, and I am so grateful.

And, to all my friends who are new Mothers. Wow. You all AMAZE me! Somehow, you have each managed to have the MOST adorable child! The cute-baby bar has been set very high! I am so glad that you are all having children before me. I plan to come to you for everything, so thank you for dealing with pregnancy, breast feeding, potty training, disciplining, and being a real grown up before me! You are very brave.

Thank you to all of you wonderful, brave, selfless Mommies out there for leading the way, making good examples, and showing us all what unconditional love is all about.

Lots and lots of wonderful Mommies!

Whenever I decide to be a Mom, or accidently become a Mom, or find out I have to adopt to be a Mom, whatever kind of Mom I am, I know I’ll be okay because I have so many great Mommy models to follow. Happy Mother’s Day!


*OMG! I just realized that I cut off the head of my friend’s beautiful baby in the collage!’s the full picture so no one misses on seeing this little cutie.