I Met the Blue Men

the group

The Blue Man Group is in Nashville at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center this week, and I should have seen them last night, but thanks to a sick cranky baby (who is currently fighting sleep with every little bit of will power she has), I stayed home and Husband went to the show. Lucky for you, he’ll be sharing his very own review very soon. I have seen the Blue Men before, once in Orlando and once in New York, but I was still very excited to see them again. Not all was lost though…this morning I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of the guys (sans blue), learning about their instruments and even snagging an interview. Lucky me.

First of all, if you haven’t seen them perform yet, you are missing an incredibly entertaining and wildly creative show. Second of all, if you have seen them, you should know it is REALLY weird to see them in real life without all of that blue paint. I know this should be obvious, but they look like real people. Real people, with hair, regular eyes and the ability to talk and smile. It’s hard to imagine them as the performers when you are talking to one out of character. It’s a lot like talking to a 70 year old Asian woman who tells you she is Mickey Mouse from 9 to 5 at Magic Kingdom. (True story.)

blue men

It was cool to watch them play a few instruments, goof around and talk to us about how all the pipes and whatnot in the show work, but the real excitement was when I got to talk one-on-one with one of the talented performers. His name is Adam. He’s young, very tall, funny, a former musical theater performer and has been a Blue Man for the last year and a half.  Here’s what he had to say about being on tour, auditioning for a Blue Man and more…


Me- What’s the different between the tour and the permanent shows, like Orlando and New York?

Adam- There are a decent amount of difference between the shows. New York is our smallest show and it’s very intimate. They aren’t able to do the bigger aspect of the shows that we do on tour in these big venues. New York is a great show though, and you can really see and connect with every single person in the audience, which you sometimes lose in these bigger shows. We try to accomplish the same goal in each show though, which is to communicate with the audience on a different level, without talking.

Me- What’s your trick to keep from smiling? You guys are so funny, yet you never crack a smile! How do you look at each other and never laugh?

Adam- Well, we do, in our heads. When we are in character we try to stay solid. Instead of thinking of things as funny, we try and discover why the audience is reacting to certain things.

Me- Have you ever accidentally broke character?

Adam- Well, I mean, we try not to, but it’s tough. Sometimes, random things happen and we are just like “that was crazy!”.

Me- Once you become a blue man, how long can your career last?

Adam- Potentially…it’s kind of open ended. As long as you keep evolving as a Blue Man and keep exploring your character and coming up with new things, keep it fresh, it can be open ended. It’s awesome, it’s a great job. A dream job.

Me- When auditioning to become a Blue Man, what are some of the things you have to do?

Adam- We do a little drum interview, but it’s not very long because most of the audition is about acting. They do a lot of silent improv kind of games. They might set up a situation that you have to solve with other guys without talking. You may be up there with three guys you’ve never met before, put in a really strange situation and you can only communicate with your eyes and non-verbally. After a few days, you end up learning a number from the show and implement that into the audition as well.

Me- That sounds hilarious. We should be able to watch auditions.

Adam- It’s a kind of a secret process. They have their ways of trying to see the Blue Men in people.

Me- Do you have a background in acting?

Adam- I do. I was in musical theater before this. I did a lot of singing, dancing acting and I also played piano, which helps a lot in the musical aspects of the show. So, I went from that to not talking at all! I love it though, it’s really the best job in the world. I get to do it every night and we get to experience different cities. It’s a blast.

Me- Okay, one more…are the ever any inquiries about “Blue Women”?

Adam- It is possible, yeah. As long as you meet the requirements. You have to be musical, able to carry a beat, 5’10 to 6’2… so a pretty tall woman, but if you meet the requirements and have what they want than yeah, it’s possible. They hired a woman who was a Blue Man before, who performed in Boston.

Very cool.

Thanks Adam!

Stay posted for Husband’s review of the Blue Man Group and remember they are in Nashville until January 11th. Get your tickets here!


Everything You Need to Know About the Warrior Dash

warrior dash

Today, is one week since the minor surgery I mentioned a few posts back, which means I got my stitches out and the okay to workout as normal. Just in time too…the Warrior Dash is this Saturday! OMG, I am SO pumped! Also, a little disappointed that I had to take a week off so close to the race, but it’s cool, I still have a few more days to get ready. Speaking of getting ready…I recently got to have a little question and answer session with one of the awesome Red Frog employees. I believe her official title is “adventurologist”. Hmmm, that sounds like a job for me…

Anyways, Red Frog Events is the company that created the Warrior Dash and several other just as cool events. They’re actually one of the best places to work. Their meetings take place in a tree house, they have foosball tables in the office, free soda, beer and snacks, a gym that is available to employees at any time, not to mention full coverage insurance, unlimited vacation days, one “work from home” day a week, paid parental leave and more, so much more! Forget being a stay-at-home Mom I’m moving to Chicago and working for Red Frog!

Okay, sorry, got a little off topic, but I couldn’t not share that info. That’s crazy, right?!  Anyways, back to the Warrior Dash. So, I chatted with Lauren, the “adventurlogist” (I’m so stealing that title) and she gave me the scoop on what to expect this weekend.

What’s the best way to train for a Warrior Dash?

Be prepared to run, duck, climb and crash through a course that will test every muscle in your body, but make sure you save enough energy to refuel with a massive turkey leg! Each course varies across the country, so we suggest Warriors are able to run or jog a 5K distance and prepare with basic strength and conditioning. Of course, participants who would like to walk the course are always welcome, as we encourage all fitness levels to participate in the event.

What are the most challenging/scary obstacles?

Goliath is our newest and most challenging obstacle. As the largest obstacle in its history, Goliath features balancing on a beam one-story above a water pit before climbing two stories to the top of a water slide. 

Who can do the Warrior Dash?

Warrior Dash welcomes athletes of all abilities to challenge themselves on the course and become a Warrior. It is an event for everyone, a day where participants get to challenge themselves, be active and get muddy.

I recently ran a Mud Run that was very anticlimactic…no cheering at the finish, no party, no excitement. What can I expect at the end of the Warrior Dash?

You can expect to be cheered on through the finish by a roaring crowd of spectators, volunteers and staff as you conquer Goliath, jump over fire and crawl through the mud. After you receive your medal, the festival area awaits where you can celebrate with beer and a turkey leg.

Can friends and family watch and take photos?

Absolutely! We encourage Warriors to bring their family and friends, as anyone can enjoy the festivities for free.

What percentage of people do you think complete every obstacle?

The majority of our Warriors complete every obstacle. However, there is always an option to skip an obstacle, if you are not comfortable completing it.

What if I get hurt?

We take the safety of everyone on site at our events very seriously. Each of our race directors work with our operations team, local officials and a medical team for several months prior to each race in order to assess and determine on-site safety precautions and procedures. This includes if individuals get injured on the course. We always have a fully-staffed medical tent on-site and medical staff at each obstacle.

Do we get photos of the race?

Yes, free photos are available the week following the race for each runner. Registered runners will receive an email when they are posted.

About how long will it take to finish?

It takes an average of 25-35 minutes, depending on the difficulty level of the course.

Any tips for a newbie like myself?

Get ready for the craziest frickin day of your life!

Anyone else feeling super excited?! Oh, and good news, if you haven’t signed up for the Warrior Dash here in Nashville, well Pulaski,  there’s still time. Just click here. Then, tell me that you will be there and we high-five each other and cheers our beers after we cross the muddy finish line!

Can’t wait to share the photos this weekend!


New Friend Friday: Meet Katy

Okay this is very exciting for me… About a year ago I came across a random blog post on Facebook and thought it was hysterical and knew I just found a new blog to follow. After reading it I immediately hit that little “about me” icon because I had to know who this writer was that was the exact right amount of wit and sarcasm. MUCH to my surprise I learned that the author was my elementary/middle school BFF, Katy! (Actually she was my BOFF, but I can’t tell you what the ‘o’ stands for due to some sort of first grade oath).

Aww, aren't we adorable?
Aww, aren’t we adorable?

Katy was the kind of friend who always spoke her mind, taught me all about sarcasm (my Mom really appreciates that BTW) knew the cool music to listen to (she introduced me to Presidents of the United States of America when we were 11),she had my back no matter what (out of her way, mean girls!), she was the first and youngest vegetarian I ever knew (which is some sort of miracle considering we grew up in Texas) and she’s basically the exact same person. Anyways, we kind of grew apart in high school, as friends often do, but we’ve managed to keep in touch over the years. We met up in NYC a couple of years ago and now we stalk each other on Facebook and I just wish we lived closer to each other so we could actually hangout.

That's us on the upper left at my 3rd grade slumber party.
That’s us on the upper left at my 3rd grade slumber party.

Today, I get to introduce her and her blog to you! Please get to know my BOFF, Katy!

a much more recent photo
Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Katy. I’m a big nerd and I am constantly making completely normal situations weird and awkward. I live in Austin with my boyfriend and derpy dog who is also making situations awkward. Like the other day he tried to run from the shadow of an overhead bird and almost dragged me into oncoming traffic. So.. yeah. I guess that about sums me up
What is your blog, Awkward Burpees, all about? 
Me, my wonderful city and my journey to get fit, stay fit and the ups and downs of it all. I try to serve this up with a little humor because I love to laugh. I feel like finding the light side makes a writer more relatable, especially if it’s a topic not everyone is super into- like fitness. Like, not everyone is going to understand the complexity of holding crow pose, but everyone gets that it’s hard not to fart in yoga. Oh and all the uncomfortable situations I get myself into (like farting in yoga and faking a coughing coughing fit try to cover it up)
What convinced you to start blogging? 
Um…remember Myspace? I used to write these bulletin posts on there about ridiculous fashion disasters and it always got such positive feedback that it lead me to start a personal blog. And then my interest turned more from fashion to fitness.
So you’re a Beachbody Coach…whats that all about? 
Beachbody coaching is the FUNNEST! I get to spend my free time advising people on what workout programs might work for them which I spend a lot of time doing anyway. And then when they start a program I get to be their cheerleader. It’s kind of exhilarating. And the beachbody programs are LEGIT, y’all. They are products that I’m happy to be associated with. When people hear Insanity or P90X they know you’re not talking about some fly-by-night, get-skinny-quick scam. Also, the community. Every single other BBcoach I talk to is basically the nicest person I’ve ever met in the world. I love the positive energy
You work, workout, blog, coach, have a life and a boyfriend…that’s a lot. How do you manage everything without losing your mind? 
Well, working out you just have to make it a priority. And if that means setting your alarm clock for 4:40 am some days (ugh) that’s what you got to do. Also, I am extremely lucky to have the support of my boyfriend in everything I do. He works out with me and if he doesn’t that day he makes sure to give me my space so I can. He reads my blogs and tells me he’s proud of me. Any new workout I want to try, job I want to apply for, ambitious recipe I try to cook- he’s always got my back. He’s just so, so supportive and I’m so lucky to have him.
When/if you do lose your mind, what do you do to relieve the stress? 
Netflixing. Some people meditate. I watch “Medium” for 5 hours straight.
Tell us a little about your British boyfriend, we don’t all get to date guys with great accents!
I don’t know if you’re aware- being American- but the world cup is going on right now. I know so much more about soccer than I did 4 years ago! Also, don’t call it soccer when you’re in England!
We have pretty much overcome the language barrier now. There’s a lot of slang that just hasn’t made it across the pond yet. Like when we first started dating he called something “the tits”. The conversation had nothing to do with anatomy so I was a little confused
Tips for busy people wanting to get healthy? 
Find the time to meal prep. Find the 30 minutes a day to workout. It’s there. Wake up earlier. Make all your meals for the week on your day off. There are always excuses not to do something. Finding the time to make healthy meals and eat well is an investment in your future! I saw something- a coffee mug that said “You have just as many hours in the day as Beyonce”.
Fav vegetarian recipe? 
I could eat (drink?) green smoothies for breakfast, lunch & dinner. That and stuffed portobella mushrooms. Shut up. Just shut up right now and go make one. Spectacular, aren’t they?
Something you want readers to know about you? 
I cannot tell time on those wrist watches with hands but no numbers.
Best beauty product? 
My dermatologist told me not to use it anymore (I have like overly redonkulous cystic acne that has not gotten the memo that I’m not freaking 16 anymore!!!) but I love, love, love Clean and Clear deep action cleanser. It makes my face feel like Christmas morning sprinkled in fairy dust. It’s especially good for helping me wake up in the morning for those early morning workouts.
Most common color in your closet? 
 I had to go to my closet and look. I thought it was going to be mustard, but it was black. How boring. AND now I’m depressed
Most embarrassing song in iPod? 
The entire Britney Spears “Femme Fatale” album. Ugh. I just can’t fight it anymore
Finish this sentence: My dream vacation would….
be on a magical beach where calories, hangovers and underboob sweat don’t exist
Thank you, Katy!
Alright, people go check her out at Awkward Burpees and give her a like on Facebook (she posts funny stuff, I promise!).

A Chat with the Stars of Million Dollar Quartet

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting up with the cast from Million Dollar Quartet and interviewing them at the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville. The talented foursome gave me a some insight into prepping for their roles and filling some very big shoes, but before I share our little chat I should give you a quick rundown of the Broadway show and the true story of this very famous foursome.


The actual event happened on December 4, 1956 in at Sun Records Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Carl Perkins went to the studio to recorded some new music. Jerry Lee Lewis (very new artist at the time) was brought into the studio to play piano for Perkins. Then, Elvis just happened to stop by the studio for a visit. Finally, Johnny Cash shows up and the fours of them hit it off and have an impromptu jam session. They recorded several tracks and the local paper published an article about the whole accidental get-together under the title “Million Dollar Quartet”. 50 some odd years later this phenomenal jam sesh was turned into a hit-musical. The musical takes the audience back in time and gives them a “fly on the wall” perspective to the once in a lifetime gathering.

The famous foursome
The famous foursome

The 4 main characters, John Countryman, James Barry, Cody Ray Slaughter and Scott Moureau, were nice enough to chat with me about their roles as these iconic country singers and what it’s like to perform for the first time in music city.


Me: Since you are currently performing in Tennessee have you been able to get out, sight-see, visit some of the historical sights of the very characters you are playing?

Scott (Johnny Cash): Yesterday, I took James here on a little “Johnny Cash pilgrimage” We paid our respects at Johnny and June’s grave sights. We went to Johnny Cash’s house, the Ryman auditorium and are now at the Johnny Cash Museum.

John (Jerry Lee Lewis): I took my wife to the Country Music Hall of Fame where they actually had a little “Million Dollar Quartet” section. While I was looking at it, a man came up to me and said,”You ought to go see the show. It’s here right now!” and I was like “funny you should say that…”

Me: How did you prepare for these roles?

James (Carl Perkins): There’s a wealth of information on YouTube these days, as well as books and everything else.

Scott: I’m kind of an obsessive fan. (insert sarcastic looks of shock from his cast members) It’s not just one thing for me. It’s everything. Every song, book or whatever is available. I’ve read everything.

Cody (Elvis): (sarcastically) I’ve had a lot of plastic surgery.

Me: Do you get that a lot? (He looks EXACTLY like Elvis.)

Cody: Oh yeah, and I always give them different answers.

Me. What makes this show such a success?

James: You get a glimpse at the real people behind the icons.

Cody: If you love music, any music, then you’re going to love this how. This unplanned gathering is non-c0mparable. Nothing like this can ever happen again, not without a plan and publicist.

Scott: It tells a story that most people don’t know. You may know Elvis, you may know Johnny Cash, but you probably don’t know the story of the Million Dollar Quartet.

Million Dollar Quartet will be playing at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center until May 11th. They will continue touring the nation as well, so check out their tour dates here.  Huge thanks to the stars for taking the time out to give us some insight into this special musical.



What’s Behind Wicked’s Curtain


Wicked is officially in Nashville and I could not be happier! Over the years I have seen a ridiculous amount of Broadway shows, but Wicked is still my all-time favorite. It was the first show I ever saw on Broadway and this Thursday will be my 6th time to see it. It will also be my third time seeing it in Nashville! I will be reviewing the show on Thursday, but tonight I’m going to give you a peak into what goes into making this show the greatness that it is.

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) is awesome and they invited me to come watch the Wicked crew load-in and setup for their 4 week engagement in Andrew Jackson Hall. The Wicked set, props and costuming is unbelievable. It’s the most intricate scenery I’ve ever seen on stage and the tour is almost identical to the set on Broadway. So, watching the entire thing get unloaded, brought in and put together is really impressive. It takes about 2 and a half days to put this intricate set together and eight hours to load it back into the trucks.

This where the giant semi's backup and unload into the theatre.
This where the giant semi’s backup and unload into the theatre.
I learned that these are called "elephant doors", which makes a lot of sense, considering an elephant can easily fit through them.
I learned that these are called “elephant doors”, which makes a lot of sense, considering an elephant can easily fit through them.

cart big

Not only did I get to an insider’s look into how the show is unfolded, but I also had the pleasure of interviewing their company manager, Steve Quinn. Steve is a very outgoing and friendly guy who has been with the Emerald City tour for 9 years. He knows his stuff. He was asked if there are any plans in the works for musicals or plays to be made from the other books that were written. Sadly, he has never heard of any such plans. (Wouldn’t that be cool though?) He pointed out that it’s hard to have lightening strike twice, which is true, but Idina Menzel did have Defying Gravity and Let It Go… so it’s not impossible.


He believes the main draw of Wicked and its huge success is the fact that we have all been a “green girl”, Elphaba, at some point in our lives. We have all been at the point where we feel awkward or just don’t fit in with that main group. The story of Elphaba is one we can all relate to and we all have to learn to accept who we are and that’s what Wicked celebrates. I completely agree with his theory, it’s a similar theme in Frozen, which explains it’s popularity as well. However, I think there’s a huge lesson to be learned in Glenda’s story as well. I’ll touch on that later this week.

I had to know his favorite part of his job. He told me he loves standing out front before the show starts and watching the faces of all the guests, from city to city, coming to see the show for the first time. There is so much excitement and wonder in their eyes as they come through the lobby.


I feel as if I know Wicked inside and out. I thought I was becoming more and more jaded to the magic behind Broadway shows, but I’ve got to say that my experience today has me all pumped up to see the show again on Thursday!

If you are interested in seeing Wicked in Nashville, then check out the show times and ticket information here. To my friends outside of Nashville, check out the tour schedule here.

Backstage at Cirque Du Soleil

Yesterday was a dream come true. Yesterday I got to not only review the traveling Cirque Du Soleil show: Quidam, but I also got to attend rehearsals and interview a couple of cast members!!! I’m walking on clouds right now! I must be one of Cirque’s biggest fans. Husband and I have seen ten different Cirque show since we have been together. They never get old or cease to amaze me. I leave every single show feeling inspired and envious of the incredibly talented and unbelievable strong performers. Seriously, how do they do that?!


When I arrived to the Bridgestone Arena this afternoon I was so excited and nervous that I actually forgot to put my shoes on, or at least the shoes I meant to wear. See, I left the house in a hurry (big surprise) with some cheap old bright blue flip-flops on, and stilettos in my hand. I planned to change shoes once I arrived. It wasn’t until after my first interview that I realized I still had on my bright blue flip-flops. I immediately blamed Husband for letting me get out of the car like that, but he claims he assumed I was trying to “keep it casual”. Whatever.


I was the first “reporter” to arrive to rehearsals which means I got to watch the performers up close and have them all to myself. The first group rehearsing was the Spanish web, a group act, who climbs up and down ropes, swing around wildly and basically look death in the face everyday. I could sit and watch them maneuver on the ropes all day. These performers are in such incredible shape. Every move looks so smooth and easy. I can’t even walk in heels as easily as they flip around doing aerial stunts.

rehearsal reviewing upsidedown emptyarena costumes

My first interview was with Andrei Vintilov, one of the Quidam coaches. He was an original members of Quidam in 1995! Andre is from the Ukraine, was an acrobats world champion and has worked with Cirque for almost 20 years! Here’s what he had to say about his job and life in the circus.


Me: When you were in Quidam in 1995, what was your role?

Andre: I did banquine, an acrobatics number with lots of human pyramids.

Me: What did you do after starting in Quidam?

Andrei: I started here for three years doing Quidam. Then I did Saltimbanco with my first wife and my children. After Saltimbanco, I moved to Zed. I did four years with Zed, from the creation to the close. Then I did a couple of months doing Iris in Los Angeles.I took a year break and now I am back working with Quidam.

Me: I’ve seen Zed about four years ago, in Tokyo!

Andrei: I was definitely there.

Me: Hey, we go way back! So when did you get involved with acrobats and this sort of artistry?

Andrei: When I was seven years old I did gymnastics then moved on to sport acrobatics when I was 15. In 1989 I was the European world champion of sport acrobatics, but you cannot make money doing acrobatics so I had to move to the circus. I joined the Moscow Circus. I was in Tokyo actually, performing with the Moscow Circus when I first saw Cirque Du Soleil. One year later I began working for Quidam.

Me: How long does it take to train for one Cirque show?

Andrei: It takes about 8 to 9 months during the creation of a show, but it also depends on the director. For example, after Quidam I said I would never do the creation of a show again. I was always exhausted. Franco, the director sees the entire world upside down and everything is crazy. The director of Zed was a movie director so his creation was smooth and easy. But, even though Franco was crazy, the show, for me…yes I was tired… but it was a more interesting experience working with Franco.

For example, the opening number is the German Wheel and there is Ukranian music and a Ukrainian dance. I created the dance because Franco said, “Where are you from? Do you know how to do a Ukranian dance?” I started to show him and I danced for two hours non-stop. I was sweating, tired, felt like shit and when I stopped he said “No. No, continue.” The next day the Ukranian dance was on the schedule for everyone!

We also learned the Brazilian drums for 9 months, 4 times a week, 2 hours every lesson. There is only 20 seconds of Brazilian drums in the show.

Me: Wow, that’s intense. What’s your favorite part of the show?

Andrei: I don’t know… maybe the Ukrainian dance because it is of my heart.

My next interview was with a young girl from Florida named Mei. Mei began dancing at eleven years old. One day an aerial artist came to her studio to teach, and Mei immediately fell in love with this new artistry. She began taking more and more classes in aerial work, and eventually auditioned with La Nouba in Orlando (Yay! La Nouba!).

Me: How long have you been working in Quidam?

Mei: I’ve been performing in Quidam for two years.

Me: What is life like being on tour with Cirque for two years?

Mei: Great! We travel as a big family and we do everything together. We have a lot of fun!

Me: Do you ever get time to explore the cities you travel through?

Mei: Yes! We actually get every Monday and Tuesday off. This week we went down Broadway, listened to live music, ate Mexican food with margaritas and I bought a pair of cowboy boots. We have plans to go line dancing at the  Wild Horse Saloon before we leave too!

My interview with Mei was short and sweet because she was quickly called to rehearse a jump rope number. I took the rest of the time to explore the backstage area where the props are stored and the cast warms up.

backstage stretching hatsandwigs handbalance

Before we left, we got to see this woman practicing her hand balancing routine. After a run-through she slumped over to her coach and said…”I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s not that I’m tired. I just feel off. It’s like I have no muscle”.

no muscle

This lady with “no muscle” then went back to work and did this…



strong girl


I mean, seriously, the girl should probably start working out.

I loved my time at rehearsal and backstage. Huge thank you to Jessica, Katie, Andrei and Mei-Mei for this experience. Can’t wait to get the review of the show up!


My 15 Minutes of Japanese Fame

I got an email a few days ago from Fuji TV asking to meet and interview me. They are doing a segment on their morning show Mezamashi TV (it’s Japan’s equivalent to Good Morning America — my favorite morning show) on hadoken-ing. They found my recent hadoken photos on my Facebook, and contacted me. *If you don’t know what hadoken-ing then you must click here.

In case you are wondering Fuji TV is the largest commercial broadcasting company in Japan. They are also the producers of Iron Chef. They have a base here in NYC and their director flew in to interview us! We got up early this morning (my least favorite thing to do on Sundays) and met the crew in Time Square.


We did the beginning of the interview in Time Square and all of it in Japanese. The director would ask us questions like “What is hadoken?” and “When did the trend begin in the U.S?”. Then, the translator would translate and we would answer the director in English. After several questions we headed back into the subway station to re-create the photos we took with Sara last week.

This is one of our original photos with Sara.


And, here is one of the recreated photos from the News shoot.


We continued the interview in the station. I taught the director how to do the pictures (not that it is hard), and we had to take many breaks as the train and dozens of people trampled by us.

IMG_5484 IMG_5485

We also tried a new move…looks powerful…and painful.


The crew was super friendly and so appreciative of our willingness to hangout with them all morning. We had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to becoming a celebrity in Japan. So, Fuji TV, feel free to fly me out to Tokyo at anytime to meet all my adoring fans…I’m ready.


They’ll send me the segment after it airs, and if I don’t look and sound like an idiot then I will be happy to share it with you.

After our hard work I treated Husband to a hearty breakfast at the smallest little diner/dive in our neighborhood that we have somehow never tried.


Mmmm I love Sunday brunch. Husband is now in Tennessee to finish up the house stuff and Belle and I are left to fend for ourselves for a couple of weeks. I plan on learning to cook one dish during this time. Just one, I’m a realist.

Cheers and Sayonara!