A Little Too Much Fun

When we first got to our rental beach house in Hilton Head, SC we thought “Holy Crap this place is enormous!”. We ran from room to room to room to room. The place has 8 bathrooms! After checking out all of the rooms and opening every drawer in the kitchen, we went outside to check out the deck.

The second level deck was equipped with a grill, sink, bar, several chairs, 2 tables, a hot tub, and the teeniest pool you ever did see. This little bitty pool in the middle of our giant house became the running joke of our vacation. The funniest part being that it was a very poorly constructed infinity pool.

From the outside it looked so lovely…a nice gentle waterfall flowing over the edge of the deck into a fountain on the ground.

However, the second anyone stepped into the pool it caused a wave to rush over the edge, miss the fountain, and land in the grass and flower beds below. Considering we picked up on this little fact pretty quickly, you’d think we would all be extra careful in our little pool.

No, we are all children. Instead, we decided to make the biggest wave possible, and flood the entire yard.

Our immature ways didn’t end here. We basically spent all of our pool time figuring out new ways to play with the ridiculous pool/fountain. Sometimes we’d make up games, like “Who can avoid getting knocked over by the wave” or “Who can fill their cup the fastest”. Other times, we would just force each other to stand in the fountain or swim across while everyone else jumped in the pool.

Right before the jump…
After the jump, and this is just from two people.

We may have been wasting a lot of water, but we made up for it by recycling our plastics. I think that evens out.

I doubt we’ll ever really grow up.