Four Months Old


Luna is 4 months old today! Every month I repeat myself and say “I cannot believe it’s been (insert time frame here) already!” Being a Mom really does make you one of those people who wants to do nothing but talk about your cute baby and every little thing they do, but seriously…my baby is cute and she does a lot of cute stuff, and all of it is amazing.

Lately, I find myself sitting with a group of adults with real lives and actual interesting things to talk about and I am trying really hard to start a meaningful conversation with them, but I can think of absolutely nothing to say, but the fact that Luna laughed at a flower and I took 15 pictures of it. I seriously don’t know what I used to talk about to other people, or how I focused on a conversation that lasted longer than 5 minutes.


And, on that note, let me tell you all the latest on Luna! Now, that she’s 4 months she is getting a cute little personality. She smiles all the time and “talks” non-stop. We can actually hold long conversations with her. Of course, we are making up her dialogue, but I’m pretty sure I am fluent in baby babble. It’s pretty darn adorable. She also notices some toys now, and I’m happy to say she shows favoritism towards her stuffed Minnie Mouse.

It’s been an exciting month of firsts…first time on a horse, first wedding, first picnic, first swing, first Mom’s Day, first time in bouncer and I’m sure many more. As for me, I am finally figuring out a schedule. It’s not very strict yet, but it is making life easier. Breastfeeding has gotten easier and I am feeling more and more confident in all the Mom things I do.

pretty girl

In some ways these four months have flown by and in other ways it seems like it’s been years. It’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Luna. Thanks for joining us and being so supportive on this journey with our family.


The Perfect Dress

I began planning Luna’s outfit for our friends’ wedding months before she was even born. Yup, I’m apparently that Mom. I just couldn’t wait to pick out a fancy dress, doll her up and have everyone ooh and aww over my beautiful girl. The only problem was that I had built up the outfit so much in my head that I couldn’t find any that I liked. About two weeks before the wedding I finally landed on one very fluffy over-the-top handmade dress from Etsy…it was perfect.

It’s Little Mermaid inspired which is perfect because the bride is Disney obsessed and her absolute favorite character is Ariel. Not to mention both the Bride and Luna have red hair…brilliant. I even got crafty and made her a pair of the oh-so popular barefoot sandals. (Tutorial coming soon!)

A little homage to Ariel
A little homage to Ariel
SO easy to make

I planned to dress her once I arrived to the ceremony because it’s a little to fluffy for the car seat and I wanted as little time as possible for the risk of spit-up/baby poo to end up on the dress. When we pulled up to the church she was fast asleep. I decided to hold off dressing her until she woke. (Rule #1: Never wake a sleeping baby.) So, she slept through the hour-long ceremony, the ride to the reception and would have continued sleeping, but I decided it was time for her to eat and get dressed.

From the moment we entered the cocktail-hour room she cried. She whined and cried until the reception started. She also spit up on herself and the dress at least 8 times within a ten minute span. She then continued crying as I desperately tried to console her at least until Husband arrived. He was Best Man and was lined up with the wedding party waiting to be introduced at the reception. I only wanted him to see her and for us to get a photo together. That’s it. I tried very hard to explain this to Luna, but she could clearly care less.

Finally, the music stopped and the DJ announced that it was time to introduce the Bridal party. Hallelujah. The second the room was silent Luna let out a wail that could have been heard around the world. Every head in the room turned to stare in our direction. Lucky for me, I happened to be standing next to the kitchen which I immediately darted into looking for refuge.

It is my belief that the kitchen staff is secretly a group of nannies/angels who disguise themselves as cooks and servers. The second I ran in they took me under their wings. One began helping me pull off Luna’s dress while another prepared her bottle. When Luna refused to take the bottle they set up a chair for me to sit and nurse her in private. They brought me dish towels to use as burp cloths and never once acted like I was interrupting them in the middle of serving diner, even though I was doing exactly that.

By the time I made it out and into the reception, Husband had made both our plates, ate all of his and Luna was mostly naked. Oh well, so much for that.

The rest of the night was much smoother. Luna’s many Aunts and Uncles held her and kept her company when I needed a break. We got lots of dancing in and Luna partied in her PJ’s. (Thank God I had something packed in her diaper bag.) My favorite photo of the night is when I caught our friend Derek and Aunt Zoey watching Luna together outside. They looked like the picture perfect family and I got it on camera.

zoey dancing

At least someone had a "family" photo taken
At least someone had a “family” photo taken

We weren’t able to take any photos of Luna’s outfit at the wedding, but I was not going to let that precious dress go to waste. I decided to put Luna in it in the morning, when she’s happiest, and snap some photos at home.

big smile dress eyes silly smile wink

If you love this dress you should check out My Sugar Muffin’s Etsy shop. She has tons of adorable handmade girly tutu’s and whatnot.



3 Months, No Longer a Newborn

Luna turned 3 months yesterday and like clockwork she seemed to instantly change from a newborn to an infant. Her smiles are bigger, she’s babbling all the time and even her cry sounds older. I’m going to miss that newborn cry that sounds so similar to a cat. We have packed up her newborn clothes, and yes I got misty-eyed putting them away. I can tell we are very close to being on a more regular schedule with naps and feedings. She’s also almost sleeping through the night. It’s wonderful and sad at the same time. I love all the changes, but God they happen so fast!

3 months

(I wrote that first paragraph this morning when Luna was super happy and smiling at me constantly…then all hell broke loose. From about noon until 11pm Luna has been either crying hysterically or on my boob. It has been the worst. The absolute worst. This is not a 3 month milestone I was hoping for…)


It’s so ridiculous how much we obsess over every little thing she does…Did you see that? She’s smiling so big! She said ooobah! She just made the funniest noise! That was the loudest toot ever! She touched the dog! Check out this explosive diaper! Seriously, it’s ridiculous. We celebrate every movement, milestone and bowel movement as if she just won a Nobel Peace Prize. But, come on…how can we not love every little thing this little stinker does?!I


This weekend she will attend her first rehearsal dinner and wedding. Just wait until you see the big ball of adorableness she is going to be! I may have gone slightly overboard on her costumer…er, dress.

smiling at Mommy
smiling at Mommy

Happy 3 months Luna.

on side