Finding the Time to Exercise

find time

Throughout my pregnancy I have preached and preached to you that it is SO important, for both you and the baby, to stay fit and healthy. I stand by this belief (I mean, it is backed up by TONS of research) BUT, I must admit that I have had an unfair advantage over most Moms/people out there.

Before getting pregnant, I was working full-time…more than full time most weeks and blogging. Before that I was working full-time and working 2 part-time jobs. Prior to that I worked full-time and went to school full-time…you get the picture. I was busy. I tried my best to stay active and fit during these years, and for the most part I was successful. I was in a good habit and really had only to take care of myself. Typically, I squeezed in at least 4 days of real workouts and then did my best to squeeze in mini-workouts when I could. I wasn’t always the healthiest eater (still not), but I do all right on that end of the spectrum too.

Once I became pregnant, my entire life took a huge shift. I moved, got a house and quit my job the same week I found out about the baby…not because of the baby, things just happened that way. Then, once life kind of settled, we decided that being a stay-at-home Mom was the best plan for us (we think) and that I will just work part-time until our baby girl comes.

I am working 3 part-time jobs (subbing, tutoring and blogging), but this is nothing compared to teaching full-time. Perhaps, I shouldn’t say “nothing”, but it’s much less stressful, gives me a lot more free time and my schedule is all of a sudden super flexible. Clearly, I have had more time to focus on my health, the baby, keeping fit and a myriad of other things that I once just had no time to enjoy. This probably has a lot to do with my lack of panic attacks as well.

Recently, I was feeling my usual feelings of guilt for not being too busy, stressed and tired, and considering if I should look into full-time work for next year. I thought about what my life would have been like this year if I had gotten a full-time teaching job and I quickly realized my pregnancy would probably have been a hell of a lot different.

I am 100% sure my anxiety would not be gone…it is always worse (like WAY worse) when teaching. I would not be exercising everyday. Ain’t no teacher got time for that…we bring home hours of work every night. And, I certainly would not be able to keep up eating as healthy as I am now.  My “teacher lunches” often consisted of frozen dinners or canned soup…or worse…Ramen.

I also realize that I am very fortunate to have the option to not work full-time. Not every Mom is able to (or wants to) do this, which is great really. We need working Moms being bad-ass examples for our daughters. However, I still want to encourage Moms of all types, working, non-working, healthy, non-active, trying-to-be-healthier Moms to be the best they can be and include a bit more physical activity into their life. It might seem impossible to squeeze in just one more thing to your busy schedule, but I know you can do these little things!

Here’s what I did to squeeze in extra cardio or resistance training whenever I felt I had no time. I still do many of these now too!

-take the stairs, no elevators!

-Park in the back at all stores.

-Do 10 squats every time you go the restroom.

-Do commercial workouts. I KNOW you are making time to watch your favorite shows! That’s fine, but when a commercial comes on do sit-ups, run in place, do jumping jacks or stretch.

-OR workout as your watch your fav show. Nothing like multi-tasking

-Walk during your lunch break. I used to walk around the playground while my students had recess…if I wasn’t grading a stack of papers.

-Get up 5 minutes early and use that time to do anything active, or even some morning yoga.

-Sit on a stability ball at work.

-Walk everywhere you can.

-Put on music while you clean and dance to it. Every little bit helps and this is a fun way to clean and get in some cardio. OR, better yet, make someone else clean, then you’ll have time to workout! (The dream, right?)

-Make family time an active time. It’s important to spend time with our loved ones, but instead of always watching a movie or going out to dinner, try something more physical. Go for a walk, a bike ride, a hike, a swim, play at the park, etc.

-Drink water ALL the time. I realize this isn’t an exercise, but I guarantee you will feel better.

-Do calf raises while you wash dishes.

-Do squats or plies as you brush your teeth.

See, it’s not SO hard to squeeze in some physical fitness time. I realize a lot of these are silly, but I swear you’ll feel better if you try them on your busy days. You’ll be proud that you got in some exercise. Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll feel better emotionally too. Exercise has helped my anxiety so much over the years!

Best of luck to ya, you busy ladies…and gents!


How to Overpack Your Hospital Bag Properly

how to pack

Yup, yup…another baby post! I packed my “hospital bag” (or bags actually) at 35 weeks pregnant. I know it’s a little bit early, but anything could happen, right? I like to be prepared, but more than that I LOVE packing, and I may enjoy making packing lists even more. So, packing was how I spent one very exciting Saturday night…

First, I consulted the baby books. They each come with their own list of “what you need in the hospital.” Then, because I do not trust these books completely I emailed all my Mom-friends (basically everyone…I’m the last one on this baby train). Mom-friends are the best. They are recent Mommys who not only remember everything about having a newborn clearly, but because they’re my best friends and my sister, they aren’t afraid to tell me the truth about everything. I consult them a lot.

After consulting the books, the friends and the Pinterest. I made my list…

lists and books

1. Comfortable pj’s that will be easy to nurse in, yet still look kinda cute. Lots of people are visiting, and photos will be taken, so looking halfway nice is important to me.

2. A robe for covering up and walking around the hospital…can’t wait to look in the nursery at the new babies!

3. Slippers and socks to keep feet warm and to keep from putting on actual shoes when I want to walk around.

4. A going home outfit for me. I know I won’t be back to normal yet (talking about my body), so I packed leggings and a comfortable lose fitting shirt.

5. PJ’s for baby girl. Confession: I had to google “baby pj’s” to find out what exactly “baby pj’s” are. To me, most of the newborn clothes look like pj’s so I had to make sure I packed what is actually considered “pj’s”.

6. Going home outfit for the baby.

7. Important documents: i.d., insurance card, birth certificate packet, whatever. If you have a birthing plan you probably want to pack that too. I do not have a birthing plan. Well, actually mine looks like this: Give birth. That’s about it.

8. Toiletries! Luckily, I have these pre-packed in my suitcase already so I just had to move that bag into my hospital bag. It includes my toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face lotion, yada yada yada (all travel size).

9. Make-up. Alright, do not judge me. Again, I know photos will be taken and I’ld like to have a little cover up, mascara and perhaps some lip-gloss on before I’m plastered all over Facebook with my new baby. I actually got some travel-sized Josie Maran cosmetics for Christmas so it was easy to pack this too.

10. And, of course, hair products…bobby pins, hairbands, and headbands.

11. A nursing bra. I had no idea what size to get because I assume the ladies will change once the baby is born so I just got an inexpensive one from Wal-Mart. It fits great too, and was like a billion times cheaper than the local maternity store.

12. Clothes for the Husband. He thinks I’m a bit ridiculous and over prepared so I didn’t even ask him to pick anything. I just grabbed some clothes for him. He’ll never know they’re  gone.

13. Snacks! Snacks for the Husband and snacks for me once the baby is born.

14. A few baby products… The hospital provides most of these things, but just in case I brought a few diapers, wipes, rash cream, a blanket and an extra onesie.

15. Nursing pads.

16. DVD’s. The hospital rooms all provide DVD players, and from what I’m told i’ll be up most of the nights so why not bring something to keep myself entertained?

17. Giant pads and giant granny panties. EVERYONE insists that the “giants” of both are more than necessary.

18. Lanolin cream.

19. Eucerin calming lotion for itchy skin.

20. A nipple shield.

21. AND, last, but not least I made one more list. A list of things I cannot pack, but will need to grab as we leave for the hospital: camera, camera charger, phone chargers, iPad and charger, 3DS (for Husband, clearly), pants for Husband, and my Boppy.

Of course, don’t forget to have your carseat installed. Ours is in and ready. It’s pretty complicated, for us anyways, so we didn’t want to save it for last-minute.  I know a lot of people pack music too, but I’ll just use my phone or iPad. It’s what I use now anyways and I always keep headphones in my purse so I’ll have those if I need them.

We are totally over-packed and ready, but I’ve got to ask…do you think I forgot anything?


Project Dream Home: Nursery

Yes! It is finally time to start working on our nursery! We have had so much work to do in our new home (and still have so much), that we have been putting off the nursery until it’s absolutely necessary to start getting it ready. We still have 4 months, but I think the time has come.

From day one, my friends and family have assumed that our baby room is going to be decked out in Mickie Mouse and Disney extreme, and why wouldn’t they? We are Disney fanatics…we worked, dated, got engaged and got married at “the happiest place on Earth”. Why wouldn’t we theme our child’s room after our favorite second home?

The truth is that we just don’t like character-themed rooms. It’s always too much. Plus, once a room has a theme, especially a nursery, people go a little nuts buying for that specific theme. I do not want Mickey and Minnie EVERYTHING, so we are going for something a little more simple… a lot more simple actually.

Our nursery is going to be neutral, lots of white, simple, timeless and gender neutral furniture. Husband and I both like the clean simplistic look of the neutral nurseries I’ve found on Pinterest.

The natural lighting and simple decor is so nice in this room.
The natural lighting and simple decor is so nice in this room.
The rug makes this room much more cozy than just a solid wood floor.
The rug makes this room much more cozy than just a solid wood floor.
I do not love all the teddy bears pictured here, but the colors are just right.
I do not love all the teddy bears pictured here, but the colors are just right.
A touch of color might be nice too.
A touch of color might be nice too.
There's just so much you can do with a neutral room!
There’s just so much you can do with a neutral room!

We  love the neutral rooms, BUT, we are going to sneak in a touch of classic Disney. I found lots of cute Disney touches to add on Pinterest. Not sure what we will choose (if any), but these are my favorites so far.

mobile doorknob book hanging

One Disney touch we definitely want to add is a couple vintage Disney posters. I found some amazing vintage ads from Disneyland! I think we will choose our two favorites, frame them and add them to our neutral room to liven it up a little. It’s Disney, but not too obvious or obnoxious. Right?

Here's a few...
Here’s a few…

CANNOT wait to get started on our little girl’s room!


Project Dream Home: Bathroom

It’s that time again! Time to share my, well Pinterest’s, wonderful ideas for another room in the house. Today’s post will actually be about three rooms, three bathrooms that is. We have a master bathroom, a guest half-bath in the hall and another full bathroom on the first floor. So, LOTS to work with here.

Our bathroom was recently remodeled, so not too much work needs to be done in that specific room. We’ve already added a fresh coat of paint so we mostly need to work on decor and what not.

I really like the decor in this bathroom. The greenery freshens up the room and it all just looks well organized and fresh.
I really like the decor in this bathroom. The greenery freshens up the room and it all just looks well-organized and fresh.
I LOVE the tub,the lace curtain and the mirror! Unfortunately, I think only the mirror would work in our bathroom.
I LOVE the tub,the lace curtain and the mirror! Unfortunately, I think only the mirror would work in our bathroom.
This person used an old CD tower to organize their toiletrees. I actually used this idea too! I used a drawer organizer from Costco and it looks identical. It's where I keep my makeup now.
This person used an old CD tower to organize their toiletries. I actually used this idea too! I used a drawer organizer from Costco and it looks identical. It’s where I keep my makeup now.
Our tub looks very similar to this, so one day I will figure out how to add in this slide in shelf!
Our tub looks very similar to this, so one day I will figure out how to add in this slide in shelf!
Chandelier above the tub?  Definitely!
Chandelier above the tub? Definitely!

One idea not pictured is a bath caddy. I read in the bath almost every night. It’s my all-time favorite way to wind-down, has been since I was very young. Just the other night I was reading Harry Potter (yes, yes, I’m reading all the Harry Potter books for the first time). I was reading on my Nook, my precious Nook, and accidentally dropped it in the tub. 😦 Needless to say, the Nook is not exactly working…woops. I think a bath caddy is a necessity now.

Then there’s the half-bath in the hallway. Not too much can be done to a room that’s so small, but I managed to find some simple ideas that can liven up the place.

Look at the difference this simple project makes?!
Look at the difference this simple project makes?!
So easy, simple and perfect for a rustic trash can.
So easy, simple and perfect for a rustic trash can.

Then there’s the extra bathroom in our downstairs area. This area is currently being used as a guest home area. It has 2 bedrooms (one being transformed to an office), a second living room and the full bathroom. One day I assume it will be taken over  by children. For now, I have control over what the bathroom will look like.

This is great for all the guests we have stay with us.
This is great for all the guests we have stay with us.
This looks much better than the blank wall we currently have behind the toilet.
This looks much better than the blank wall we currently have behind the toilet.
Very pretty, is it just me or do towels never look this pretty and organized?
Very pretty, is it just me or do towels never look this pretty and organized?
love the pop of yellow!
love the pop of yellow!
Another genius  idea!
Another genius idea!

Going over all these idea is making me feel guilty about sitting on my bum just looking at them! Time to get to work!



Project Dream Home: Guest Room

It’s been far too long since I have had a “project dream home” post! By this time I thought I’d be sharing our actual home makeover photos, but we aren’t exactly ready for that. We’ve done a lot of work, but not one room is completely finished yet. Until that glorious moment, which is hopefully not too far away, I will share my ideas. Lately, I have been planning out our guest room.

This room is SO important considering the number of guests we have each year. In fact, soon we will have two engaged friends staying with us for a few weeks, and my parents staying with us the next week. This room needs to be whipped into shape pronto. Because I want our guest to feel welcome and comfortable, I LOVE the idea of having a “welcome” basket waiting for their arrival.

guest room welcome baskety

I’ll try to fulfill this guest room list too.

guest room list

As far as color schemes, I’m digging these two the most at the moment.

color scheme 2nd color scheme

Now, for the room itself… In the room below I love the neutral colors and all the lights hanging over the bed.

lights guest room

This “palm beach” themed room bright and welcoming. It might be a little girly though…eh but who cares. It would make our guests think they are staying at a beach house!

guest room palm beach

In the next room I really like the gold accents.  The headboard and the thick comfy bedspread is just calling you to take a nap.

gold accents guest room

I think it’s obvious from my previous house blogs that I’m a fan of rustic themes. This headboard gives just a touch of rustic, which I like. The colors are great and I even love the fake animal heads above the bed.

cozy guest room

Now, I just need a fresh coat of paint, new carpet, a headboard, some decor, homey accents and the guest room will be ready!


Project Dream Home: Office

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I have not been keeping up with my blog well since the move, but there’s been a lot of life happening. BIG life stuff that has just kept me from writing, which I love so much. There’s also been a lot of catching up on Game of Thrones to do. Husband and I agreed not to watch until we were together, so we spent many hours this week finishing the 3rd season and O.M.G. I f*#king hate/love this show. I actually cried during “the red wedding”, cried. Ugh, stupid, stupid, awesome and addicting show.

You just never know!
You just never know!

Anyways, what am I writing? My dream office, yes that’s it. Our new home has 4 bedrooms. One is obviously the master bedroom, which is really coming along nicely BTW. One will hopefully one day be a nursery (fingers crossed!). One will be a guest room for our many many friends who love to stay with us. This leaves one room left for my office. Husband thinks we are going to “share” the office, but I think his computer and desk will look much better in the unfinished room above the garage.

I need an office desperately. Right now, I am writing from either my bed or the couch which makes concentrating and working hard, but napping and watching TV so easy. Between job hunting, house renovating and Game of Thrones I did manage to find time to pin some office ideas.

I want a simple room, not too many distractions, an easy way to keep myself organized and a girly touch to the decor. I like the shelves in this photo, the clear drawers and the headphones left on the floor. I need a little bit of disorder, just a little.


I really like the 3 very organized bulletin boards here, although mine would never stay so neat. I also love the skinny shelf with the pink flowers.

organized wall

This is a good sized desk. Using the whole wall as an “inspiration board” is such a great idea. But, tell me, where do all of these people hide their chords???

lights office

The wall decor below is my favorite. It’s clean, inspirational and still creative.


This office is cozy with lots of sunlight. I love the look, but if I was that close to the door I’d be to tempted to go outside and find something else to do.

country office

Now, that I have my office ideas I just need to pick my color scheme. I’ve got it narrowed down to two….

color scheme 2 color scheme

What do you think? Do any of you have or want a home office? You know I always love to hear your advice and ideas!

Cheers and Happy Weekend!


Project Dream House

I have decided to start a new series on the blog titled “Project Dream House” to track and share the story of our new home and how it will transform over the next few years…or ten years. (I was going to call it “Positively Panicked and Painting”, but it was too much alliteration for my liking.) We are in love with our house, but it’s far from perfect. The previous owner thought painting every wall brown, orange or red was a good idea, and decorated with wicker furniture and leopard print. Needless to say, this house needs some serious cosmetic help.

Since I have to design and decorate from a million miles away (give or take a few), Husband and I are constantly emailing photos and Pinterest ideas to each other. We are starting with the exterior. Nothing has been done yet, but I want to share our ideas.

This is our house now…



And, here it is in the snow, because snow is pretty, and I wanted to share this photo.



We have lots of space, beautiful trees and four wonderful decks that I cannot wait to relax on with a glass of wine. However, it needs a new look and a fresh paint job. I want to brighten it up a bit. I think some white trim might do the trick…



A brightly colored door would be nice too.  I love the pop of color against the gray house!



Or maybe an all white house, a colored trim and bright door?



I am going back and forth between a few different color schemes.

notsureaboutdoorcolor lovedifferentcolors goodcombo


I think our favorite is a gray or bluish/gray body, white trim and a bright door, of course.



SO excited to get this project going! Suggestions, anyone?


P.S. If anyone happens to love painting in their spare time, Husband could really use a hand. He will provide lunch…and beer.