A Bad Guy and Some Porn Stars

This is being posted much later than I originally planned, but the Hurricane and Blizzard seemed to be higher priority posts. Anyways, it’s still worth posting.

I have two really great reviews to share!

Review #1 Wreck It Ralph.

O.M.G. Please go see this movie!!! This is the best Disney (not Pixar) movie since Mulan. Everything about this movie is perfect. It’s funny (for adults and kids), heart-warming, and adventure-some. If somehow you haven’t heard what this movie is about, I’ll give you a synopsis.

A bad guy (Wreck-It Ralph) from a video game (Fix-It Felix, Jr.) is sick and tired of being a bad guy and decides he wants to be a good guy and have everyone love him. This leads Ralph on a wild adventure through a candy world, a first-person shooter, and to meet some new friends. I’m not a gamer, but even I could appreciate all the gaming references and cameos throughout the film; it has something for everyone. Now I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that I left smiling and, in regards to your night, “You’re gonna wreck it!” if you don’t see this movie! (Eh? See what I did?!)

Apparently, we weren’t the only people excitedly anticipating this movie. by so many people other than us. This movie was highly anticipated by so many people other than us. Just look at the line at our little neighborhood theater, and there are 3 other theaters within 10 blocks!

On to the next one…

Review #2 The Performers

Sandy has been a hindrance and a big pain in the ass to basically everyone on the East Coast, but apparently every Hurricane has it’s silver lining. This weekend many Broadway shows were offering $30 tickets as a “Sandy Special.” Obviously a deal to hard to pass, we headed to midtown and bought tickets to see the brand new show The Performers!

We chose this based on the fact that a) Henry Winkler stars in it. b) Alicia Silverstone stars in it. And c) The tickets were $30 bucks. We had no clue what the plot was or what to expect.

As we found our seats, we observed the stage décor to get an idea of what we may see.

The sign for the “Adult Film Awards” is the only thing on stage.

The show turned out to be about a journalist and his fiancé traveling to Vegas for the Adult Film Awards. The journalist went to high school with one of the porn stars and is doing an interview for the New York Post, which ends up getting him and his fiance mixed up in a hilarious affair involving event more Adult Performers. It’s a scandalous romantic comedy, AND the 2nd funniest thing I’ve ever seen on Broadway! (Book of Mormon being the funniest.) Everyone was rolling with laughter through the entire performance.

The cherry on top was getting to meet the stars after the show.

Mr. Wrinkler was super nice to everyone.
Alicia Silverstone was pretty nice also.

This show may be slightly harder to see, considering it’s only on Broadway, but if you are in town, it’s certainly worth the price, which is now more than $30.

Anyone else see something great last weekend?


It’s Here: My Day of Hurricane Relief Video

Husband and I put together a video of our experience with Occupy Sandy yesterday. It was difficult to get a lot of shots because there was A LOT of work to do, but it’s a good compilation of our experiences yesterday. Keep in mind, this is footage from only Coney Island, and a little at the hub in Brooklyn. The devastation is so much more than what you’ll see here.

Thanks for watching.


Occupying Sandy (My Volunteering Story)

*I don’t have many pictures to post today, but I’m in the process of editing a video of our experience…hope it works!*

Over the weekend a new friend of mind told me about a volunteering group in the city that not only needs lots of volunteers, but also doesn’t turn anyone away. This group is called Occupy Sandy; it’s a coalition that serves the people in need. I signed up and within an hour received an email with instructions on where to go to help the next morning.

This morning, Zoey, Husband and I took a few trains to Brooklyn to meet a friend and head to St Jacobi Church in Sunset Park.

awww poor sleepy Zoey

This church serves as the hub for all the volunteers and the many donated supplies. The beginning of our day was hectic and pretty unorganized. There are literally thousands of people showing up to volunteer and donate. The problem is that different volunteers are showing up each day. It seems that the people leading the masses have to regroup every morning and do their best to give people duties. (hehe, sorry, we just saw “Wreck-It Ralph”)

We did our best to take action. Someone was handing out papers that listed an address and a list of supplies, so we took the list and began filling up boxes. Once the boxes were full we headed out to the sidewalk to find a car. Dozens of drivers were parked down the street ready to take supplies and volunteers to any destination they were given.

getting all the donations organized

Zoey and I hopped in a car with three other girls, and the five of us headed to Coney Island. I had no clue what to expect. Like the rest of the country, I have been overwhelmed with pictures and videos consuming the Internet and the local news, but I still feel so detached. I may live in NYC, but my neighborhood is sooo unaffected that I feel a country away from the devastation.

packing up the car with supplies

As soon as we arrived we became overwhelmed by the destruction; I’ve been through a few hurricanes myself (I grew up on the Gulf Coast), but this was very different. The streets were covered in sand; mounds of sand five feet high were piled on the corners of each street. Cars were turned over, smashed into poles, and destroyed by the storm. The power was still out, the people were freezing, and many homes had been lost.

sand on the streets

Once again, we arrived to find total chaos. Our destination had not been organized yet, and there was only one small, but amazing, family there waiting to help. After lots of organizing, finagling, and some charge-taking by a very loud, strong-willed lady, we finally got the supplies set up and ready.

Instantly, a line of people formed who were ready to pick up what they needed. We were told by the people in charge to force people to wait in the line, give them a bag full of food, water, and supplies, and send them on their way; this was so much harder than it sounds.

While filling bags with proteins, veggies, fruits and grains, we were constantly interrupted by someone asking for “just one can of tuna”, “gloves for my little girl”, “deodorant and toothpaste please.” How could I tell these people no!?

Well, I couldn’t. I kept thinking, “If they’re here, they’re asking, and they need it, it’s my job to give it to them!” So, I broke all the rules and snuck Snickers, hairspray, candles, and hot hands to anyone who asked…and some who didn’t.

Our whole group was amazing. I spent the day working with volunteers who live in the community. They themselves do not have power or running water, but are able bodies that want to do anything they can for their community. They were really inspiring people.

When supplies and crowds began to dwindle, we were informed of a large building across the street that housed senior citizens. The seniors have been without power for over a week and many, who are sick and disabled, have no way to leave their apartments to get supplies.

Our group trekked over, installed flashlight apps on our phones, and began marching up to the 14th floor to knock on doors. On the way up, a woman stopped us and begged us to check in room “12G”. She said she knew the people that lived there, who are elderly and sick, and she couldn’t get them to answer the door. She was afraid something tragic had happened and wanted us to check. US! THAT INCLUDES ME!

By the time we reached 12G I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest.  THANK GOD the woman across the hall informed us that 12G was not there after she heard us knocking and calling at the door.

Going up and down these dark stairwells and through the pitch-black hallways was one of the scariest adventures of my life. It was right out of a horror movie…Blair Witch meets Shutter Island. Not only was it frightening for us, but also it was really scary for the seniors. They have been shut up in their apartments, many scared and hungry, and have no idea who might be banging on their door.

In the end, everything worked out: we got a list of needs from everyone still in the building, drove back to the hub to pick up supplies, and came back to distribute them to each apartment. It was not easy to carry gallons of water and bags of canned goods up all those steps, so I thought of my own Grandmother the whole time.

Most of these senior citizens we met were from Russia and spoke very little English. I thought if the situation were reversed, and my Grandmother was stuck on the 10th floor of an apartment in Russia, I sure hope someone would carry up everything she needs. The one thing that broke my heart was that we had numerous requests for milk (the one thing my Grandmother would want most), and none to give to them.

They were, though, all very, very grateful for the supplies we were able to bring.

It felt great to get out and help others today. Husband and his friend stayed at the Hub all day organizing, filling orders, and carrying deliveries to and from cars. We all felt like we made a positive impact today, but it certainly didn’t feel like enough. The scariest part to me was that we were only in Coney Island. There are a million more areas that also need help, many more than where we were. Where’s my Super Woman cape when I need it?!?!

Now, I’m home, feeling so grateful for everything. I have hot, clean water, electricity, food, blankets, windows, a job, a family….I’m teary eyed just thinking about how fortunate I am.

Hopefully, I’ll have a video up for you tomorrow.

Be thankful and be generous. There are so many people on the East Coast who need your help!

Xoxo and Cheers!

My Smudge Proof Nails

During Miss Sandy I had so much free time that I did my nails…twice. Since it was Halloween weekend, and I love dark nails during Fall and Winter, I chose black and black with glitter. The first polish I used was Sally Hansen’s Insta Dry in black. This was my first experience with “Insta Dry”, and about 30 seconds after polishing I accidentally bumped my nails on my keyboard (this is a common occurrence immediately after painting my nails). I sighed, rolled my eyes at myself, and lifted my hand to assess the damage.

Shockingly, there was not even a smudge! It was dry…Insta-dry!

Not only did it dry instantly, but it was super easy to use. The brush is wide and the polish is thick so application can be done in basically one swipe. It doesn’t even need a second coat! I was positive that this polish and I were destined to be soul mates. It goes perfectly with my impatience for drying time, and my tendency to always be in a hurry.

Sadly, our love affair proved to be a fling, a one-night stand even. Not even 24-hours later I had some serious chips on a few fingers. To be fair, I am really rough on my nails, but this chipped faster than most. On the bright side, it only takes 30 seconds to touch up the chipped nails.

After a couple of days, I was tired of the chipping and the touching up, so I tried Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Lust-Rous.

I love these nails for the same reasons I love the Insta Dry polish. It’s fast, easy, and I don’t have to worry about smudges.

Step 1: Select the right size sticker for your nail and apply. (It comes with several sizes.)

Step 2: Use this pointy stick thing to press down and get off any edges that hangover. The stickers will not be a perfect match to every finger, but it’s really simple to remove the sides that hang off your nail.

Step 3: Use the nail file to file down the ends, which removes all the extra sticker hanging off the end of your nail.

Step 4: Put on a clear top coat and marvel at your fancy new manicure!

I love how simple these nails are, and how professional they look after application, BUT (like Insta Dry) these didn’t last for too long. A couple of days later I caught the edge of one in my hair, and another in my pocket and it peeled the sticker right off. The good news is that the box comes with extra stickers! The bad news is I’m an idiot and threw all mine away.

Currently, my nails are 4 different colors as I’m trying to decide which shade to try next…any ideas? tips? challenges?

Special thanks to Sally Hansen for sponsoring this post! Keep those awesome colors and quick drying polishes coming!


P.S. I also helped Zoey with her nails, which turned out much better!


In case you haven’t heard, Hurricane Sandy is currently hitting NYC, and several other cities. We are very fortunate that we live on the Upper East Side and therefore are not in any danger….yet. I have a feeling it will stay that way too. This hurricane has caused a lot of problems already, like canceling LOTS of flights, including one from TX that is supposed to be carrying one of my best friends and her husband. Boo.

Sucks…BUT the bright side is that I get at least one extra day off work AND I get to spend all day inside in my pj’s! I LOVE days like this! All there is to do is eat, drink, paint my nails, watch TV, read, and relax. Husband, however, can’t stand to sit still (and neither can his Father), so the two of them spent the day walking around the virtually empty city before the weather gets too rough.

The East River, not flooded yet…

Almost every store and restaurant is closed, so there is really no reason for anyone to be outside.

Even the parks closed
My gym is taking advantage of the storm by offering “hurricane deals”.
A few of the local bars are going to stay open and have their own Hurricane party.
Sad…no Starbucks
I guess they figure they’ll get a lot of business since there’s nothing else to do…

The stores that did close took precautions by taping up their windows and lining the doors with sandbags.

So odd to see the steps of the MET completely empty.

Tonight we’ll have a little Hurricane party complete with cookies and pumpkin carving!

Stay safe NY and anyone else being affected by the hurricane! Also, thanks to the many people who have called, emailed, and messaged us to make sure we are safe. We feel so loved!