Firsts at the Farm

WOW. This has been one helluva weekend, in a good way. Really, it’s been one big awesome week. We have had friends and family staying with us. Two of our best friends got married. There were so many parties, sleepovers, dinners, get togethers and baby snuggles that I had absolutely no time for posting a dang thang. Now, it’s time to play catch up because boy, oh boy do I have lots to share.

We love making everyday a little (or a lot) adventurous, but it has been slightly harder to keep up the adventures now that we have Luna in tow. No big deal though, we like a challenge. Our most recent adventures have just been a little closer to home. Zoey came to visit for about 10 days and she put together an enormous party at our Uncle Kelly’s farm.

We had twenty something people, horses, tractor rides, mac & cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, banana pudding, brownies, cookies, fruit, veggies, hummus, cornbread, dirt bikes, babies, cats, chickens, cows…everything you could possible need for a day of fun on a farm. Being Luna’s first time on a farm I did what every good Mom would do and worked all morning to put together an appropriately themed outfit. Luna’s got to learn that any activity can be fun if it includes getting a cute new outfit.

My "cowgirl" look ended up looking more "gangster"
My “cowgirl” look ended up looking more “gangster”
We weren't able to get a get photo before the overalls had to be removed.
We weren’t able to get a get photo before the overalls had to be removed.

Our little friend Parker was with us for the day too. Husband and I spent a lot of time watching him and I got a glimpse of what life would be like with two kids…busy, very busy. Parker rode a horse for the first time! Before getting on he looked a little weary at the giant animal in front of him. Two seconds after being in the saddle he was yelling “faster!” and swinging his red cowboy hat in one hand. Cutest. Cowboy. Ever.

on fence first time fast corral

Parker also learned to lasso, drive a tractor, chase chickens, play in rundown cars, scare the crap out of us and get so caked in mud that he had to be stripped down and hosed off before going home. Favorite quote of the day? “Not everyone should see my booty!” before Husband hosed him off.



old car


Most of us took a tractor ride around the whole property and hunted for dinosaur eggs and giant chickens with Parker. It was meant to be fun, but I think we ended up causing a life-long fear of non-existing animals for Parker. whoops.



Luna's first tractor trailer ride
Luna’s first tractor trailer ride

It was a day full of “firsts”. Our friend Derek crashed on his first dirt bike ride. Steve had his first lasso lesson. Parker had his first day as a cowboy, and even Luna had her first time on a horse!

uncle kelly first horse

Even Husband managed to find something dangerous to do.


We were all completely exhausted by the end of the day, but luckily only Parker had to be hosed off before heading home.

worn out
worn out