Scabib, The Scarf + Bib Review and Giveaway


That’s right, two giveaways in a row! I’m still playing catch up and I have been excited for far too long to share the Scabib with you. If you’ve been on Zulily or Instagram (#instababy) lately, you are likely to be familiar with this baby trend. It’s cute, it’s stylish and it’s functional! It’s a scarf and a bib, and it’s very absorbent.

bright houndstooth

Scabib was created by Trish, a mom to a precious little boy. When he began teething, she wanted to sew him something to soak up all the drool, but still be cute. After a few tries, the Scabib was born, and it’s become very quickly popular. Sounds like a Shark Tank story, right? Trish sent me one to review and one to giveaway (yay!), but I also bought a couple more because I LOVE them!

pink dots

Every Scabib has a terry cloth back (so it’s more absorbent), a velcro attachment, and an adorable pattern. They fit comfortably around baby’s neck and fit for a long time. Luna wears them often and rarely pulls them off. They are way cuter than most bibs and at the end of the day, I just throw them in the washer and they come out good as new! We also get compliments on them all the time.

blackwhite stripes

ANNNDDDDD Trish from Scabib has given me a black and white houndstooth Scabib ($16 value) to giveaway to one of you! It’s so so simple to win one. Just follow the three steps below:




1. Follow me. You can follow the blog, like me on Facebook, tweet me or stalk me onInstagram. You can follow one or follow all!

2. Follow Scabib on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on Etsy! (So many ways to keep up with her.)

3. Comment below. Tell me who your Scabib is for…boy, girl, niece, nephew, grandchild?

blue eyes


Good luck people! I’ll announce the winner in a week, Sunday January 25th.



Headband Winner and Life Without a Laptop

Kudos to anyone who manages to run a blog from their phone (I’m looking at you
Stacey, from Mom Upcycles). My laptop bit the dust a couple of weeks ago, and while I did got a new one for my Birthday (yay!), I have yet to transfer anything or put on any programs I use…or done anything actually. I got the new computer just hours before driving to Texas and with no WiFi its basically impossible to work on it. Not to mention, I’ve been enjoying my time away from the computer. However, I am looking forward to getting back and getting all set up again.

No WiFi and no laptop cannot keep me from posting the winner to my most recent giveaway! I am SO excited to giveaway $20 to Violet Bowtique! So let’s put it off no longer…the winner is

Hillary on November 21, 2014 at 7:11 am
These are adorable! I totally favorited all her etsy items! ❤


Congratulations Hillary! Just email me at and I’ll get you set up with the $20 store credit.


Thanks so much to everyone who entered and don’t forget to check out the cute stuff from Violet Bowtique. I cannot tell you how many people stop to ask me where I got her headbands!


Well I’ll be heading back to Tennessee tomorrow so I’ll see you all and reality real soon!



I Dressed Luna as a Rat

Luna’s first Halloween just happened, and it was just as cute as I hoped it would be. Husband and I have never dressed in themed costumes together, but this seemed like the right occasion to dress the whole family together. After months of brainstorming and Pinterest searching we decided to do Ratatouille!

pixar halloween2014

The costumes were super easy to put together. I (well mostly my Mom-in-law) made Luna’s costume by taking H&M baby clothing and sewing on a felt tail, felt ears and a felt belly. The whiskers were challenging to draw on a baby that never ever stops moving, but luckily, eyeliner is easily removed with a baby wipe. Good to know BTW.

mouse butt

man down!
man down!

Husband and I ordered our hats and chef coats from Amazon. I bought the leggings at Forever21, and we just threw in the wooden spoon and loaf of bread at the last minute. Tada! Ratatouille!



Now, I know I don’t look exactly like Colette, but I didn’t really want to wear a chef hat. Husband was irritated that I wouldn’t get an exact costume, but is it so wrong to prefer to look slightly cuter than the actual character? I also called Luna a “mouse” instead of “rat”. Mice sound much more appealing.



Halloween for us and our 9 month old consisted of visiting some family, taking photos, walking around the mall and a fancy “masquerade” dinner out. It was a day full of treats, including a special “frankenfrap” from Starbucks.


I look forward to the years Luna can excitedly tell me what she wants to be for Halloween, but until then I will thoroughly enjoy choosing a Disney character for her.



DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals


A few weeks ago I was feeling especially crafty and decided I wanted to be one of those special Pinterest moms who make everything from scratch. Of course, the first step was to search Pinterest for some not too tricky tutorials. I’ve been wanting the trendy baby barefoot sandals for Luna and found some tutorials that looked crazy easy.

I did a few different techniques before finding the one that worked best for me. Once I made the first pair and had all my materials ready it was so easy Luna could have made them herself…you know, if she had any sort of small motor skills.

Here’s what I did…

All can be found at Joanne's and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.
All can be found at Joanne’s and lots of other fabric/crafty stores.


Step 1 1/2: (because I forgot this one) glue the elastic you cut together in the figure eight shape you created.

2 3 4



I, of course, made a headband to match. It was seriously ridiculously easy. I’m assuming I saved money by making my own, but I didn’t pay any attention to how I much I spent on materials so I can’t know for sure.

all done

Anything else I should attempt making?


Husband’s First Daddy’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the many amazing Dads today! Sadly, I won’t get to celebrate with my Dad until mid-July, but I still consider myself lucky to have such a supportive and loving Father, not everyone can say that. Today, we celebrated Husband’s very first Father’s Day and while I have lots to share from the weekend (Cheekwood exhibits, Automobile museum tours, Orange is the New Black marathons, etc) I’ll just share a slice of our first Father’s Day.

She loves her Daddy!
She loves her Daddy!

I spoiled Husband with bagels from his favorite bagel shop for breakfast (local bagel shop, his actual favorite would be in NYC). We spent the morning with his Dad at a car museum (more on that soon), had lunch at a new brunch place, walked around “tinkerbell” park and had a big dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant.

Driving Daddy around in one of the vintage cars at the museum.
Driving Daddy around in one of the vintage cars at the museum.

We, of course, showered him with gifts, my favorite being the homemade cheesy stereotypical “best dad” t-shirt. I had the grand idea to make shirts for Husband and both Grandpas, World’s Greatest Dad, PawPaw and GranDude. In my head I imagined a fancy paint job with Luna’s hand and footprints, as well as Belle and Duckie’s paw prints scattered cutely across the shirt. In reality I locked myself, the pets and the baby in the garage, forced them all to stick their paws in paint, chased them around to then clean off the paint and ended up with paint all over each of us, the shirts, a sheet and the garage. Belle still has an orange paw. BTW, in case you are considering getting handprints of your baby, think again. It is near impossible to get an infant to open their hands. I manage to get one nice looking pink blob on one shirt.

Shockingly, all three men put on their shirts today and took photos, such troopers!



Luna is a very lucky little girl to have these three men in her life who love her so much!

Chatting with Daddy
Chatting with Daddy

Huge thank you to my Husband for being the kind of Daddy who sings pop songs, reads picture books, goes on adventures, dances around the house, takes walks and loves his baby with his whole heart. Seeing you be the adoring Father I always knew you’d be makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

Here’s to many tea parties, forts made from blankets, Barbie houses and lots of dress-up with Daddy!