A Lovely Day

Today has been lovely. Husband is out of town, we have no visitors and I did not have to be at work until 11 today. My boss bought me Starbucks, my students were sweet and full of hugs and I was very productive. To top the that, tomorrow is my last day of work until I get a week off for spring break! Yay, I love working in education! The last week has been crazy busy with work, the flu and lots of visitors so I am spending the couple of days I have alone to relax and catch up on all my to-do’s (laundry, nails, gym, planning for my next visitor, etc) and of course shopping. My favorite time to shop is when Husband is out of town…it calms my nerves.  I LOVE these rare days with no plans.

I’m a terrible Mommy and completely forgot to take Belle on a walk this morning. I’m used to Husband taking her and it slipped my mind that it’s my responsibility when he’s gone. To make it up to her I took her out on my shopping excursion. First stop: Sephora Land! There is truly no happier store.



Everyone in Sephora treats me like royalty, like they know me and truly care if I find the right product for my sensitive skin. I suspect they were trained in customer service at Disney World and get free makeup whenever I make a purchase. If that’s the case then you are all very welcome at Sephora!

After beautifying myself, I wanted to peek into H&M before going home. I love H&M because I can find trendy pieces that are affordable; therefore I don’t care when they go out of style in 6 months, but lately H&M has been less than impressive. I assumed Belle and I would make a quick walk through the baby clothes and head home. Boy was I wrong, I never even made it to the baby section!

H&M’s Conscious Collection just put out a new line that is all green, yellow, springy and very jungle-like. I LOVED every sing piece! Before I knew it I was standing in line for the dressing room with an arm full of clothes and a tiny dog at my heels. I swear I don’t know how it happened! If Sephora is secretly working for the mouse than H&M is controlled by retail wizards who control your every thought and wallet from the moment you enter their revolving doors.

I went home with a bag full of goodies that are sure to keep me from being lonely this weekend.

outfit shades beading necklace sweater mirror


Two more days until a nice vacation to Nashville! I think I’ll spend tomorrow packing and walking Belle as far from Sephora as possible.


No Dogs Allowed

A short story by Belle the dog.

So, my Mom and Dad often take me shopping. I think this is mostly because I need a walk, and they need to shop. So they try and kill two birds with one stone. Amazingly, dogs are allowed in basically every store that does not sell food in NYC. Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman’s, Barneys, Macy’s, Chanel, Gucci, they all allow dogs!  Even some restaurants allow dogs here.

For some reason, Mom and Dad tend to get nervous when they take me into an expensive store. In fact, whenever they decide to carry me, I assume that everything in the store must be pretty valuable. Once, they took me to Ralph Lauren when a big party was happening. There was free champagne, hors devours, a famous artists, and me! Mom and Dad even let me walk around (on my leash) as they window-shopped from floor to floor. Not one person seemed a bit nervous about my presence.

It’s not always so glamorous though… one time they told me they were taking me to the park, but Mom somehow became sidetracked and we ended up shoe shopping for over an hour! I can’t even wear shoes!

Another time, Dad and I were out for a nice evening stroll, when Mom called to let us know she was off from work, but decided to run to H&M to look for a new top. Dad thought it would be fun to meet her there. I thought it would be more fun to roll in trash, but Dad disagreed.

So, about 15 minutes later we arrived at H&M. Mom was waiting at the top of the escalator and we rode up to meet her. I love riding escalators, and I love my Mom, so I was very excited! I was shaking my nub the whole way up!

Right at the top of the escalator I felt I quick sharp pain in my back paw, but I was so happy to see my Mom that I ignored it and jumped straight into her arms. Mom and Dad talked for a while, my paw started to ache a little, and Mom’s shirt started feeling wet. At first, she thought I had a little accident. Please mom! Like I would ever do such a thing! But, then she and I realized her shirt was covered in my blood.

It turns out that the sharp pain on the escalator was 2 of my back claws being pulled out! I was not in much pain, until I was rushed home and Mom and Dad started examining it. This may come as a surprise, but Mom actually deals with these sort of situations much better than Dad. (Only because she knows this could never happen to her, and blood is one thing that doesn’t cause  a major panic attack.)

Dad was about to throw up with the sight of my blood and could hardly touch me. Mom, on the other hand, was fine with handling my wounded paw.

Being the nieve pup that I am, I assumed the worst was over.

But, it was far from over. Mom and Dad poked and proded at my little foot all night, and then forced me to go the Vet the next day! Isn’t getting my paw caught in an escalator enough torture for one week?! I swear I learned my lesson!

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, and all is better. My paw is possibly forever stuck in a “hook em’ horns” position, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. Now, if I can just convince my parents to not take me shopping again….

Maybe they won't find me under this blanket.