A LOVEly Wedding

This weekend was so full of love that I still feel all gooey and melty and on the verge of tears. Two of our closest friends got married and the whole weekend was centered around them and their big day. It may have been their wedding, but it somehow became an entire family affair for us. Husband was the best man, Zoey (sis-in-law) was the coordinator and cousin Steph was the florist. All of these made me the assistant.

Our friend, Genevieve, had a very specific enchanted garden theme in mind for her wedding and like most brides, she had a clear vision of what she wanted this to look like. She wanted arbors covered in flowers and greenery, moss-covered planters, lanterns, tables themed after famous lovers, mis-matched floral dishes, fresh maple leaves for name cards and lots and lots of beautiful fresh flowers. To make this dream of wedding come true she would need a miracle. Well either a miracle or a lot of people who love her.

Turns out, lots of people love her and Matt (the groom)! I cannot even begin to tell you how many people it took to put this wedding together, or how much work and collecting of whimsical-looking mis-matched tableware her Mother collected over the last year. What I can tell you, is that we all worked hard to make their dream come true because we love them, and they love each other. It was something so obvious to anyone watching the weekend celebrations come together. I love weddings, but this wedding was special. Everywhere I looked I seemed to spot small and large acts of love.

As we put together centerpieces, the bride and groom practiced their first dance in the hall. They were so happy/excited/nervous/cute.

practice spin

Dozens of us worked together to created a sort of Wonderland in the reception area. We worked all night and were back in the early morning. No one fought about what goes where, or who should be doing what. Nope. We asked “what next?” and then hopped to it.  Everyone just seemed happy to be there.

Busy Bees!
Busy Bees!
a small glimpse into the reception area
a small glimpse into the reception area

We were literally singing and dancing while working. Even little Luna cooed and hung out peacefully during most of the work.


Husband was the best man. He was all the chauffeur for the weekend, the entertainer on the dance floor, the errand runner and if you ask me…he is the best man. He even managed to squeeze in a dance or two for me and Luna.

We actually asked Luna to make a kissy face, but whatever
We actually asked Luna to make a kissy face, but whatever

Genevieve’s Dad presided over the wedding and gave the sweetest ceremony for his oldest daughter.

Even the cooking staff showed us lots of love as they took me in and helped me survive a rough patch with Luna (story to come.)

We spent the night of the wedding dancing away with new friends from that very night and with old friends we haven’t seen in years.

It was absolutely beautiful. We visited the newlyweds the morning after, before they took off for Hawaii, and Genevieve still had tears in her eyes as she talked about “the perfect night” that everyone managed to put together for her and Matt. I’m so happy to have been a part of their big day. It’s a wedding we will always talk about with stories of “remember this”, “remember that” and “I still can’t believe…”. I love that Luna was a part of it too. For the rest of her life she’ll hear about the awesome wedding she went to at 3 months old.

Congrats to the happy couple! I think the amount of love and support shown at your wedding is a testament to how much everyone believes in your relationship. xoxo