Lacey Baby Headband Review and Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review/giveaway, and that’s a shame because I actually have quite a few items waiting to be reviewed! I cannot speak highly enough of all the incredible shops I continue to find on Etsy and Instagram. (Did you know Instagram shops are a thing?! They are fantastic and way too addicting.) Anyways, thanks to a few giveaways, an upcoming birthday and some very good New Year deals, Luna has quite a collection of homemade stylish baby clothes and accessories. Today, I want to introduce you to My Mika Handmade.mymika

I came across My Mika on Etsy while looking for some headbands for Luna. What caught my eye, were some lacey headbands she had recently posted. Luna has a few headbands, but no lace ones…until My Mika.

blue headband

My Mika makes more than headbands too. She also makes scarves, nursing shawls and teething necklaces. (FYI her shop is on a break right now, but she will re-open it in February, get excited!) My only concern about the lacey headbands was that they may feel scratchy and uncomfortable, but turns out I had no reason to be concerned. They are very soft, stretchy and comfortable for both me and Luna. Yup, both of us. We got a mommy/daughter set. Is it any surprise that I like dressing us alike? No. It’s really not.

mommy daughter
took these on a very LONG sickly day at home



The headbands are well-made with quality material, well-priced and made by hand, of course. They are also extremely trendy right now, and does it really matter if your baby is trendy? No, but is it fun and adorable to dress up your wee little one? Absolutely!


My Mika Handmade is so sweet and is offering a giveaway to one of you fabulous readers! She is giving away this adult leopard print super soft headband.


Te enter to win just two 3 very simple things:

1. Follow me. You can follow the blog, like me on Facebook, tweet me or stalk me on Instagram. You can follow one or follow all!

2. Follow My Mika Handmade on Facebook or favorite her shop on Etsy. (So you can keep up with her latest creations)

3. Comment below so I know who is entered! Tell me your favorite messy day hair trick/style. My hair is almost always in a messy bun and sometimes I throw a braid in there for good measure. Also my hair is almost always dirty so I use baby powder like dry shampoo on a regular basis. K, I’ve gone off track now…

Thank you all and good luck! I’ll select a winner in one week. (Thursday, January 22nd).


A Hair Chalking Alternative

About a year in a half ago I wrote a post about how I tried to chalk my hair and had a not-so-great experience. In fact, I have tried to convince you guys to not chalk your hair. To this day, that posts is still my most viewed post and I still stand by my opinions: you should not chalk your hair, it ruins it and is a huge mess. However, I now get to offer you an alternative!


Recently, a company called Britelites reached out to me to say “Hey, since chalking your hair didn’t work out, you should try our product instead!” And I was like “Cool!”. I love all things hair and make-up and girly, I’m willing to try pretty much anything and I’m easily convinced. I’m basically the perfect guinea pig for a new hair product. So, the wonderful owner of Britelites sent me their temporary hair color and I gave it a whirl


In fact, I gave it about 5 whirls. I wanted to really get to know this product before sharing my thoughts with you. I used it on my hair, someone else’s hair, straight hair, curly hair, braided hair, clean hair and dirty hair. I took photos and notes along the way so I could share my honest thoughts and opinions. Here’s what I learned about Britelites.


To use these cool little tubes of color, just take off the top and roll up the color stick. Swipe the color down your hair (it’s bad news bears if you apply in an upward motion). The more you apply the darker/brighter the color is. Use one hand to pull hair tight and the other to apply color. No need to worry about gloves. The color will get on your hands, but it washes off easily with soap and water.

how to

The color is very bright and bold when applied, but it lightens up once it’s brushed. So, if you want it stay super bright, apply the color after it is completely styled. I did this when I braided my hair and it worked perfectly. I made the braid very tight because I knew it would loosen up after applying the chalk. The finished product looked just right.


I tried a couple of colors on Zoey’s hair too. Her hair is brown and straight and the color came out great. She was a little upset that the color did not wash out completely the next day (we had a wedding rehearsal), but no one could tell there was any extra color in her hair. It washes out of my hair completely after two washes.


I used the red and blue in my hair separately, and combined them to get some bits of purple. To combine the colors I just put them on one after the other, very easy.

I styled my hair first for this round.
I styled my hair first for this round.
I brushed it after I applied the color. The colors still show up and look good, they just aren't as vibrant as they were before I brushed my hair.
I brushed it after I applied the color. The colors still show up and look good, they just aren’t as vibrant as they were before I brushed my hair.

The brown and platinum colors didn’t show up as well as I hoped. I used them to enhance my highlights and lowlights. It did enhance them a little, but it’s very hard to tell in the photo.


After all my coloring attempts I made a list of pro’s and con’s, because you know I love making lists.


-easy to apply

-easy to wash off hair and hands

-no dust

-does not damage hair. Britelites is a patent-pending product composed of mineral based cosmetic pigments, a blend of natural oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter), waxes, etc. A preservative is used to increase the shelf life of the product, it is less than 2% of the ingredients and it is paraben-free.

-the applicators last a long time. I felt like I used a ton of color, but there is still so much left!

It seriously took about 5 minutes to apply the blue streaks.
It seriously took about 5 minutes to apply the blue streaks.


-it rubs off easily. Do NOT wear a white shirt with it and do NOT let your baby lay against your hair. This led to many “Why does the baby have a blue stripe on her face?” conversations.

-it makes hair difficult to brush while it’s in hair. Once you wash it out, your hair feels completely normal again.

Overall, I really liked britelites. They are much better than hair chalk and I plan to use it many more times. It’s great for a quick splash of color. I’m especially excited to use them at the beach this summer. If you’re interested in britelites, check out their website or Facebook page. I’m so happy there’s a product I can use now to replace chalk! Thank you britelites for reaching out to me!

side braid




It’s Me Day!

The card Husband got me for my Bday... he knows me so well.
The card Husband got me for my Bday… he knows me so well.

Friday, I finally got to officially celebrate the most wonderful day of the year: my Birthday. Like any other holiday, I took the day off of work, slept in somewhat late and had the BEST day ever. My day actually began with a call from my bank informing me that my account information had been stolen and someone was using it to make lots of online purchases, and they would need to close my account immediately. The thief even had the nerve to make several online Sephora purchases, how rude! Not exactly the morning wake-up call I was hoping for, but at least there was nowhere to go but up after that little surprise.

First, Husband took me to breakfast at my favorite Nashville diner, the Pied Piper. This diner is a pretty basic family owned trendy place in East Nashville, but I love their breakfast, especially their biscuits and gravy. They are probably the only place is Nashville Tennessee the South who makes their biscuits and gravy vegetarian friendly and they are SO freakin’ delicious. Of course, when we got there I saw the sign that read “Biscuits and Gravy are only served on weekends and holidays”.

I tried my best to convince them that Friday is actually part of the weekend and that it is most definitely a holiday. I even gave them my sad “we had to drive an hour to get here!” story, but they insisted they had no biscuits. In the end, they made me toast and gravy, which turned out to be a very good substitute.

Soon after Birthday breakfast was a lunch time viewing of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Clearly, I have looked forward to this movei for a LONG time.


Katniss or Hilarie? Who can tell?
Katniss or Hilarie? Who can tell?
I'm actually 12.
I’m actually 12.

Catching Fire was perfect. It was even better than the first one, and since it’s been a couple of years since I read the book I didn’t notice if any important details were left out. I did forget how serious and sad the series starts to get, and remembered that the 3rd and final book/movie is going to be extremely depressing. Still, I CANNOT wait until The Mockingjay comes out!

After, the movies was a special stop at Sephora, and then a final celebration at a local Mexican food joint. The best part of Birthdays with our family is always Birthday Dinner. We ate way too much salsa and guacamole and I got so many unexpected gifts.

Me and Husband at dinner
Me and Husband at dinner

ANNNDDDDDD I got the most wonderful present! LOTS of my family and friends pitched in to get me an awesome new camera! I got the Canon 70d and I am so in love.

I found the perfect subject on which to practice my skills...
I found the perfect subject on which to practice my skills…

The only thing that could have made this day better would be to have my out of town family and friend with me to celebrate.

BIG thanks to everyone for making my day so great!

Cheers and Happy Hilarie Day to each of you!


Got My Hurr Did

I had the best Groupon haircut and dye experience ever yesterday! When I moved to NY I used Groupon to try to find a salon that I liked, and was usually treated like trash the moment I walked in the door. They were not shy about hating people who use Groupon and gave me the stink-eye during the entire appointment. After several tries I finally found a salon worth visiting more than once.

Yesterday, in Nashville, I nervously attempted the same tactic. My roots were disgustingly long and my split ends now have split ends because I have waited to get into my 2nd trimester before doing anything. While browsing Groupon I found a deal at an all Organic salon in East Nashville (because where else would an all organic salon in Nashville be?) and decided to go for it! I’ve always wanted to try an all natural salon and it’s healthier for pregnant ladies too.

When I arrived to Studio Green I was greeted by the friendliest staff who offered me a myriad of drinks.  The small group of people working acted like best friends and were nice to everyone who came through the door. Even the owner walked around to make sure everyone was happy between his appointments. The girl who did my hair, Cassie, was friendly, informative, talented and never treated me like she didn’t want me to be there. Not to mention she did an awesome job on my hair.

Now, I decided to go back to brown because it’s just time. I have switched between brunette and blonde A LOT of the years just because I like change and feeling like a new person every once in a while. Here’s a little slide show of “Hilarie’s Hair Through the Years”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now….


Husband wasn’t home so I had to take “selfie’s”, but whatevs they turned out okay.

What do you think? Do you ever change your hair color?


DIY Cross T-shirt

My last DIY blog turned out to be WAY more popular than I ever imagined, and with all the hits I decided that either you all LOVE my shirt and want one just like it, OR you all want to see what not to do to your old/large tee’s. Either way, I’ve been inspired to create a new shirt, a DIY Cross cutout tee.

I got the idea from this sweatshirt on

The whole plan started off very similar to the skull shirt.

-First I drew exactly one million little rectangles in the shape of a cross. I used a post-it to trace. (I used another of Husband’s extrashirts from E3-that really big video game convention. I don’t know what any of it means, but I know I’m advertising some popular video game.)

-Next, I cut off the bottom corners, parts of the sleeves, and the collar because that’s the style I was going for, and tend to wear.

-Then, I cut out the rectangles. This was excruciating and very, very time consuming. After an hour, my hand was permanently shaped to the handles of the scissors and I decided that lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling might be a better use of my time. FYI, these little rectangles were hell to cut without accidently cutting through the next rectangle. It required A LOT of patience and coffee, and a few choice words.

-What felt like years later, I finally finished! Voila! Looks okay, except that the shirt is ENORMOUS.

-The next plan was to take in the giant tee. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, which looked super easy. The only problem being that my sewing kit was stolen* this summer, and I keep forgetting to buy a new one. So, I got all crafty and resourceful and did this entire tutorial with a little bottle of fabric glue. It turned out perfectly! The seams look as if I they were machine sewn.

Here’s the final result. I’d like to apologize now for the poor pictures…I don’t know what Husband was thinking, but this is all he got. The “taking in” part turned out better than the actual cut-out. If you plan on trying this, I suggest making a smaller cross so it’s easier to visualize.

It was very chilly the day I decided to show off my “new” shirt, so there was just no way I could wear it without a layer underneath.

I was feeling especially artistic, so I also attempted this Pinterest tutorial on my hair: the double braided hand band.

Forgive my crossed-eyes and giant forehead…that’s what I get for quickly snapping a photo with my phone while exiting the subway. Just focus on the hair.

Hope someone has fun with this!


*My sewing kit was in one of my suitcases packed for the wedding, which was “lost” during transit. Along with my sewing kit, I lost basically everything I bought for my wedding including my 3 most favorite pair of shoes, which were all only worn once! So depressing…please never use Greyhound to ship any of your luggage. They are not the nicest company to deal with, and could care less that many of wedding memories are forever gone. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Do Not Chalk Your Hair

*If you are new to Positively Panicked, Welcome! Also, I have tried a new product called britelites since writing this post. It’s better and easier than chalking. You can check out my review here. Thanks for stopping by!

About two weeks ago, Husband got bit by ants, Texas fire ants to be exact. No big deal…except that he scratched and scratched until there was a gross open cut on the side of his foot. Now, two weeks later, it seems that that cut has become infected, sooo infected that Husband can barely walk, like AT ALL.

He has been trying to ignore it for a few days. We even made plans to spend the day at one of Manhattan’s many beaches this wekend, but when it took him ten minutes to walk the ONE block to Starbucks from our apartment I turned us around and called the doctor.

After some pouting, lots of sweating, a nervous stomach, and a rapid heartbeat, I finally survived Husband’s doctor appointment. Actually, I handled sitting with him much better than I predicted. Husband was of course an excellent patient and now he’s on bed/couch rest for a little while.

I tried to be on couch-rest with him for moral support, but I quickly got bored of watching him play video games, so I decided to do something worthwhile…like color my hair.

Several months ago, I attempted to color my hair with chalk. EVERYONE on Pinterest pins tutorials of super cute hairstyles with fun colors that they did with chalk. My previous attempt at this was a major fail. Since then, I’ve done some research and I found many more tutorials, how-tos, what-not-to-do’s, and so on. With my new knowledge I decided to give it another go.

Spoiler alert: I failed again.

In case you want to learn from my mistakes (AKA coloring my hair with chalk in the first place), continue reading my own steps.

(BTW, I took these pics with no makeup! A major milestone for me and my current, and probably temporary, clear complexion. Okay fine…I had on mascara, but that’s it!)

Hilarie’s How-to Ruin Your Hair With Chalk Tutorial

  1. Purchase soft pastels, you can get these at art stores. I could only find these primary colors at the one art store I went to, but pastels would be much prettier.

2. Grab about an inch of hair and wet it with a spray bottle or just wet the chalk. Some tutorials say not to wet your hair if you are blonde because it will stain. Others say you must wet it no matter what your color. The first time I tried it, I did it with dry hair and the color just brushed right out. This time, I used a spray bottle to wet each strand I used… and 3 days later my hair is still lightly stained.

3. Twist the wet inch of hair.

4. Rub the hair with chalk in a downward motion. Do NOT go against to grain, your hair will break and fall out. Do this until it’s dark and completely colored.

5. You should probably wear gloves. I do not have gloves.

6. Tada!  …and eww.

7. Okay this next step is another controversial step on the hair-chalking tutorials. Some sayyou should use a curling iron or straightener to set the color once your finished. Other tutorials skip this step altogether. Last time I skipped it; this time I tried using a curling iron. I could instantly tell my hair felt super dry and was near impossible to comb. I combed it really carefully from the tips, working my way up, and then curled it for just a few seconds.

after combing it…see how dry and gross it looks?
After curling it.

The end result looked okay, except the color doesn’t suit me. I would not suggest this to anyone, especially if they have dry hair already. My hair felt really dry and fragile for days, even after I used an overnight hair mask.

It’s also really messy. Besides the chalk all over my hands, I got chalk on my tee shirt and all over the floor. I’d love to recommend this because it looks like so much fun, but it’s just not worth the damage.

My dog didn’t seem to mind though…. Poor girl. I now call her “the dog on fire.”